October 19th, 2007


secret shop group order?

I just emailed cupcakeyland to see about ordering secret shop shoes through her and she told me I can only order through group order now. She also told me that there was one going to be organized soon on egl. Anyone know anything? I want to take part~
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Moi Dix Mois @ Barcelona

    Sorry for posting this in this community, but it's really urgent! I'm from Portugal and I'm going ALL ALONE to Barcelona to watch Moi Dix Mois.

Is there any person who is from Barcelona or is going to there that don't mind to be with me until the concert? I really don't want to be alone all day!

[sorry for my english ;_;]
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A Bit Of Help

This Halloween I plan on dressing up Lolita and I want to do a NOT SO GUROLOLITA. And what I am asking is how do you think I can pull this off with out ripping or throwing paint on any of my items.

My Costume Idea is that girl in Kindergarden who always was pushed around on the playground.

I already have some tights I smeared with paint and dirt and ripped up, and I have some plans for makeup. But without messing up my clothes how can I achieve this effect. Also I dress Classic Lolita more than anything so will this even really work?
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Well this is my first post better make it count!

Well I've recently started taking the steps to making my daily outfits more Kodona in style, well here's where my problems arise. I read a word in Japanese and therefore have troubles navigating their sites. I already understand that I need to get a courier service and all that if they don't ship overseas, but my main question is; Is there a way I can purchase the items through someone or SOMETHING so I don't have to learn to speak Japanese just for a few cool blouses.

(In b4 "Did you check memories?" Why yes, yes I did!)

Also I plan on incorporating guro into of the more intricate outfits I plan on wearing and would like to know where I could get my hands on cosmetic lenses that I could daily if I chose and not have to worry about INFECTIONS!

Thanks everyone! I guess I was worried over nothin : /

Hi everyone!
I just got my first brand item. It's the Meta dress from the LP. I chose it because it is supposed to fit a large bust. My problem is that I don't like the weird lumpy look of it and I was wondering if I removed the shirring if it would look better. I'm not worried about altering the dress, I just don't want to ruin it. So should I remove the shirring in the front of the dress? or just remove like one or two lines of it? (There's three bands of shirring between the top and the under the bust part.) Or should I just keep it the way it is?
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Edit: Thank you everyone! It seems like everyone thinks it looks fine and I decided to keep it the way it is. I've never had anything shirred in the bust like that and I suppose that's just the way it looks. Thank you everyone for being so nice and I just wanted to say that I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!
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tamie oneesama and i had lunch together so here are some pictures to share ^ ^
(there were concerns on how the pictures were small, so i posted them a bit larger this time)

we didnt have a set theme for the day, but by coincident, we both looked like how we first met XD;;;;

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