October 25th, 2007

Innocent World....

I maybe the only one having an issue or maybe there is something going on that I was not aware of......
Has anyone else hs problems with the IW web site.  I have tried to follow links from other peoples posts and have tried to type the web address into the browser but with no luck. 

Edit:  I suppose I should mention that I am in the southern United States (not sure if that might make a difference)
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Ling Lam

I couldn't find this info so sorry if it is in the mem and I missed it XD, I ordered shoes from Ling Lam and I was wondering how long the order may take (those of you that have ordered from them in the United States) did you get it fast? was there any probs? so on. (sorry first time for me on ebay so I'm really if-ie on things XD so be nice)

Also! I'm a 8.5 in American shoes so I got a 8.5-9.0 and I was woundering do they run small or big? >_>;;
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La Vie - Issue 2 - Arrived! (Australian Group Order)

Apologies for posting this on the main egl community, but oz_lolita is refusing posts, since the moderation queue is too long. If this should be in egl_comm_sales, please let me know.

Greetings again, on this grey and rainy Melbourne day~

Issue 2 of La Vie en Rose has now arrived!

For those of you in this group order, please see this post for payment details. People who ordered Issue 1 through me, please use the same bank details as before. I will use the same mailing addresses that I have, unless you tell me otherwise!

I will keep track of payment/delivery status on this post, for simplicity's sake.

If you have not paid for or picked up your copy by Monday, 12th November, I will then offer your copy to the people on the waiting list. To join the waiting list, please contact me.

I have posted a separate entry for a Melbourne loli meet for distribution.
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Kera mag vol. 112 scan please ^^

Sorry to ask this here but I have just been told that a pic of me is in Kera mag vol 112.
I am very curiouse about the picture and is scarlet sedusa also in the mag? they also took a picture of her!
Can someone please scan it for me?!

Thank you soo much!

(I already asked a friend to buy it and send it, but that is going to take a while and he doesn't have a scanner :( 

Gothic Lolita

Dallas/Fort Worth events?

Well, hello all you lovely Lolitas! Does anyone remember me? I've been gone for so long, and I'm so delighted to see how wonderful the community looks and that it is thriving better than ever! I sort of just disappeared a while back. It wasn't without good reason, though.

I've been so out of the Lolita loop! I haven't had a computer for the past two years, so as you can imagine, I just haven't been able to do anything online. I've kept myself plenty busy with getting on my feet and being independent, though. But this post isn't meant to be about me. As things have smoothed out considerably, I've realized I miss being able to chat with other people who have the same love of this fashion as I do. So, forgive me if this has been recently discussed, but is anything going on in the DFW area anytime soon?
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Minnesota Christmas Break Meet-Up Planning

I was considering having a loli meet for all the Minnesota lolis in December, but I need to know what will work for you all. I was hoping that we could meet in St. Cloud, but this can be negotiated as well. I will need to know first off how many are interested, when you have time off from school/work to attend, and what sort of activities should take place.

Collapse )

I hope to see many people there!

Rosechocolat Question


I need some help from all of you who have bought red Rocking Horse Shoes from Rosechocolat. (http://www.rosechocolat.com/shop/step1.php?number=350)

My question is, are they quite as bright as they appear on the website? Would I be able to match them up with say, the wine colored version of this skirt? (http://www.rosechocolat.com/shop/step1.php?number=386)
Or should I stick with a more ... vivid(?) red.  (http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/sk/72s-1186/red.jpg is a good enough example I guess)

alejandro, gaga

patterns patterns patterns!!!

If you're not a member of patternsource, you might have missed this link. Clicking on '1700-1790' under Tidens Tøj starts you on a wonderful magical journey long long list of clothing from the 1700s to the 1980's(why? I don't know) that also has FREE pdf's of patterns for some of the outfits! There's a swallowtail jacket and pants set in there somewhere, I've been going through the site for like 2 hours now and still haven't reached the end (doesn't help that Firefox keeps freezing). I highly recommend looking through if you're a sewing loli and want a little fresh inspiration!
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Shoes for Sasquatch feet?

Hi!  I'm new to the community, and also to lolita (I don't actually have my first outfit yet..saving up!! =P), so over the past month or so, I've been browsing around online.  One thing I've noticed is that the shoe sizes don't seem to go any higher than a 8.5/9 US size.  My feet are a size 10/10.5, so um...does anyone know where I might be able to find cute loli shoes to fit me?  Any help would be muchos appreciated! <3 Thanks in advance ^^

Office Supplies

Can anyone link me to some loliable cubicle/office supplies? I want to brighten up my work space and make it super girly. Anything from folders, post-its, pens, to desk ornaments would be great

La Vie in Melbourne, Australia!

Okay! Now I've sorted things out with the family, here's the details for the next Melbourne Lolita meet.

To celebrate the arrival of the second issue of La Vie en Rose, and also because we haven't met up since Manifest, I'm proposing a meet-up!

Date: Sunday, November 11th
Time: Meet up from 11am - 12pm, until people want to go home
Venue: Meet up at Telstra Dome side of Southern Cross Station, near the restaurants.

Depending on the weather, I have a couple of suggestions:
Nice weather: Lunch at Spencer Street Southern Cross station, then going to the massive playground on Batman's Hill, Docklands
Bad weather: Umm... we'll work this out. Maybe we'll just go to DFO and look for "loliables" XD

Southern Cross Station has heaps of restaurants and lounges, including a chocolate bar. Batman's Hill on the Docklands has a huge grassy reserve with a really big playground (slides, swings ... other stuff...), and a growing hedge maze kind of thing. We could also go down to New Quay and look at boats and have gelati on the dockside.

Wear comfortable shoes, as there's likely to be lots of walking!


I have a question for brands. Which brands should I be looking into for someone who is 5'2.5" with a 36 in bust. I'm kinda on the fat size but I have a small waist.(will be around 28in or less once I lose the weight). The styles I like are Sweet, Goth, Kuro, Shiro, Classic, Casual, Wa,  and Qi Lolita(I think there are more I like as well but can't remember them at the moment). Any help would be appreciated! I did look in the memories but I couldn't understand the whole sizing thing.

Edit. I just remembered to mention this. I have long legs and a short torso.

Kinda Worried! T-T

This monday I bought 2 Putumayo items from user [chienverde - EGL sales]. I already payed, but she hasn't answered the last questions I asked since monday. I'm a bit worried, this is my first purchase and I dont want it to be fraud, I'd only like to ask if someone here knows of this User and could give me good references of her so that I can have some peace of mind.

I'm not saying the's a thief or anything, only that I'm really worried... anyway she said she'd send the merchandise this saturday, so i guess i'll wait T-T
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