October 30th, 2007

Spring Lolita
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Pricing out of Control?

 Is it just me, or lately does it seem that the pricing for anything with shirring at Closet Child is out of control? I have been watching for quite some time, and it would seem that they are jacking up the prices to over 10000 yen more than the item was new, because it has shirring. And some of the items are only 1 star with issues!

It just seems a little strange to me to be doing something like this and sitting on the inventory. Usually it sells on Y!J but it isn't even doing that now. Or is it they feel that could probably get a good price out of us fatty-chan, shirring loving westerners? Or do they know that some of us covet brand so much we will pay whatever price to have a piece we really want?

I would like to know what the rest of the community thinks.
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So rori my tampons have bows...

My flatmate and I just discovered this site. The little pink tins are adorable and perfect for keeping my sewing notions/buttons etc in. I might even make a mini sewing kit with a needle, some lengths of common-coloured thread and a tiny pair of thread snippers so that I can carry it around. I'd definitely rather have a cute tin in my bag than an ugly plain old box. It looks like they're only available in Australia and NZ, but if anyone really wanted them, I wouldn't mind buying and sending them over.
(When we saw them in the supermarket, we actually started enthusing over how cute they were so loudly that people started staring at us. I don't think that people are used to cute tampon packaging. o_O.)

My first Lolita Skirt.

I bought my first lolita skirt. I bought mine from Closet-Child. Its a velveteen(I think) skirt by Angelic Pretty. Sadly, I do not have any pictures wearing it. I will once I get the whole outfit together. I did buy some black tights. Should I wear white with this skirt instead? I bought accessories from Metamorphose, but they didn't arrive yet. I already have the shoes. All I need is to find a blouse and a cardigan to wear because winter is coming.

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new ゴスロリ : Vol 10

I was browsing in my local bookstore today and noticed that GosuRori vol 10 is out. On the back, it is scheduled for release on Nov 30, 2007. No photos now (hubby took the camera to work. meh). sorry!!

My review:
The patterns this time around are mostly casual and there are a lot of coats (both loli and goth, all types of lengths) and work well for guys, too. But there doesn't seem to be as many patterns as other issues (correct me if I'm wrong). Not as frilly as past issues, but I prefer that. ;) Much more IW and BPN influenced. What I really liked about this issue was all the crafts. There's metal imaging, jeweling your cell phone, and some nail design techniques. There are not too many ads this time around, but there is a great shoe section.

Fav patterns:
Rococo one-piece
long wa-inspired dress

Should I, or shouldn't I?

So, as we all know, tomorrow's Halloween! I don't want to wear a costume to classes, but I would like to dress up a little. I was thinking of a casual loli outfit- a Wizard of Oz T-shirt, a loli skirt, knee socks and a headdress.
Problem is- I haven't worn loli to school before. I'm worried that people will think its a costume, and therefore I will have degraded the sacred order of Lolita!
Should I go ahead and wear it? Or just throw on some jeans?

Btw- I'm trick-or-treating as a zombie cheerleader :-)

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Gosurori 10 scans

As chibi_pink said in the previous entry Gosurori volume 10 came out today. I haven't purchased an issue of this for a while, but this one has some great coats. I put up a few sample scans on my journal here. If you enjoy sewing this one is totally worth the purchase.

Anyone else had an annoying experience at the dry cleaners?

So I went to the dry cleaners today to dry clean one of my dresses. It being close to Halloween didn't help much. I kinda wanted to slap the girl at the counter lol. So, I went in to ask how much it would dry clean the dress. Her: "It's $15 for costumes" *slap* Me: "But it's a dress" Her: "Well costumes aren't made very well" *slap* Me: "Well it's actually well made because it's from a popular Japanese brand (AP)" Her: "Oh, well it doesn't look like it was sewn that well" (wtf?? I highly doubt she knows anything about sewing) *slap* Me: "How much would it cost if you just charge it as a dress?" Her: "I can't do that because it's a costume and you would have to sign off on it." *slap* "Ok, nevermind then. Thanks." *walks away*

Anyone else had an annoying experience at the dry cleaners?