October 15th, 2007

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Looks like a teaspoon Part One by Nakamura Asumiko

Hi everyone! Did a short translation for the cute little comic in the most recent Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 26 (on page 83) and decided to post it here. If anyone has some high quality scans of it, I could do a scanlation if you want.

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Sooo short, but yeah. Cute ♥

Also, is there a sort of running collection of egl translations of the G&LB somewhere? I have a short pile of text files of translations from random ones (recent and old), and it'd be fun to have them all compiled for easy access for the community. If there isn't already, is anyone interested in putting one together?

Great Find! Lolitable Boots at Transit Shoe Store

I found these adorable boots at my local mall today! They're from Transit Shoe Store! They have adorable lace detail and a cute round toe! I think they'll coordinate great with my wardrobe :)

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They even have ribbon-like shoelaces! I love themmm!

If you like them to, you can actually buy them HERE!


Off topic, but just a question. I really need a lolita bag! Where could I get one (besides buying brand :P)?

Did anyone ever get this purse?

Reviews? Thoughts?

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I was watching Mylene Farmer videos today (GAY!) and couldn't help but notice a resemblance between the villain and Mana haha. Or is it just me?

Anyhow, I think everyone should watch these two if they haven't already, lots of wonderful 18th century imagery. Beware however, a load of nudity and violence! Libertine caused quite a stir when it aired french tv in 1986.


Pourvu qu'elles soient douces
12 princesses

Just a quick wardrobe advice question

So it's my grandparents' 25th anniversary dinner this weekend and I have been given permission from my parents to wear lolita (my mother insists, actually), which I'm very excited, and a little nervous, to do. My problem is, would it be too much to wear some type of headdress for my lolita "coming out"?

I'm 20 years old and my family is used to me being eccentric and thankfully most of everyone is very open-minded. But this will be the first time the rest of my family has even heard of lolita. I have two outfits that I'm deciding between and one has an alice bow and the other a half-bonnet. Would the alice bow be a better choice? Or would both be too childish?
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Ling-lam/Little Chili Shop deal!

So I read this while looking through her shoe listings, she's now offering a special deal until halloween:

"During Halloween we've taken the decision to make you save a lot of money. Indeed, during this special period you will only have to pay half the shipping cost for every additional item. Moreover, we're glad to offer 10% off if you take more than one article. For instance, if you buy two outfits, you get 10% off on the total price (not including the shipping cost). It's time for you to make a good bargain and spend your savings in Candies!!!"

not sure what it entails for shoes, but hey, its an opportunity to save a little cash, amirite?
i hope i'm not late to the party on seeing this :)

Southern U.S. Possible Loli Meet-up?

Just wondering if any of you have heard of or are planning to go to Jani-con, an Anime Con held in Jacksonville Florida. If so I would love to plan a meet up or at least get to meet some of you guys. Not sure how many of you live in the area though. :/

Their website is www.janicon.org in case you want to check it out. :]
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Rose Chocolat Problem, I need your opinions! >.

Hi! I have a problem with Rose Chocolat, and don't know exactly what to do >.< I would like to know what do you think about it/warn the community about their behaviour.

In April (or something like that) I ordered a pair of classic mary jane from their website... I waited for them to prepare everything, then they shipped my shoes regularly... unfortunately, my local post office had some problems, so my shoes came back to Rose Chocolat! I had to pay AGAIN for shipping (rose chocolat-italy/italy-rose chocolat/rose chocolat-italy again: I ended up paying 40$ MORE), and they told me I had to wait because the person who usually ship packages for them was on holyday(it was July)... then in late August they mailed me and told me that they were waiting for me to say that they could ship my poor shoes... then it's now about 3 week, and I mailed them 3 or 4 times, but I still haven't received any answer... I'm getting pretty angry, because 1) I want my shoes 2) I WANT at least an answer!! I don't think they have already shipped my package, because after all those problems I recommended them to give me the tracking number and tell me before shipping....

What should I do if they won't answer?? I got really angry, now...

A question about shipping from F+F

I placed an order with FanPlusFriend last month and it finally shipped, but when I checked the tracking number today, it was not only being sent back for "insufficient address," but was clear across the country in Pennsylvania (I'm in Utah). I checked with my post office, and they think that F+F might have given me the wrong tracking number, because the ZIP code *was* addressed to Pennsylvania. Nothing in my shipping address even comes close to that ZIP.

I've got an email into F+F, but I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this with them? Or perhaps someone in Pennsylvania got a tracking number for an item that seems to be in/near Utah? It's very frustrating, especially when I need that order to finish my first Lolita outfit.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm just not sure what else I can do on my end until F+F replies, or my order miraculously shows up. Thank you!

So Uh...Yeah. About that St. Louis Meetup

I really apologize, but I didn't think to check about ticket availability till this weekend, and apparently all the tickets have been claimed. x_x;; I'm sorry, guys. But as a backup plan, does anyone still want to have a meetup? I was thinking more along the lines of Saturday afternoon? 

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Sooo...is anyone still interested? :)
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I apologize if this has been brought to your attention previously but my Dad just sent me this through an email. A travel tour company called Pop Japan Travel is offering a Gothic-Lolita themed trip to Tokyo departing out of Los Angeles.

From their website:
Digital Manga's Pop Japan Travel presents the Tokyo Darkside Tour, the definitive journey to the birthplace of gothic-lolita. Explore Tokyo's own historic haunts and modern miracles. Imagine showing off your own unique look in Harajuku, among the cherry blossoms of spring, and then embark on a shopping quest assisted by our knowledgeable bilingual guides. You'll even get to meet some industry insiders, drop in on a local lolita hangout, go through Tokyo's darkest dining experience and much more!

The tour includes visits to BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, and Victorian Maiden shops.

Hope this of interest to you all! :)

Pop Japan Travel

survey for lolitas ages 21-45

This is for my research on the lolita customer for homework.
I'm aware there are younger lolitas who buy their own clothes too, but my teacher chose that age range, so I'm sorry for having to leave you guys out ~___~

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Thank you everybody~!
*and sorry about that lj-cut problem*

Have Time for a Poll?

Good evening,

First of all, thank you all for your great support so far of the second issue of La Vie En Rose!

We're taking a poll on certain topics before we begin the third issue next week, and we'd love to get as much participation as we can to help us better determine what you, our readers and/or potential audience, would like to see as we evolve. If you have a moment and would like to help us out, you can take the poll by clicking here. Thank you for reading and have a great night!