October 11th, 2007

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I am in the middle of ordering from baby, and I am at the point where I am going to pay. I am going to use paypal. now if I remember correctley they send you a paypal invoice once you confirm. but since their reply time is so slow right now (it took a week for them to reply to my email), do you think it would be ok to go ahead and paypal them without them sending me a paypal invoice (I already got my normal invoice stating the total with their paypal email etc, I just need to pay).

thanks for any help! I haven't ordered from them in a while and can't quite remember what's ok and what's not....


EDIT: answered! thank you!
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sewing area ~ where the magic happens

I wanna join the 'show you sewing area' club. 

for starters... this is where the magic begins... that's my current 'boyfriend' right there Futura 250 embroidery machine. Theres my 'Tub o' Lace' at the side.... I chose the place right in front of the window so I could have enough light during daytime, plus mom said I don't get enough sunlight coz I rarely go out... so there you go!
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Calling all Gurololis!

Im planning on making a gurololi outfit for halloween. I'd like to see all your gurololi pics plx! Im looking for pictures of people and not artwork at the moment. I'm talkin' with a lot of fake blood and bandages etc. I've searched the memories/ljseek on egl as well as le_grotesque, but a lot of the links didnt work :(

Thanks in advance ^__^

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