October 20th, 2007

Custom Printed Lolita Fabric

Recently I've noticed a lot of interest in designs not commonly found in lolita, as well as people not being able to find cute border print fabrics.

I have a little screenprinting area set up in my basement, and an embroidery machine also. Would people be interested in purchasing/using lolita fabrics if I could supply them?

So... questions for you:

1. What fabrics would you like to see printed? I was thinking nice cotton, some stretchy for cutsew tops, maybe a sheer for overlays. Printed ribbon?

2. How much would you pay for fabric? I realize it depends on quality as much as coolness of the design. I don't have any designs for this yet, but I did get a degree in Illustration from MCAD, and I have a lot of experience in printing posters and fabric. I'll make designs if there is interest in the idea and post them for your critique :)

3. What themes/images would you like to see? I am most interested in themes that are uncommon in lolita (I bookmarked that thread about it), but am open to anything if there is demand for it. Right now I want to start out with 1 color designs and if this goes well, move to multiple colors.

So what do you think? Good idea, horrible idea?

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I'm just about to finish up my outfit for tomorrow's Chicago meet-up and I need some opinions. I'm going casually, but am not sure if I should add lace or not. My dress is purple and I'm wearing brown tights, brown shoes, and a brown shirt and the lace is white so I'm afraid it'll clash.

I also plan on shortening the length because it came out a bit long

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Should I try to change the game or get into it?

Yes, some may say that this is a rant. But I terribly disagree. It is a tiny rant, so ha.

Since the Halloween season is upon us and the day coming ever nearer, I always get this little bug to compete in my community costume contest. Well, two years (plus a near-miss three) and I've still yet to even get a 'Aw, too bad, you tried' doggy bag. I bet you're all wandering where the loli is, right? Let me explain.

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Shall I go through with it, egl? Shall I dress up in loli and suffer the defeat of not being 'got'? Or shall I dress up in a cliché fashion just to win a prize? Seriously, I don't mind /not/ competing. I just would love for them to actually vote on creativity instead of how 'Halloween' it is. Should I go ahead and make my point, or what? If you think I should try to incorporate elements into my design, would you mind specifying some please?

All of your help and input is greatly appreciated, everyone. Thank you. ^^
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