October 9th, 2007

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kimalucifer's shopping service

kimalucifer has asked me to post an update about her shopping service, just FYI.

Currently, kima's shopping service is closed until further notice. Her apartment building was recently involved in a rather devastating fire, leaving her with (among other things) minimal internet access. (In case that link doesn't work, or if you require more information, please ask kima for more links and pictures.)

She will be able to access internet more often starting next month when her classes start again, and has attempted to contact everyone who has an order currently open with her. But for now, she asks that people halt their requests to her. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Sierra the Shinobi

Question about boots and perfume.

Hello, my name's Sierra. I've been lurking here for a while. How are you doing?

Continuing, I recently bought a pair of boots for my Halloween costume. They cost a bit more than I wanted to spend, but what can I say? If you want something to look right, unfortunately you sometimes have to spend extra money. I would hate to spend that type of money on these shoes and only be able to wear them once, so I was wondering if these boots could in any way possible ever be used in a Lolita outfit. I am guessing that if they could be used, that they would be used for Punk Lolita or Ero Lolita, but I'm not sure that they would even be suitable for that. Here are the boots. They go up to the mid thigh.

Another point on the boots - I am not too fond of the heel. It's a little chunky for my liking. Is there a way to safely file some of the width (NOT the height) off of the heel with out affecting the structure? Should I just leave the heel be?

Also, I was wondering what you ladies think about wearing perfume with your lolita outfits. Obviously, you would want to follow general perfume rules about not overdosing on perfume and such. Are there some scents (such as musk) that are too heavy, too sensual, too masculine, etc. for Lolita? Are there some scents that only work with certain lolita looks? I would think that things like Lavender, Rose and Geranium (more classical scents), and sweeter scents like Vanilla or Strawberries could be used (in small amounts).

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Help, please? D:

If this isn't allowed, just delete it, please.

I'm planning on making a new skirt, and I've looked everywhere for a good bell-shape pattern, but I can't find one. D: For those of you who have made your own clothing using patterns-- do you remember which ones you used?

I checked in the memories, but there was no specific pattern for what I was looking for.


Older BTSSB Dress Question...

I was looking through Yahoo Japan Auctions and found this dress.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it, perhaps the name of the collection or when it came out, even the measurements. It's not the hawase dress is it? I've never seen a Baby one piece with back shirring and that front panel...

Any help is appreciated!
sakura l'arc

Lolita-friendly Furniture Find?

For those of you American Lolitas who have the freedom and funding to buy furniture, I found a cute bedroom set at JC Penney's while shopping around for one for me. (Not my personal style but thought the set-up looked cute.)

Chris Madden French Country Bedroom Group in Antique White

The whole set and individual pieces are on sale right now until Oct. 22 for a good chunk off the original prices, if you're interested. Happy decorating! :)

(If this isn't appropriate, please let me know and I'll delete it.)
halloween trick or treat lollipop

Some (Slightly) Stupid questions By a n00b

 I adore Lolita fashion, but I also love Visual Kei style clothes. A-and I just can't choose. And I'm afraid if I say "both" that I'll be called a "Cosplayer" or "Posuer"

I also like ALL Lolita styles. Do I have to be limited to just one..?

(This may seem REALLLLY stupid to you, but after my last encounter with a Lolita comminity I am taking NO chances)

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VM thought

Post your sewing space MEME!

Remember the closet meme that was all the craze? Now it's your chance to post your sewing space for all the seamstress lolitas out there! It doesn't matter if it's a dark basement at your uncle's house, or a patch of carpet in your dorm room, or a full blown studio. Share your place where the magic begins. :D Bonus points to those who show before and after project pictures.

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Anybody wanna share meet-up shots?

I'm doing this school project on rococo fashion, and I'd like to add a bit on how clothing exists today with inspiration from the period.  This is different, don't worry... I want to show a meet-up picture to give others an idea of how people actually gather to dress like this, and I've never been to a meet-up, nor do I want to use someone else's without permission. So, may I borrow a few from some people?