November 1st, 2007

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Introductory post

While I find it to be absolute eye candy, allow me to admit up front that I had no real interest in lolita fashion (although I ♥ Shimotsuma Monogatari) up until a recent visit to a local retro/vintage clothing store. There, I found a very adorable dress that my friend claimed to be "loli" and encouraged that I buy it, along with a white petticoat. And seeing as it was quickly approaching Halloween and I still didn't have a costume, I decided to debut my first lolita attempt today. So after much research (through this LJ comm, mostly) and rushing about to find just the right accessories I was able to complete an adequate ensemble.

Now, I do realize that this dress does not hold a candle to the fabulous creations you girls (and boys!) wear with great pride, seeing as the fabric is very thin and the lace is somewhat scratchy. Plus there is no actual brand tag. However the dress is quite simplistic and spring-ish and, much to my amusement, not at all similar to any of the dresses I've browsed throughout the Intarwebs, mostly due to it's being GREEN. (Please forgive the poor quality of the following pictures--my digital camera is outdated and some minor color tweaking was done so that the dress would appear less aqua.)

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Considering my little to no seamstress skills, I'm especially proud of the headdress that I hand-sewed myself (with the help of this neat tutorial). Though it would appear that I made it abit too small for my own head? :(

Parasol was acquired from Michael's; shoes (not pictured) from Hot Topic. Cuffs were made by simply looping ribbons through lace.

Any feedback would be appreciated, be it positive or negative. Possibly suggestions, if you guys think the outfit can be improved, or whether the dress is in fact not standard lolita-wear and therefore should be ditched completely. Much thanks in advance. ♥

P.S. People called me "Bo Peep" all day. I feel your frustration.
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Hey there! I'm just curious as to how many lolis live here in the New York City area. I live in Brookyln and I commute every day to school on the Lower East side (Manhattan). As you know, there are a lot of different people here in NY and you can get away with a lot more fashion-wise than other places. Last night I went to the Halloween parade and boy, was there some freaky stuff there. I saw some guy walking around in a nude outfit with some huge, fake man-parts on. Of course, I saw an occasional Lolita outfit. I wanna know where you guys like to shop and hang out in general. I know some really cool, lolita-eque cafes and such. One is "Le Petit Abeille" (The Little Bee in French) in midtown, on 20th street and 1st avenue. Can you have a more loli name? Another is "Financier" which is somewhere downtown. It sells the most adorable little French pastries and such. If you wanna eat some authentic Japanese fast food, take a look around St.Marks, which is fast becoming a serious japanese neighborhood. There are so many Japanese people moving there, it's basically Little Tokyo now. Zaiya's sells Japanese spins off Western food. It's quite cheap and very interesting. Anyway, what do you think?
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New Web Store ^_^!

 Hello dear Lolita and Aristocrats!
Clothing-Drop would like to announce the opening of our brand new webstore!

As a joint effort with and Celga EGL we are happy to bring you a new and used Japanese Brand Lolita webshop which ships to you from United States!

Our new webshop allows you to login as a customer and keep track of your orders online!
 Please take advantage of our items, consignment sales, and our monthly group orders (coming soon)! We hope to provide weekly to bi-weekly updates of new and used brand clothing so please subscribe to our website for updates.  And fyi, we do ship internationally!

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 Update: Thank you for everyone's concern ^_^! We have already contacted our hosting service to get Clothing-Drop back up as soon as possible!  

Update 2:

Thank you for your concern everyone!

Clothing-Drop is now back up!

You may notice some image resolution issues, however please do not be alarmed they will return to normal in the next few days(we had to resize them due to the amount of traffic we are getting  while we are switching to a new server!).


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I'd advertised this in ctlolita but I wanted to get it out to the main community too. Seeing as the mod of ctlolita has disappeared and will no longer reply to any sort of messages by any members there's a new community ctonthefrills . I'd ask all Connecticut lolitas, if you already haven't please join. We don't have any behavior issues but I hope I can speak for the whole when I say the cosplay/maid lolita themed layout is not something we want to be represented by. I also am making a brief mention that the community jfash_in_ne (which holds some relevant) has be redone and if anyone was a member to rejoin and all new members are welcomed.

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And I'll end this by saying Happy Belated Halloween to everyone and I hope to see some CT Lolitas at the meet up.

Lolita Murder


I'm currently researching past homicides that have involved followers of Lolita fashion. I've run a search of this community and on Google and I haven't been able to come up with any links to news articles, though I recall some being posted on this community in entries years back.

Do any of you happen to have any of these articles bookmarked? I'd appreciate the links and any help you can give me.


curious about KISS XXXX and Hakuei

so, I heard someone mention that KISS XXXX was a manga that came out in the 1980's and that it had 1980's music references as well as some early lolita-style outfits in it?

Also heard that Hakuei apparently cosplayed as one of the characters a long time ago?

Does anyone have pictures from KISS XXXX or Hakuei cosplaying from it, or any additional information about either? :)

What about Missalina Rei? Apparently that band was cosplaying "cute lolita style" in the early 90's...? does anyone have more information or images?

does anyone know anything about "buri buri isho" idols?
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Tokyo Lolitas interested in a November meet-up?

I'm taking a trip to Tokyo in the middle of November for a "OMG Siam Shade one-night reunion, must-go" trip and I'll be staying a few extra days to make the airplane ticket cost to Japan worth it and would love to meet some of the people on this community as I'm rarely able to make my own local gatherings due to my weekend schedule ~__~;. Would any Tokyo Lolitas would be interested in meeting up with one of your counterparts from San Francisco - aka me? =)

I'll be waiting in a concert line for most of the day on Sun. November 18, but would anyone be interested in doing some type of gathering on Sat. November 17? I've been to Tokyo once, earlier this year in March but aside from shopping trips to Harajuku and Shinjuku, I'm still not very familiar with many of the Lolita points of interest, so please feel free to make recommendations on activities, restaurants/cafes, etc.

