October 18th, 2007

blood tea and red string

loli film meme

the post about gigi inspired me. are there any other films that seem particularly lolitaesque to you?

here are mine:

blood tea and red string- christiane cegavske
alice- jan svankmajer
daisies- vera chytilova
institute benjamenta- brothers quay (maybe a little more gothic lolita)
return to oz- walter murch
ma vie en rose- alain berliner
heavenly creatures- early peter jackson!
in the company of wolves- neil jordan

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Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun

Legal? Almost!

Okay, so my 18th birthday party is coming up, on December 18th, and of course it's going to be themed lolita. I was thinking of hime-lolita meets winter wonderland (since Winter is my faavorite season ever) and I was hoping for some suggestions from you guys! I'm going to be in a more Marie Antoinette themed outfit (plus I've talked my hair dresser into giving me the curly up-do with some small pearl accents).

For activities I was thinking of course greet and meal, and maybe ice-skating?
Since it will be winter, but I wouldn't want anyone to get their pretty dresses messed!
I live in Southern California, so it'll pretty easy to find nice tea houses and things, but what else would be fun to do around that time?
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For “full time Lolitas” who can’t quite be a full time Lolita.

As we all know, some of us cannot quite wear our beautiful and cutesy outfits all the time, but what do you do when you’re not permitted to do what you please and lavish yourself in your style?

I want to know what you would wear when you’re not in your outfits, rather it would be a cute jumpsuit with curls in your hair or simply jeans and a shirt.

For my own reply…

since I am mostly Kodona style and not much into the Lolita style, I usually can pass off with a nice dress outfit.

Most Lolitas who doesn’t want to lose their absolute innocent look could wear a type of dress pants and a puff sleeved top, this is very cute and is quite suitable for any occasion which the dresses are not permitted, so this is a nice suggestion, with the hair pulled back still in curls; I actually wouldn’t suggest straight hair, or you might lose a certain “zang” for the cute look.

--- Now off to your opinions, please.

Anna's House Trouble

I really need some help. I got my Anna's House dress from a group order after months of waiting only to find that they didn't bespoke the size that I had requested. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else, and if so, what they did to solve it.

Critique this petticoat?

I was hoping somebody could critique this petticoat for me. I'm considering gifting it but I really don't want to give it if it is something that is no good. I'm just wondering if it is a good petticoat or not.

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I really appreciate everything! You're all the experts ;)