October 24th, 2007

Spring Lolita
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Angel Applique Coordination Help

Has anyone seen the new Angel Applique jumper skirt from Baby? ( http://www.babyssb.co.jp/en/en_shopping/menu/e_jumper/131246.html

I really like this and wanted to get it for the holidays (to wear at Christmas). My question is, would the blue or black be inappropriate? I have headdresses that would match both nicely, or should I just go with white or pink (since I have more coordinates with that). My issue is what would be best for church and possibly dinner with the family?

The other idea I had was a skirt from Innocent World (http://www.innocent-w.jp/shopping/skirt/073206/073206.htm) and have the waist band replaced because it is just a little bit too small with a nice black sweater and coat. the second is more toned down.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you ladies!
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Blog feeds?

I tried searching EGL but its not working for me.. dont know why.. anything i type comes up as no match even "lolita" o_0
and i didnt find it in memories.. but maybe i missed it.
im looking for the post.. or just the info again for all the brand blog feeds so you get the updates in your friends list.

Mary Jane Feet

An often asked question

I've been wondering how everybody got into lolita fashion?

I tried doing an egl search but I'm really bad with search engines. Anybody know when it was last asked or have a link? Or would your rather just answer? I am a fan of updated information.

I personally found the gothic and lolita bibles at a anime convention. It took a couple years after for me to start wearing it but it did hold my interest.
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penguin <3


I want to get a cute winter sweater but am not sure how long is too long. Should it go to my hips or is a little longer alright too? Granted it depends on the top and the skirt but I need some insight. I definitely don't want bunching.

Warning: Not all the sweaters I chose are Loliable, but I wanted to show some examples for a better idea of my question.

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Rina animated mic2

Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch tickets goes on sale

Hello All,

I know everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats this year for the sales of the Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch tickets. My apologies for the gross delays due to the complexity nature of this year's events. We at Cosplay Oneesan wanted to ensure no smallest details are left attended. Now, without further delay, the news you've all been waiting for:

The Angelic Pretty Fashion Brunch tickets will go on sale this Friday October 26th 2007 9pm pacific time.

You will find all the information regarding this event at both PMX, and Cosplay Oneesan websites. The direct URL to ticket purchases will be posted there shortly.

Also, let me remind everyone that the dress and conduct codes to this event will be strictly enforced. Please take moment to study them if you haven't done so already.

Further more, in the spirit of the recent Lolita Food drives. We will be working with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to raise food for needy, just in time for Thanks Giving. We will have donation drums available at the registration office during the convention. Please bring healthy, non-perishable foods for donation. That means pokey and cakes No, cream corn Yes. A defiant to the Marie Antoinette stereotype. Beheading is out, benevolence is in.

Cheers, and I will see you in two weeks.

Lynda - Lolita Hostess

Crossposted to: egl, pmx_lolita, angelicpoodle

Edit: I realized the programming department at PMX had not made the schedule publicly accessible. That will be corrected shortly. The Fashion Brunch will be held on Sunday Nov 11th From 11:30am to 1pm in the Pasadena Garden of LAX Hilton.
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bunny hop

Fall photoshoot

Photoshoot in Utsubo Park (Osaka Japan)

Today, maetel and I went to the park and got some nice photos of our new Innocent World fall outfits :) (Hmmmm still warm and sunny in Japan.. no leaves changing quite yet..!)

Take a look see!

Warning, 30+photos under the cut >.<
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Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

I hope to see more fall photos from everyone soon!
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So, as I was doing my dishes tonight (lol) i came up with a cute idea.

I want to do a series of illustrations based on lolitas in various careers. Doctor lolita, teacher lolita, lawyer lolita?

What I need from you are ideas of careers you would like to see lolita illustrations of. It doesn't matter if it's something you coudn't ACTUALLY wear lolita for, like a firefighter or a police officer. This is really just about the concept/designs. So suggest your job, your friend's job, or your dream job! No boundaries, really. I'd like to hear what you come up with!

Brand knockoff

So here it is.


Has anyone here found any other brand knockoff with the prints and not the style?
I remember seeing a post with the a knockoff AatP jewel skirt a while back.

And here is one I found ages ago that I saved for lulz.


EDIT: Three more pics of fake btssb skirt. As you can see, only the words Baby, Stars and Bright are randomly printed on it.


FLorida Lolis

So who's going to Busch Gardens "Howl-O-Scream"? There was a meetup plan but it kinda died.

I think that would be a great place for gurololis, especially. XD If you're going, will you dress up?
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