Sewing Projects: Single Breasted Winter Coat & Mantle

This was actually finished a few days ago, but with the hectic nature of Halloween preparations I was only able to post pictures now. The coat was inspired by Fan + Friend's classic gothic and lolita heavy wool and fur coat, and my own double-breasted coat design. It has a detachable mantle with a fur lined and trimmed hood. I sandwiched thinsulate between the wool and lining for added warmth, however this caused difficulties with sewing the button holes. Next time I would leave the button placket without the added lining layer. The pictures are darker than I would have liked since I was unable to find a happy exposure level for my camera, but hopefully they'll give a decent idea of the coat. Enjoy.

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kitty rawr

(no subject)

I looked through the memories and stuff (some pages anyway.. >_>), and didn't really find anything, so.. here goes.

What exactly is a lolita panel? What do you do there?

There's a convention coming up here in a few weeks, and I was thinking of, if it was.. do-able, that I could get something like it up and running. But I have a feeling it won't happen whatsoever, but it's nice to know for future attempts XD

Columbus Meetup

Would anyone from Columbus, Ohio or the area around there be interested in having a lolita meetup? My friend and I wanted to try to have another one sometime soon, and we were thinking about having it on the 17th of November. If a lot of people cannot make that day, we can try for another one. I thought of some ideas for places to have it...

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my custom order from in the starlight came today, and it looks really good. i picked the fabric specifically because it was nice and thick for winter/more casual wear, so i want to know if you think it looks okay with a plain black shirt.

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Chou ni Naru Hi

Wedding planning

So, egl. My friend is having a wedding in Summer '08. She has invited me to be a bridesmaid, and is going to be (as far as I know) paying for our dresses.
She is having a Pirate themed wedding and has given me permission to wear Alice and the Pirates.

I am not a pirate lolita, so I have some questions for you girls who are.
First, does anyone own this JSK? How big can the waist get? The website says 62cm, but there is shirring in the back. Is 62cm just the smallest it can go? I don't want to commit to a dress just to find it doesn't fit. I have a 27-inch waist.
If it doesn't, then I'll look for something that will. Like this one in navy or pink if I can find it.

Second, what kind of coordination would look good for a wedding? Obviously, white is out of the question. I was thinking pink.

I have plenty of time to think about this, but I just wanted to get started to provide time for coodination thoughts.

Thank you in advance!

How to buy and sell happily!

After seeing a seller use another person's image with impunity, and seeing other people worried about their purchases when a buyer hasn't got in contact, it really shows that there are a few rules/practices of buying and selling on communities such as this that I think should be written down. These are just some that I've come up with from experience, but I definitely think anyone who has a suggestion should leave a comment so that we have a comprehensive list of things to make sure your sale or purchase goes well. There's already tons of information on buying from brand, so this is mostly focused on buying through sales posts, but if anyone has information about buying from shopping services, that might also be helpful (I only have experience with Mai Ozawa.)
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Photo Requests For Lolita Panel

I've just about finished my power point for my panel I'm hosting on lolita fashion at Neko-Con this year, but I'm missing photos! If anyone could give me photos of yourself in the following lolita styles and pictures of the inside of various brand stores by friday evening, I'd be super grateful! I really want to have photos of real people in lolita as opposed to brand models. If I wanted brand model photos I could easily get Keep in mind that I will give you credit at the end of the power point if you so desire.
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Change to the Southern California meet-up this Saturday

The meet-up is still scheduled to go on on Saturday as planned, however when I was checking show times for Elizabeth today (Since Del Amo show time program sucks and only lets you check movie dates for up to three days in advance)  it won't be playing anymore on Saturday. Which wholly saddens and disappoints me. However, as I said the meet-up is still on if everyone wants to come, and we'll just have to pick a differen't movie.

Again, tell me what you girls what to do, and I hope everyone will still make it!
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Rina animated mic2

Angelic Pretty's Magical Boutique rules & Fashion Brunch

Hello everyone

I'd like to announce that Angelic Pretty Magical Boutique rules and policies have now been posted. Please read them carefully, as there are a number of important things to know when shopping at the boutique.

Also, I would like to reminds everyone the deadline for purchasing tickets to the Fashion Brunch is Wednesday Nov 7th noon pacific time. That is only 6 days away, and there are still some great seats left! In addition to everything you expect from last year's Unbirthday Party (less the heat), this event will have a fashion show conducted by Angelic Pretty, as well as a few secret surprises only for the participants of this event. I am not going to announce what they are, but you won't regret it. Of course, I can't say the same for those who decides to skip out on this.

So, if you're a fan of sweet lolita fashion. And you're on the fence deciding, make the decision to participate. You won't be kicking yourself for not doing so, and you will also be helping your community in paving the path into bringing more direct connections with designers and boutiques experiences from Japan.

Remember, it was just one year ago. The thought of having such involvements form designers was just a promise. Now we have the BTSSB store opening soon tentatively on March 08, and Angelic Pretty is here. We've made good progress, but the goal is far from over, so please keeping showing your support!

For those who had already purchased your tickets to the Fashion Brunch, I personally thank each and everyone of you in helping to create a solid future for our community.

Lynda - Lolita Hostess
Cosplay Oneesan - a 501(c)6 Non-Profit Organization
Fashion Events, and Communities

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