October 13th, 2007

Hay EGL -- Any Atlanta Lolitas Hurr?

I'm like new to this Live Journal stuffs, but I'm here because I'm trying to get an EGL group going in the Atlanta area for meetups and such because I'm sure there are some EGL fans chilling in the ATL who want to have awesome funs, amirite? ~

And I guess I should introduce myself...  My name's Natalya, I'm 19, live near Atlanta, and go to animé conventions (AWA, Momo Con...  Etc.) I've been into EGL since I got invited to the EGL Tea Party at Animé Expo 2006 (California) and just recently got my first dress.  But it was très cher so instead of wearing it for like Halloween and random animé events every so-odd months, I'd also like to get other occasions where I can wear it and any other dresses I may buy in the future with other people in similar attire for fun times.

It should be noted that I used to be a guy, but in person I look like a girl now even without makeup and I'm getting better at talking like a girl.  So, wutev, guess I'm like Mana then, eh?  Iunnos.


That's why I'm here and well if you're from the Atlanta Area, that's what's up.~

meta shipping speed?

Hello all! I would like to know on adverage how long does it take for Meta to ship to the UK? I'd like to get an outfit before the 14th of November, do I still have time? I've seen some cases it's taken a week, others alot longer! please help me, thanks x

Juliette et Justine questions

Hi! I hope this hasn't been posted before, but I had a look through the memories and really couldn't find much about this brand. I have a few questions to ask about it!

I have a friend who is going to Japan in December. He's my housemate and is going with his boyfriend. They said that they're definitely going shopping, probably to Harajuku and Shinjuku and other places aside from Tokyo as well. Of course, I want some lolita dresses out of this! :D Browsing on the internet through the different websites, I really fell in love with this brand, Juliette et Justine. They are the first brand where EVERYTHING on their site I absolutely loved, and I have noticed that they are more expensive than the other brands but I am quite willing to pay for the difference. Their stuff is absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway my questions are as follows:

Collapse )

I realize this brand is not as popular as others (like Baby the Stars Shine Bright), so I understand these questions may be a bit had to answer. But thankyou for your help if you are able! ^_^
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Quick Translation Help

I'm currently trying to make the MAM rabbit-eared cape in the Gothic & Lolita Bible 23, but there's a pattern piece that I have NO idea where it goes or even what it is XD  Is there by any chance someone that could translate (what I'm presuming is) the label on the pattern and let me know? Thank you so much!!

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Baby headbow question/picture request

Some Baby headbows have a really interesting shape. I think they're wired, right? I really like their shape and size and want to make similar headbows. Would anyone who owns one care to show me pictures of them wearing the bows and the bows unworn at an angle that shows the folding? And would you care to give me measurements so I can be sure?

It doesn't have to be this bow exactly but this is just an example.
AP Band

Random Meetup in Melbourne anyone?

I've realised something, Melbourne lolitas don't have enough 'fun' random meet-ups and if they do I have no idea they exist. D:

So, who wants to meet up somewhere Sunday next week?

I've realised that there are a lot of lolita in Melbourne but I don't know any of them, so I'd like to take this opportunity to meet you! ♫

Please post here if you're coming so that I don't show up all dolled up by myself. :P

When: Sunday 21st October
Where: Shall we say under the big clock at Melbourne Central?
Which: 12 pm, we'll wait around for about half an hour for people to arive then head off
Somethings: I was thinking that we could head down the street, take some purikura and then hop in a carriage and travel to the gardens over the other side of the bridge. Possibly have a picnic if it's a nice day, we'll have to see what the weather forecast is.

Be sure to bring your cameras and dress in your best, if you don't take lots of pictures you can guarantee that I will, there's no escape!

If you'd like to contact me via phone, leave a message and I'll email you my number.

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I've been looking around for a tiny crown, and had my eye on the one at vivcore, but while looking at the site today I found it isn't there anymore. I've searched ebay to see if anything might be there and didn't find any. What would be another good place to find one? Preferably something in english, if possible.

(no subject)

Does anyone have pictures of Excentrique's corsets being worn? Preferably not stock photos of models, but un-doctored photos of you lot. I'm trying to figure out whether or not the boning gives enough by way of cinch for my liking. Thanks!

(edited seeing as the original question was addressed, though not answered as far as I can see, in another thread- the question remains, plastic or steel? strong steel or the bendy stuff?)

(no subject)

I'm new to the whole Lolita fashion scene and am not sure if I'm quite ready to go all out with the skirts but if anyone had some ideas for good top styles or designs that I can use as inspiration or brands that I could search, I'd be eternally grateful...
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Curiosities about Lolita

To be honest, I'm not one who wears Lolita fashion, but you folks might remember threemadness I'm a friend of hers.

ANYWHO! I have a wee question, and it's about those spiffy loose socks, stuff like this: http://sockdreams.com/_shop/pages/socks_cat_CategoryID_66.php

While my gut tells me "NO, you cant wear loose socks with Lolita clothing!", I'm still curious... can it be pulled off?

Again, I dont wear the Lolita fashion, but I admire it a bit and realize that my mom has sewn stuff in the past that could pass for somewhat Loli-fashion today. And the girls that I see wearing the fashion are absolutely adorable! So it was just a question as to what's a "go" in Lolita fashion and what's a "Hell NO" in Lolita fashion.

Thanks for any input! =3