October 29th, 2007

she did bad?


I recently handwashed my btssb bunny bag in normal detergent, and now its 'fur' has gone completely insane, and it looks like it's raising its hackles at everyone that passes. Is there anyway to get it back to the sleekness of before?

-.-'' This is what I get for being too cheap to dry clean. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Patrick Kane

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I would like to know if there are any lolitas from London, Ontario. I can't be the ONLY one, can I? *sob*

I've gone out walking around Dundas and Richmond with my kodona friend (though he left and moved back to TO) but I have yet to see/meet any other Lolis. Or even J-fashion fans. Is London really that boring??

How about the surrounding area, though I doubt it? London's surrounded by farmland. *sigh* I feel a little like Momoko, the only Lolita stuck out in the middle of nowhere, 2.5hrs from the nearest city with decent shopping!
Princess Sugar

"custome sizes" shoes?

I am aware of many of the different places that will make you cute shoes, and will offer to make sizes not listed on their charts. I understand they will make standard sizes bigger or smaller than what they offer, but do we know of any that actually offer custom sizes?

I recently had my feet measured at a shoe store. I usually wear 8w or 8.5w, but still have trouble finding shoes that are nice and comfortable to wear. The lady measuring my feet showed me that for one thing, my shoes are too long, I should only be wearing a 7.5 for the length. Also, the wide size isn't doing a thing for me as I really should be wearing 9.5 for the width. *sniffle*

So the big question is, has anyone with a really weird size successfully ordered a "custom" size from any of the popular lolita shoe stores? Any recommendations?
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...norwegian lolitas?...

while i'm not new to lolita, (though am new here, so hi!)

it's only recently that i became intrested in trying to find fellow lolitas where i live,

which would be oslo, norway.

are there any of you out there?

if there are, i would love to do a mett-up sometime&hearts

-- &hearts --

also, i'm wondering if anyone has been to the BABY store in paris?

i'm going to paris this summer, and am very curious about the store!

are there a lot of products to choose from, or is it very limited?

egl administrator

An Apology

Many of you are aware of the recent drama that has ensued in this community, and I would like to address it. I would like to start off by apologizing to teh_otaku for the personal attacks I made on her physique. They were uncalled for, and even though they were in a locked post in my personal journal, I should not have said such hurtful things. So, teh_otaku, I apologize for the harmful things I said about you.

I would also like to apologize to anyone who feels hurt by this incident. The post was not at all about the community at large or even a significant number of members. It wasn't actually about anyone's appearance, but it was about my frustration with some of the dynamics of the online lolita world. However, no matter how frustrated I may get, it is irresponsible of me to take it out on any community member by making personal attacks. I hope you will be able to forgive my lack of discretion, and I'm very sorry for the trouble and pain it has caused the community.

With the new rules for moderators in place, both the other mods and myself will be doing our best to abide by those rules. I want you to be able to put your trust in us, and I'm truly sorry that this incident has made any of you question my intentions toward the community.
fairy wish

book cover?

Some time ago someone posted a picture in the style of
this cover
but wearing a MMM dress and Lolita Shoes (don't remember if she was wearing RHS), I just couldn't find it over the lj-seek, does anyone knows what I'm talking about and where to find it?
Thank you very much and sorry to post this.
  • arktoi

Help me, EGL!

Okay. Let it be known that I am totally addicted to equilter. They have the most amazing selection of gorgeous prints-a bit pricey, but absolutely completely and utterly worth it.

However, I am at an impasse.

In the upcoming weeks, once a few commissions are finished, I may actually *GASP* have time to sew something for myself! The problem is...aside from what I'm ordering for a commission, I can only afford to buy one other fabric. But there are too many to choose from!!
So i have come to you, O Faithful Perusers of EGL, to ask your advice in this most pressing matter.

My style leans towards classic lolita with a definite Victorian bent, (see Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Innocent World, and Juliette et Justine) and i'm currently obsessed with antique browns, creams, pink/mauve, and wall-paper-esque florals. Bear in mind, I have bright pink hair, and that's not subject to change anytime soon. ^_~

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Dinosaur comics

NYC Loli skate meet up?

I was wondering if any NYC (or tristate area) lolis would like to meetup this Saturday for a bit of ice skating? The rink at Bryant Park opened up a little while ago and it's free save skate rentals!
I was thinking of going around 2 pm and heading out for an early dinner afterwards.

(anyone have suggestions for a better time? maybe later for a . . . not. . late. . dinner?)

I know it's short notice. . . but  . . . . Anyone interested?