October 21st, 2007


Just curious if anyone has ever made their own knee high socks. I don't mean adding sock toppers to knee highs or OTKs, but actually making the sock itself. I would love to see pics too
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Some photos from my mini lunch meet yesterday :)

I had a few friends over today for lunch to catch up, chatter and have a small scale celebration of one of our birthdays ^^
I made an absolute ton of sushi, onigiri and spring rolls for the less adventurous ;P and the others brought sweets. The girls brought some of their BJDs and it was a pretty fun day XD

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thanks for looking! ^^
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Sewing and an outfit...

As I showed a few days ago in this post about my sewing room, I've been working on a blue and white ruffled bustle skirt. Well, it's finally finished so I thought I'd post a few photos of the final details. I also went out shopping in lolita a few days ago, so there's a photo of my outfit as well.
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Art post! BTSSB love

Ooookay I have been lurking around EGL for about half a year now, but I've never posted because I have yet to actually make/buy anything that is remotely related to lolita, but what I HAVE done is drawn a picture of a dress I decided looked too good not to draw. xD

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Time: Approx 15 hours
Program: Photoshop 7.0

Hope you like! n__n
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So tell me about this coat.

In regards to last year's Fancy Twinkling Coat by Angelic Pretty --



Is it just me or did the actual coats *not* have long fur as seen on the sample coats (weblog)? I've seen a bunch of these coats come up on Yahoo! Japan/MBOK and none have the super long fur as seen in their weblog. (For weblog photos, please see the AngelicPoodle post linked above).

Any stock photos of this coat? I don't see any on Flickr, Photobucket, Google, etc. and I've been looking into Winter coats...
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SF Bay area lolitas?

So there isn't a comm for Norcal/SF lolitas (if so, please let me know and I'll delete this post).  I can't be the only one here!  There are a TON of bay area events we can meet up at :)  Give me a shout-out, we gotta get organized. 
Thanks for your help!

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Hi! New to this community.

Hey, my name is Cara and I've recently decided to make my own sweet Lolita outfit!! I looked through one of the Gothic and Lolita Bibles and I think the styles of Lolita clothing are really cool. Can any of you more experienced EGL ladies give me tips/instructions on how to make my very own outfit? I prefer to make my own because I'm only 14 and my allowance is very limited and I want to avoid the brand-new costume-y look and I want my clothes to look like I wear them everyday. Can I get a list of essentials and stuff? I only know how to sew by hand and I haven't used patterns before but I'm willing to learn. Also do you know of any EGL stores in the New York City area? I really appreciate everything. BTW, all of you look awesome in your Gothic Lolita dresses!!!
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