October 12th, 2007


Hi, I'm new to this community. I also have a question.

Hi, I've been into Japanese street fashion for quite awhile, including lolita. I new about lolita from watching Kamikaze girls and knew there were different types. I've read the lolita handbook. Great information in there, btw. I love the sweet, goth and wa styles myself. I just wanted to know how old is too old to wear Lolita fashion. In my opinion anyone should be able to wear what they want at any age. Since lolita is very modest, it should be ok for any age right? Would a certain type of lolita style that you might wear at a young age, like H.S. or college than when your older like over 25 crowd like me whose almost 28. I'm just curious what your opinions on it.
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To the incredibly small few who expressed interest some months ago when I posted this, and anyone else who might have a fondness for Opera--

Austin Lyric Opera is kicking off its season the first weekend of November with Collapse )
Though I'm a bit late in doing this, I will be purchasing tickets for myself (and likely my family) soon, probably for Sunday at 3:00. Was anyone else planning on going?
Also, was anyone else planning on/interested in going to see Carmen in April?
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Hai, first time poster here :]
I have a question, I don't think it has been asked many times before and I couldn't find a satisfactory answer anywhere.

Do you think someone can be loli if they don't have the right "hair"? Most hairstyles I've seen is long and curly or if it's short, very straight and Japanese street-style-ish. But I haven't seen anyone with a mohawk.
I myself have a mohawk and I do dress loli sometimes, I try and live by the rules but I've been having a problem with the hair! Would you suggest I'd wear a wig or a hat or something?

I'm sorry I don't have any decent pictures of myself in loli wear. I do keep my hawk down most of the times however, and wear a bow [headdresses would look weird I think]. Is it wrong? And is it wrong to wear my hair up?
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Advice on Comission

I am looking to commission a replica of this dress and apron from Milky Ange.  I was considering In The Starlight.  Does anyone have experiences with their commissions?  Or, if you do commissions, please leave me some examples of what you've done and I'll consider that!
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what you do

I was just wondering and thought it might be interesting enough for a bit of discussion: What's your job or do you not work, are in school or other? If you are in school, maybe share what you want to do for a living some day.

Maybe there is some kind of trend to the types of jobs and careers Lolitas get into. Or, maybe not~

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