October 10th, 2007

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Modifying A Dress

Last week I bought a white jumper with tiny embroidered cut-out flowers at T.J.Maxx, on clearance for $5 because some yokel ripped the chest open while trying it on. I've just finished fixing it, but now I'd like to make it more loli. However, I have a problem:

Click here for a picture of a similarly-shaped dress.

As you can see, the dress has an Empire waist. I don't think I've ever seen a lolita dress with an Empire waist. I'm going to add lace around the chest area and the shoulder straps, but the natural plainness of the skirt and the wide waistband are throwing me off.

Any ideas?

(Also: I do hand embroidery, and I was considering adding flowers. Maybe add a ton of embroidered or ribbon flowers around the waistband and the bottom hem?)

it crossed my mind...

I've been lurking here for a while, reading posts and such, and last night some friends of mine and I were talking, and we got into the discussion about party themes. One has the idea of a London tea party for their birthday and another is doing a masquarade ball. Both are rather loli ideas in my opinion, and it struck me last night, what else would make an excellent lolita party theme? Or how would/did you make your party lolita?

Parasol Blues

I got my Meta Happy Cake Parasol in the post  two days ago and it came broken. Obviously damaged by the US post, the handle was completely snapped off. But I manged to fix it and get it to look good as new!!!! So I was wondering would any of you ladies like a tutorial for fixing a parasol. I was unsure whether or not to post the tutorial.  
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Okay, I'm a total n00b at the loli thing, and even more n00b at the sewing thing. I managed to find this totally adorable dress at the thrift store, and thought it'd make a great Sweet Lolita coordination with some pink shoes I have,etc. Problem is, I don't think it's loli enough and want to modify/add something, but don't quite know where to start. Any suggestions?
I'm thinking of trying and getting this all together before PMX(November 9th, I think)
I was thinking of maybe bringing out the pinks and putting some pink bows on the bodice or something of the sort.
Your input is WELCOMED with open arms! ^_^
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BtSSB english store complaint

Dose anyone else think the BtSSB english store sucks?
When they first opened it, it had limited items but...
it seemed as they added new items on the Japanese page 
it looked as if they where also making sure to update the english page as well.
Although they have NOT! 
Why do we only have a very limited few lolita items we can choose from?
This has just been bothering me...I know we can still order by email.
You would think since we have been customers of BtSSB for  quite a few years now 
that they would have a complete list of everything on the english page.
Next time I order from them I am going to ask them why.

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Loliable shops in Miami?

Hey fellow loli's! Quick question.

Are there any loliable shops somwehere around Miami, Florida? Or a place that I just CAN'T miss out on? :D
I'm going on a cruise in April and the boat port is in Miami. I'll be there for a short time.

princess Agitha

designing blues

Hey there guys, I need some help

I've been designing Gothic and Lolita clothes and dresses as a hobby since I was in 8th grade. I've already filled up three and a half sketchbooks and have enough designs for a shop if my art could come to life. Now I'm in my first year of college, and my fourth sketchbook is as empty as when I first bought it. I've hit a rut where I just can't seem to design and all the ideas are nowhere to be found. The thing is, I REALLY want to start up with my design hobby again, but I can't seem to find that spark. Tell me, anyone who likes to design clothes: What do you do to rediscover inspiration when you've hit a rut?
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Finding a store.. or person

Hello, I really hope this is allowed.. I'm searching for a certain store or even the person that owns it. There was a lady in Europe that opened her own (or co-owned) Lolita shop. My major dream is to open my own in the US. I would love to find her (or the shop's site so I can contact her) and get some advice. (Like, did she have to go to Japan to be able to sucessfully sell some of Japan's Lolita Brand clothes? Or was she able to do that without stepping foot in the country? Stuff like that).

(I hope this doesn't seem like a silly dream to you guys ^^;)

Thank you for anyone that helps or even just tries to help. It's much appriciated <3

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Corset Quandary

The new lolita_corsets community got my really wanting to buy a corset for lolita wear but I was hoping to get some advice first. Do you consider Excentrique corsets worth the money? I looked at some in person a couple years ago and wasn't terribly impressed with their quality, especially considering that for that price I could almost get a custom made one. Have they improved at all? Was I just looking at the wrong ones? For those that own them, have you also owned a custom corset and how would you compare their quality? Thanks!!

Edit: Since the general consensus was a custom corset would be more worthwhile than an Excentrique one I was wondering what everyone's favorite custom corset maker was?
Tigger &amp; Rabbit

Meta skirt measurments...does it feel alright?

Hello lolitas,

Well, I'm JUST about to buy this skirt from Meta:

I looked through the memories to check if anyone asked any questions about it, but didn't find any. To anyone who owns this, or any other similar skirt from Meta...how comfortable is the skirt when stretched out? I have a 36 inch waist and while that's 10 inches below the max, I've heard that the skirts become quite uncomfortable after a certain waistline...and the last thing I want is to have those horrible red marks around my stomach. Can anyone confirm/disconfirm?

Bear backpack

Thanks to chiichick awesome tutorial I was able to make this little guy in little under a day. I actually did most of the work like a week ago, but lacked a proper camera to take the pictures. I like him, but being a perfectionist with stuff I am looking at him and spotting the little mistakes (I think one leg ended up a smidge longer then the other). XD I think it's pretty good for my first try on a stuffed critter.
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help a sista out

So I thought I'd found my lolita coat for the winter (last winter's is hopelessly big and the bottom doesn't fit over my skirts like I remember) at H&M, but once I got it home and put it on over petticoats, the dream was over.

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Anyway, I'm returning it tomorrow, so now I'm out my winter coat. I'm unemployed (although money-hungry enough to consider returning to a retail job) and I hate auction sites like the plague; $130, which is what I paid for the above coat, is really my limit. Anybody got any suggestions for impoverishedchan?

Oh, and if anybody tells me to save for F+F/brand I will kill someone. I DON'T WANT IT. (Unless someone's selling their F+F wool coat for less than new.)
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