October 28th, 2007


New Dress!

Does anyone remember this post from a few days back? Just someone asking about a petticoat?

Turns out, that was my boyfriend doing some under cover research!! He bought me a new dress, bow and petticoat!!

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I LOVE my new dress! Best. Boyfriend. Ever!! <333

goodie bags and other things ~!!

Hi everyone !!! 
Hows my egl family doing ?
anyway, I have two questions for all you lovely people out there.
My first has to do with more planning of my bday party (even thought it's 89 or more or less days away) , what should I give out as party favors/goodie bags ? I was thinking maybe something alice in wonderland themed from like a cute little party store or something, but it doesnt seem the best idea. so, suggestions ?

The other question protains to an event I am attending in 6 days. I'm going to a concert and i plann on wearing lolita (yet I'm not 100% positive on it) to the show. The band ? well .. dont laugh.. Duran Duran. They are playing at the Barrymore and I'm living out on of my 8th grade fantazes before I graduate High School (cause I wanted to see DD as my first concert but alas it never happened BUT NOT IT SHALL!!)
So, my question is when you gorgeus people go to the concerts do you usually wear lolita or go more casual?

thanks ! xoxo
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Esther Ho?

Does anyone know if Esther Ho has a new site? The most current link in the memories leads to an "account blockade," according to the Google translator. I suppose one could still email her, but I was wondering if anyone else knew before I go off and bother her.

Lolita shoes - dos and don'ts?

So, basically, lolita shoes of any kind are mostly on the expensive side (and on the internet-store side, which I can't buy from ><;), and I don't have enough money to blow on shoes AND clothes.  Therefore, I'm wondering, what kinds of shoes that aren't spceifically loli shoes are a big no-no for lolita?  Are ballet flats okay?  Mary-janes that don't have the big clunky heel?  I just need some basic ideas so I can go out looking ^^;  Thanks!


What about something kinda like this

I found someone you guys should check out

I'm talking about JStuffSale on ebay. ^^ She's great! Her name is Yumi and she lives in Tokyo and speaks completely fluent English (unlike some sellers! You all know who I'm talking about...she also will respond in 12 hours at the latest. No waits. Ships in less than a day!). Another perk is that she ships to France and Italy, along with the rest of the world. Shipping prices are great, too.

But I say this because she kind of does a shopping service, but won't charge you for it. She heads out a few times a week and shops - if you would like anything from those shops she will get them for you. She specializes in cute things (along with bento, office supplies, and room accessories). She sells Swimmer headphones for a great price (25.99 USD), along with other Swimmer, Cram Cream, and Decole products. She will be looking for brand lolita items (maybe some decora and punk too). :D I've advised her to head to Laforet in Harajuku to check out some loli brands.

So, she has asked me what everyone needs and wants because she wants to supply things for the lolita community. :D I had her read the handbook so she knows exactly what is and is not lolita, so no "surprise" cheap lace or shocking colors. So what does everyone want and need? No JSKs, OPS, blouses...no clothing, pretty much. But pettis and things like that should be fine. :) Just tell me (please don't message her directly - I want to gather up all the votes and send it to her so she isn't spammed) and I'll relay the message.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Yumi cannot go to Harajuku, I'm sorry. I was not aware of that. Any NON-brand jewelry that is close to her is fine, but no trips to Laforet. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you still shop with her!

Her store link! She does combined shipping for all her products and she has a sale going on until October 31st. :) She can also get any Nightmare Before Christmas bentos if you like those. People have been wondering where to get them, so I thought I'd mention it.

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Flying balloons

Drafting gosu rori patterns

For those who are familiar with drafting the shirt patterns. As in pattern making is it necesary to add additional ease to the front of the blouse?

I'm drafting the pattern and it just doesn't seem as if adding a seam allowance will be enough. Typically on a shirt block, I'll add a 1 1/2 to the front.

I'm planning to make a muslin mock up this week to see if my current ease and seam allowances work. My japanese isn't up par and sometimes it is very frustrated to decipher the patterns in all their gobblygook XD
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PMX: Official EGL Programming Times

The full convention schedule will be posted shortly, but these are the official times for all EGL-related programming at Pacific Media Expo 2007.

Friday, Nov. 9
Gothic Lolita Fashion Showcase
An informal venue for people to display their Gothic Lolita wardrobe, so that others can view, ask questions and inquire about brand and non-brand Gothic Lolita clothing.
Fan Panel, hosted by Sheyne Fleischer
3pm-4pm, Pacific Ballroom A (Meet the Bands/Lolita Room)

Saturday, Nov. 10
Maki and Asuka Fan Panel
Hear the latest Angelic Pretty news straight from the source! Famed Sweet Lolita brand designers Maki and Asuka will be on hand to answer questions from their fans.
11am-12am, Pacific Ballroom A (Meet the Bands/Lolita Room)

Twisted Tea Party
Continuing tradition, PMX's original Twisted Tea Party is an event to showcase innovative visual communication working around the theme of a tea party. Participants will be asked to create a scene that conveys a story or message. In order to promote creativity, there is a $200 prize for the group who best demonstrates the principles of the event through their skit.
4pm-5pm, San Lorenzo F (Setup 1pm-4pm)

Pop Japan Travel
Digital Manga's Pop Japan Travel presents its 2008 tour schedule, including a trip to Tokyo and the Sapporo Snow Festival in February, plus tours in April for Yaoi and Gothic Lolita fans. Come to the panel and win bizarre and valuable prizes straight from the Land of the Rising Sun, and hear about our Transformers MP3 player giveaway...
Industry Panel, hosted by Ben Applegate/Pop Japan Travel
5pm-6pm, Pacific Ballroom A (Meet the Bands/Lolita Room)

Sunday, Nov. 11
Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch
The Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch is an opportunity for fans of Sweet Lolita fashion to relax and interact with PMX Guests of Honor Maki and Asuka; brand designers. It is a rare chance to watch them discuss and reveal their work in an intimate environment. To purchase your ticket and for further information, please go here.
12pm-2pm, Pasadena Garden (Seating 11:30am-12pm)

Press Conference
Directly after the Fashion Brunch, followup with Maki and Asuka.
2pm-3pm, Press Room (For credentialed attendees only.)

- Email the Lolita Hostess for dress code, EGL, etc, related questions
- Email me for general PMX inquiries

A. Jinnie McManus
Manager, PR
PMX 07

Fare thee well, Metamorphose?

I heard something rather interesting today.

Apparently, Metamorphose is going out of business. That, or they are in significant risk of doing so.

I heard this from someone who has a close source connected to Metamorphose, so I don't doubt its authenticity. It could be industry hearsay or a sign of things to come, either way, I'm only slightly shocked. I would rather not see them close down, but their designs seem to be more miss than hit as of late.

It was also said that Baby's recent move to more easily accept foreign orders by opening an English page and accepting paypal has hurt Meta's online sales. I do feel, however, that that last bit is more speculation than fact, given Meta's latest online offerings.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?

Help with Celga...

Hey guys. I just used celga for the first time, and I have a little question. Or two.

1. How long does it usually take to recieve an item?

2. Also, I saw this link http://www.celga.com/shipform.html and I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to use it or not. I ordered the item from an online store. I did not win it from an auction. So once I've paid my shipping fee, am I done? or do I need to fill out that form and send it in?