October 31st, 2007

"All you need is a feather duster!" :/

so on a count of halloween being today and all i decided to do a little research. i know a lot of you dont wear lolita for halloween so this pretty much goes for everyday, but have you ever been confused as something else? my freinds convinced me to wear some CASUAL lolita gear to school for halloween today and i swear if i get one more "where is your feather duster?" or "shouldnt you wear fishnets?" ill scream!

so tell me egl. what have YOU been mistaken for?
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Question about BABY

I know Baby is taking a long time to respond about accepting orders, but how long do they take to confirm payment and ship out orders? I sent in a payment a week ago along with an e-mail letting them know I'd sent the payment, and I got a reply saying to wait for the next e-mail with EMS information and what not, but I still have not received said e-mail.

This is my first time ordering from Baby, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. :S

Edit: Thanks everyone for your responses :D
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Halloween in Toronton+_+


Hi everyone~~ 
Today, I am going to school wearing full lolita cordination for the first time.
I am a bit excited, and nervous as well~~~ * w * ) because I know we don't really have other loli's in school.
But, I've convinced my friends to dress up lolita today, and hopeful I would not be the only one today!!!  XD
Ahhhh, I know poeple dress up scary on Halloween, but I don't know how to do that ;  __;
I hope it'll be ok=_=)~~~

Happy Halloween from La Vie En Rose!

We at La Vie love Halloween, so here’s a little spooky Gothic/Kuro treat from us to you. :)

You can stick it on your LJ, in an ecard, on your web site or email it to friends. Feel free to use any way you like!

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(This image is free, but please remember it’s for personal use only.)

Have a Happy Halloween!
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image theft alert

hey everyone,

just wanted to alert you that a seller (crazisilverange/silver_works) is using an image of mine in her sales post

normally this wouldn't bother me toooo much but:
- she did not ask permission
- this is not an item that i have sold to her
- the item she is selling is missing parts (bow, ties) and my image includes these missing parts
- i've asked her three time to remove it, but she's said she's "too lazy" to take a picture of her own item until the end of tonight (which is when her sales ends, wtf??)
sorry, just seems very scammer-ish to me :/

remember ladies, take your own pics (or at least have the decency to ask!!)
By me!


So today I wore my Alice In Wonderland dress to college in celebration of my favourite holiday! I made the dress to wear today, but also just becuase I haven't got a blue dress in my wardrobe so I thought it was a great excuse ^_^

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Moving Home

Hey everyone,

I am About to move home and leave everyone i know and care for and move up north to Manchester. i am basicly going to have decorate the whole house. room by room. i am working on my bedroom first as i want that be my little haven from world. so i going to do it gothic lolita theme. i was basicly going use Hello Kitty as my base. so i got, hello kitty bedding, alarm clock, telephone, lamp, slippers.  i also got some hello Kitty Fabric to make curatains.

so here my question. i wondering how to make the room feel very lolita with out uber cluttering it with lots of things. i am trying go for the more minimilist look. anyone got idea's or sugestions. the walls will be light pink with darker pink carpet and white roof :-)



Happy Halloween!

For this Halloween I tried combining lolita and steampunk fashion and became.....AN AIRSHIP PIRATE!! (or someone with really horrible typing skills, because I just had to retype that about five times)

Presenting...Lady Miette d'Écrire, Captain of the Airship Ransom

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Also, has anyone else noticed the horrible amount of kids being dropped door to door by their parents driving vehicles? I honestly have no respect for either the parent or the kid when this happens. You're not trick-or-treating when you are dropped off at the door. You do not deserve my candy. ANNND...what is with the kids just shoving their bags in my face? They don't even say, "Trick or Treat..." anymore. They just shove their over-sized sugar sacks in my face and glare at me--as if it's my DUTY to give them candy...my sole purpose in life! I'm so glad I've found what to do with my future. Now I can drop out of college and save myself all that money. Geez. Happy Halloween.

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