October 23rd, 2007

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Fair Isle Loli~

Today I saw a girl with an adorable fair isle sweater. It was a half shirt and had the most adorable design on it with little hearts and bows. So, I took that idea and just sketched something loli-related.

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Lolita Running Shoes?

Now I know running shoes are not the kind of shoes a lolita would normally wear, but I play DDR/ITG ALOT, I'm even on a "team" and we go to tournaments often... and playing in rocking horse shoes just isn't safe/practical. :P

So if a Lolita HAD to wear running shoes, what kind would they be?

Currently I have these beat up old nike shoes that are definitely not lolitable at all, but I'm looking for something to replace them with.

Any ideas? Maybe I could buy some cute Hello Kitty sparkly pink shoes and clip bows to them? XD (Then the question is, where could I get some cute hello kitty running shoes? o_o)

Scalloped lolita dresses

Hi everyone,

To those who own a dress with scalloping, I had a few curious questions i'd like answered if possible. I'm also looking to make a scalloped dress, but i wanted to know more first, that isn't entirely related to knowledge of sewing.

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National Novel Writing Month....

I was just wondering if anyone else was participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Are you incorporating any aspects of lolita (lifestyle, fashion, brands, etc) in your novel? Do you even have it planned out yet? XD

Currently, I'm undecided as to what I'll write. I had this great idea going, but then others manifested themselves. I would like to throw some loli references in there, but since I'm not quite sure what I'm writing, it's hard to say whether there'll actually be any in there.

So...I was just wondering.
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Total cost of your loli wishlist?

So yeah. I noticed that a lot of us have written down wishlists, and I was curous how  much the total costs of our wishlists are.
Mine would come to...approx. 3000 USD +. X___x 'Course, I wouldn't want ALL those clothes ALL at once - especially considering that there are like, 5 jackets on their. o__0
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Baby egl

I'm not the oldest or most active member of the community. Heck since I've been a member of egl   I've been through five user names, countless hiatus and lj boycotts there was even a time I decided I didn't want to be a part of the community for a bit and not to mention I always end up sleeping throuhg important happenings. But I was bored enough to go through the archives. I though for everyones amusement I post a few things I found in the early years (I stopped at December 03).
egl   was created on December 29th 2001* by moonfullofstars  
First meet up post was on January 1st 2000**.Well I guess no one has anything on the Philly Lolis now.
First sales post was on February 01 2001** for a metamorphose nun dress.
In it's starting phase
[info]egl 's most frequent post was
[info]jullie_sama . Actually it seems she was the only one posting for a while.
February '02 seems to be the first mention of Mana. I wont deny back then I though he was the god of lolita.
May '02 There's a post about gothic and lolita bible.
And with no real relevance to the rest on November 26th 2002 post
[info]swdpunk "my mom grounded me from wearing skirts... ::pout:: i miss my petticoats. damned grades...V˙" Most amusing find yet.
If any of these are wrong please correct me (with proof) and I'll change it. I was basically just skimming everything.

And for the record it was January '03 that I became a member woot almost 5 years!
*According to the info in the profile
**That's the date the entries were made but it had to have been backdated.

Well I failed seems most old post were deleted or backdated really far back for for some reason.
So anyway let's talk about: How long have you been part of the community?

Handmade hairbows!

Sooo I got a little bored the other day and decided to make myself a hairbow to wear to work. I just got a new job at a local tearoom that allows me to wear whatever I want, and I'm taking advantage of this by loli-ing it up!
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Lolita Pumpkin Carving Exposition!

It struck me last night that me and my boyfriend needed to carve our pumpkins that we bought for Halloween. We were talking about what we wanted to carve them as, and he suggested that I should carve mine as a lolita pumpkin XD

Then the thought occurred to me that other girls might have pumpkins of their own waiting to be decorated. So, how about it? If anyone has a pumpkin photo to post, heres your chance! Lolita pumpkin themed art is welcome as well, or if anyone has done a pie or fall baked goods, I'd love to see them. I'll post my photos as soon as I get hacking!

The AP 3 in video.

I'm not sure if any of you saw this on the Angelic Pretty blog (actually prettygraffitti alerted me to it), but the Angelic Pretty 3 were interviewed in a recent episode of gothlolic night. And they're all wearing the new tartan skirts :x Their outfits are ridiculously cute,(especially maki's, no surprise there), and its also a good chance to see those new berets in action. They show off some samples of the toy parade, and some of the older prints fabric. :0 And talk about the new line, what they do as designers of AP, some past france stuff, and going to PMX. Check it out.

Edit: Not subbed and not likely to be youtube'd lol.

Lolita Pictures !

Hi everyone
I'm having trouble finding the right picture for my invitations to my birthday..I've been searching for awhile and I thought HEY why not ask my EGL family what to do !

So I'm looking for any funny/sweet lolita (of any kind) pictures, were they might be at a tea party or out having fun. It can be from a magazine or from your own collection of pictures of yourself !

thank you !! ;3
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A halloween lolita dress ^_^


This is a masquerade dress I just finished. Its not for me as I do not have anywhere to wear it, but hopefully someone will. More pictures below ze cut!

Oh no, oh yes...its satin time! Since this is a more "halloween" geared lolita ensemble I had fun working with more alternative materials. I am happy with the way it came out, let me know what you think

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Brain fart

What's the name (nickname) of the strangely adorable old Japanese guy who dresses in lolita? I forgot to mention he's just spotted around Harajuku he's not someone like hugely famous. Someone knows who I'm talking about.

cornix has pointed out and I totally spaced he was a brolita that looked like your sweet little grammy in lolita.

Thank you drahtpuppe! I was going to just delete this after finding out but it seems not a lot of you no the awesomeness of Candy Milky <3 so I shall share.
PS- Don't take this seriously

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Most Wanted Item

The wishlist post got me thinking it might be fun it we all posted are most wanted item and why you want it so badly to see what some of the more common obsessions are! We should focus on the reason we are all here, CLOTHES (not drama)!

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