October 14th, 2007

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Questions on Christon Cafe...

I'm doing a marketing project mainly on maid cafe, but also going to mention some other cafes related to maid fashion and gothic lolita, esp those in GLB just hoping I will hit the required number of pages. I only know Christon Cafe's menu with the price is on their site. I don't have price list for another cafe for comparison. Since I never been to Japan, I have no idea what the living standard is over there to say if the price is consider as cheap/fair/expensive compare to a typical cafe.

I sort of understand Mana's photo shootings and Moitie events is a way of making money for Christon cafe, but a cafe make their money mainly from people dinning. With their price list (purely looking at numbers since I don't know what those food is) seems pretty much fair to me after converting to USD, I start to think such wonderful design it could be high class cafe and price should be higher too. Any of you went there before is it crowded over there? The cafe seems to have a lot of restrictions... no underage customers, and the working hours is so unusual... do I even read it right? MW 5pm-11pm and 5pm-4am on other days? A 6 course meal is 2000-2500yen, that doesn't seem bad to me, but for local people would they consider that price as very expensive? I notice they do weddings and the price looks really really expensive. Compare to usually what people will spend for wedding, is it expensive like double or triple?

I'm not trying to go into marketing here, but I just want some ideas about the living standard of Japanese people in terms of spending money in cafes that seems to be good place to dine for lolitas.
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Possible Elizabeth Meet-up: The follow up post?

For all you SoCal lolitas, I would like to know how many of you would be interested in having a meet-up to see the movie
Elizabeth The Golden Age Sorry I've been so sporadic with the continuation of this thing, but my internet was gone for about a week, so yeah. ^^;
Anyhow! Here are some things I'd like to hear suggestions about:

  • Early or late movie? - This will also affect if we have lunch or dinner before the show
  • Location Location Location - Personally, I really like the new AMC theater they have the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, plus they have good shopping there, but if you like somewhere else, then please say so!
  • Date - I was trying to aim for sometime next week, but I have to see what days are best for everyone.

soo... who do lolita's hang out with?

    I'm sort of curious about who most lolita's tend to get along with during highschool. Most kids seem to be too snotty to want to talk to anyone in frills-- and the weeaboo's, well, I'm sure most of us shy away from them. Sadly for us, most schools don't have a lolita clique. D:

    As for me, well, I sort of drift I guess. I eat at the gamers' table, but they tend to bore me most of the time. I'm friends with a lot of different kinds of people, but cliques forbid me from hanging out with them most of the time because I'm not friends with their 10,000 other friends I guess. However, I recently met some under classmen I've been talking to a lot in marching band, but I really have no clue what kind of people they hang out with.
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New handmade JSK

I went to Japan in July and got a few dress lengths of the cutest fabrics from Nomura Tailor in Kyoto. My timing just happens to be awesome so they were all half price: ¥400-¥500。

I got this one in Black cotton and a small piece in blue plastic, This in a small piece of black quilted fabric, and this in black cotton. As well as some others I can't find links to.

I decided to finally make something out of the first one, so I went to some brand websites looking for something to "borrow" from. And there I found BtSSB's Icecream JSK, which has rows of pattern and of polka dot, just like my fabric! Except mine is parfait, and I think it's cuter :3
I also got some Alannah Hill (super expensive Australian designer) lace for 30c and 70c a metre. This whole dress cost less than $20.

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Picture Request~~ ^^"

Hello everyone ^^

I'm kinda new to LJ so I have no idea how to make a decent message, sorry for that.
I have been obsessed with lolita clothes for over a year now, and with japan for 3 years.
So I was browsing through Baby's online shop and I found this adorable skirt. But
I have no idea if it looks just as good on a person than on a manequin.
So my question;  Does anyone has the skirt below, and if you do, do you have a picture of it to show mi?

I have a 28 - 29 " waist and  33 - 34 " hip

Thank you in advance ^^

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Canes and Walking Sticks~Where to Buy?

Hello everyone~

I'm searching for a cane or a walking stick for a new (men's style) aristo outfit I'm working on. But I'm a bit stuck on where one can get a cane that isn't...orthopedic--you know: rubber pads at the bottom and generally...more functional than formal.

I know Alchemy Gothic has some beautiful designs, but I'm in the States and most websites I've visited that sell AG items are based in the UK and they don't seem to want to ship to the States (this seems a bit like the parasol paradox: they are for sale, but they can't be shipped out here).

So, while I know eBay is an option, I'd like to know if anyone has found any other sources for aristo-style canes or walking sticks--either online or real shops.

I've kind of been "out" of lolita and aristo fashion for several months--for some reason, autumn makes me want to get back to it. I hope you can help me♥
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