October 22nd, 2007

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Ideas on this dress...

Hey :) I just thought I'd post and ask, as I like having second opinions (and third, and fourth...etc...XD).

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Also, as I'm posting anyway, I thought I'd add that a store near here has cute nail seals of candy, etc, mirrors with marie from the aristocats on, things like that, and was just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying any? Any cute accessories in particular that people are looking for?

Anyway, thanks for your help, everyone :D You've probably seen me lurking around lately anyway, so I figured I may as well ask ^^;. It'll be my first baby dress, so I want to get something I really like, and this shape seemed the most flattering...

Okay, I'll stop rambling now ^-^;;;

Thanks!! <3
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(no subject)

So I recently made some new show bows for these shoes.

While I adore these shoes and the white bows I wanted to have black one's as well. Well I figured it out and am pretty pleased with the results so I figured I would make a tutorial on how to make them for anyone who would like to try it out.

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Please read this all

Dear members of egl,

Some of you are painfully aware of the current situation occurring with out maint, missmeganmaude however some are very much in the dark.

I know it was promised by miyu_sakura that this would be addressed publically (and though I respect and trust her to do so) I feel that all should be aware of not only the current problem but also of this petition that has been collecting the names of users who wish to see a change in modship here at egl.

In case you are entirely loss as to why we feel this way please check this and this

I apologize that the community it exists in may be deemed as a "wank community" but there was no other place for us to post it.

I extend my wishes to the mods here that this be kept up for at least a little, even if comments must be disable. I wish not to cause any more drama but for the word to get out and all of the community to see the above and form their own opinions.

Thank you.

Comments now disabled as there is a mod post now pertaining to many of the issues discussed in this thread. 400+ mail in my inbox later, I think everyone has said and over-said what they wanted/needed. Please check the mod post if anyone has additional concerns.
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F+F's "Light Green"

I have a skirt on its way from Fanplusfriend in their light green color and I was planning on buying some type of hair accessory to match it. Onlyyy.. they don't have a picture of the color on the site. So does anyone have something from them in their light green? Would it match any shade of green that you've seen from a brand? (I'm speaking as if green is a common color in brand ^^;)
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Lolita Necklace


okay~! I looked through the memoires and lolita handbook (i'm so sorry if I missed something)
But I have a lil Q about Angelic Pretty sizing...

a lot of the skirts have the size 62cm~ size....and I'm wondering from anyone who has bought a skirt from them before, how much does ~ go to? ^^;

thank you very much!
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VM thought

Theme: Changing Leaves

It's autumn! The leaves are changing colors! Except we've been in a drought for the past year, so the color change this time is more due to dehydration. XD P.S. Threw in a couple new pictures for people who've already seen it in daily_lolita. Sorry for the repetition.

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Fall's definitely my favorite season, I look forward to seeing everyone else's posts. :D

EDIT: Please share everything you love about the season even if it's not your favorite. :P Mine's warm apple cider, the light in the early afternoon, and the perfect temperature for cuddling with your favorite person and/or pet. :D
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fatal frame sleeping

Oh Baby, why?

I have heard about Baby being terribly slow lately and read somewhere that someone got a faster response when they used the email as opposed to the shopping cart system. I need the item Im ordering by next friday(yes I know it took me a long time and Im cutting it reeeal short but my birthday was the other day and I FINALLY got enough mulah for it, and I want to take precautions if I have a chance of getting it by friday) so what do you think I should use? What have you other people used lately that has been faster? Or is it sort of a 50-50 chance? Please share!

Lolita Facebook app?

So I don't know how many lolis on here use facebook, but I'm assuming there's some since facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. So anyway... I was playing around with the API that they have that allows you to create facebook apps to add to your profile. I was thinking of making a Lolita application that would allow one to share their wardrobe, make a wishlist, post coordinates, show off sewing projects, etc. But I first wanted to know how many people, who use facebook, would actually like to have something like that available for their profiles... or is this just another one of my brilliantly stupid ideas that will end up being a complete waste?

Anywas I would love to hear what everyone thinks and if they would actually want something like this to be able to use.

Oh also if I do end up making this beast of a programming project I'm going to be adding in a section that will show you the titles and posters of the most recent egl posts so that you can see if there's something new on here from facebook... yay for promoting egl! lol... I'll probably also add a list of all the loli communities that you can do this for the other lolita related communities, so don't worry I wont leave anyone out... Ok so anyways... I want to hear peoples thoughts on this.

P.S Yes I'm quite the computer nerd... I'm aware XD

Newb flood: I definitly see the threat in this one. I think I'll probably work around a way that lets you see new post alerts but doesn't have links back to the community/posts. I'll figure something out so that we don't get an 'iz dis rori' flood.
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