October 27th, 2007

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Just in tme for Halloween...

It's rather small so i hope it doesn't bother your friends page.

I decided to make a cute vector in my vector style to show my planned halloween outfit. The real life version will have more BLOOD and more bandages, AI's paint tool with splatters is a bit weird though.I still haven't decided on a headpiece, but I'm thinking a with meta crown since I go by Queen Juli on myspace and with some ravers so I can be the murdered/murderer Juli, queen of ravers! And yes, I'm wearing this to a rave tonight... themed dress up rave... haha. Otherwise I'll use a plain white handmade headdress, the first loli item i ever bought. Since it's a rave, I'm just using black ballet flats, but i doubt anyone will be looking at them. Instead of socks I'm doing white tights I think with bandages over them (so you won't see the tights really).

http://ikarijk.deviantart.com/art/Guro-Loli-Juli-68359133 is the deviantart link if you want to comment. I love doing things in this style because they are so cute and fun to make. I hope you like it!
it's a bit too gratuitously bloody for normal guro loli but i hope it'll be a hit tonight and maybe on halloween night (though I work that night... We are allowed to wear costumes but, well, I deliver pizza haha. This might be hard for driving.

Question for you all though, I only have two pettis with poof left and they are light pink and black. What should I use? I'm not sure :< also, prop ideas?
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Lolita fencers

Are there any fencer lolis in this community, or lolis who do sports that involve a lot of legwork in general? If there are, theeeeeen I have a question for you. Okay, so fencing requires a lot of legwork, and fear that it might build up my legs and make them all big and buff. I really don't want that to happen. So what do you lovely ladies do to prevent your legs from getting bigger via muscles from leggy sports (haha, leggy sports), while still continuing that sport?

Thanks, lovelies!
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loli art in a new form!

so i was wracking my brains thinking about how i could express my love of lolita without spending the wads of cash i don't have on hand.
drawing? nope, it's not my forte. sewing? basically, i suck at all forms of sewing. srsly.

and then it hit me. what do i want to do for a living? what is my strongest passion in the world (even more than loli!)?
polymer clay! i love sculpture and i'm pretty good at it ^^(). so, i decided to makes some lovely lolitas! and, just for fun because they aren't wearing anything like i've ever seen, i decided they would be wearing my made-up brand, Marie Lovely.

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I made a cape! + picture post

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Hello all ^__^
I recently made myself a cape to go with my lolita-wear seeing as how Autumn is coming on early and cold where I live. It's wool lined in flannel for extra warmth and so it doesn't constantly slide off my shoulders like every other cape I've had. Since there was a little sunlight today I got my mom to take pictures.

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Photo post * __*)/

Hi, everyone. It's Robin. 

I wore this outfit to my work today, and didn't get too much glares since it was Halloween time.
I don't like to be mistaken as "cosplay" but it was fun to be among people dressed up +_+)/

Come follow this link to my blog to see more of me~

My blog is in Korean and I'm sorry for any inconvenience ; __;

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Southern California, lolita Elizabeth Meet up poll

Alright, sorry for the long wait ladies, but my job kept scheduling me to work weekends, and I FINALLY have next weekend off! Which means it's loli meet up time! And now this is where you come in. I want to gather a tally to see which time on Saturday would be best for everyone and what schedule they would like to follow.

When: Saturday, November 3, 2007
Where: Del Amo AMC, 21519-A Madrona Avenue, Torrance, CA

Poll #1078619 Meet up Choices

What time would you like to meet?

1:00 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm

Which came first, the movie or the lunch?

The Movie! Watching things always gets me ready for food.
The Lunch! D: There's no way I can concentrate on a movie with an empty stomach!

After the movie should we stick around and shop, or part ways?

:D Did someone say shopping?
Um, look I have to get back to my m!bok auction. So, bye.

If we can carpool, would you guys like to drive down the street after Del Amo shopping to the Marukai market/bookstore

Sure! I need to buy a new GLB, anyway.
Thank you ladies, and I hope to see you next Saturday!