October 8th, 2007

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Help needed with ringlet curls

Ok so I am a HUGE fan of ringlet curls. (Notice this is my first post here so I'm also quite nerves)
The problem is..I don't have them, and I don't have a hair curling iron (since..I can't afford it).
I do have hair rollers though.
Normal ones, not those you have to heat but it's said that ringlets can also be made without.
The rollers have clips to attach them
My mom decided to buy them since I asked her to help me.
But since my mom is to busy with our haloween costumes (my aunt gives a party next week) and will have to help my brother and his girlfriend with theire house in the weekend (painting), I decided I'd give it a try myself.
I was wondering if anyone knows an easy to understand, with step by step pictures and for hair rollers tutorial for me, or may want to make one.
Easy because I'm dutch and even though I speak and write english for years and years and years now, hairstyle and crafting is hard for me to understand in english.
My plan was to practice a lot with ringlets and then eventually wear them to my school's prom. 
If it comes in handy to now: my hair is medium/long 
I'm going for a bit dolly like ones
So if anyone is able to help me, I'll be forever thankfull.
I hope I've said everything correctly :)
Also I hope that this wasn't illegal or something..

Example: http://fallen-again-stock.deviantart.com/art/Doll-Stock-10-45302306?offset=10
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Leg Avenue Pirate Pillbox Hat

 For the past few weeks I have been trying to track down one of those pirate pillbox hats from Leg Avenue, just because the pink one is so darn cute. After trying 6 different retailers, I decided to go to the source - Leg Avenue. I spoke with someone this morning and I might possibly be able to order them directly from Leg Avenue.

Here is the catch - there needs to be a $200 minimum order. Before I decide what I want to do, I wanted to see if there was any people interested in purchasing the hats. The order amount would determine the final price of the hats, but they would be cheaper than the $20+ price I have been finding on line (MSRP is $24.99).

Would anyone be interested in this??

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Defining Lolita

We've all seen and read the posts from poor hapless newbies asking about the "definition" of lolita or "how old is too old" or "I'm writing a paper why do you dress lolita/something along these lines" etc. Often times they get hit with a lot of rude commentary along the lines of "OMG THIS HAS BEEN ASKED ______ AMOUNT OF TIEMZ DON'T YOU READ THE MEMORIES/FAQ/STOP ASKING US TROLL/NEWBIE/N00B/OTHER DEMEANING NAME" and we end up scaring off what could be some potentially wonderful (albeit a tad clueless) people. I'm not saying it's wrong (because let's face it, it gets annoying after a while) but what I think would help is having one post with people posting their answers to these questions that we can just link them to. It would save the poor, tender-hearted ones feelings and keep us from having to repeat ourselves over and over and over again.

I know that it's been asked a lot, but after searching through egl using lj-seek, I noticed that most of the posts ended up getting deleted (I think we scared the poor li'l kiddies!) and so saying that someone should just go and search the comm doesn't really work. I think by having one post where we kind of answer the extraordinarily common ones that aren't answered directly in the FAQ's, memories, and whatnot, it would make things easier on ourselves and the people asking them.

And yes, it is a bit sad that it kind of feels necessary to do this, but not everyone has the sense to go and look stuff up on their own. Alternatively, they may just not know where to start or what have you. Therefore:

Collapse )

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for other questions, feel free to comment here or e-mail me (lyricalfayethechibi[AT]gmail[DOT]com) and I'll add it as soon as I can.

AND....in case any of this doesn't answer whatever questions anyone may have, these are helpful links with information: (just a starting point, more links WILL NOT be added as they can be found by searching through these sites)

Collapse )

How people got into lolita - Thanks lotusx!

***PLEASE keep in mind that these links are just a starting point AND that all of them could have been found ON YOUR OWN with just a little time and patience. PLEASE DO NOT comment to this post asking for more links--that is something to do ON YOUR OWN. If you are not willing to put forth the effort to look for things yourself, then you are going to have a hard time learning about lolita fashion***

*Also, if there is any way of improving this post, please e-mail me or comment with suggestions/whatever. E-mail: lyricalfayethechibi[AT]gmail[DOT]com*
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Oregon lolita meetup - Oct 13th!

Oregon lolita Meetup
Saturday Oct 13
time: 12 noon
meeting place: Concourse level (bottom level), below Regal Cinemas (3rd and Yamhill), Pioneer Place (downtown PDX)
(area B concourse level on map)
events: seeing 'Elizabeth: the Golden Age' at 1pm, shopping, general mischief

please be on time, dress your best, and be sure to bring money for movie + food + any shopping you'd like to do.

join orlolipops for info on future meet-ups!

Marriage equality!

Aristo Boys, AATP Boots, And Shopping Services.

So I just got around to measuring the length of my feets, and it turns out that I should be able to fit into Baby's LL. Now, two questions--
Does anyone own the Alice And The Pirates Pirate Boots in LL, and could tell me the width of the top of the boot?
Also, what's a good shopping service to use for boots, or does Baby accept Paypal and whatnot? (I've never ordered from any of the Japanese brands.)

And my last question is about Aristocrat style. I pestered my boyfriend into dressing Aristo sometime, but pre-made clothes will never work. See, he's about 6'2, with a large bone structure. He looks...kind of like a lumberjack. -__-; Short brown hair, glasses and a goatee. So I'm having trouble figuring out what he'd look good in. Any ideas?
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Halloween Michigan Lolita Meetup

Felt Mansion Masquerade Ball!
  • Where: The Felt Mansion. Beautifully situated ten miles south of Holland (Michigan) and six miles north of Saugatuck, the Felt Estate was once the luxurious summer home and hobby of self-made millionaire and inventor Dorr E. Felt. More about the mansion and it's history here.
  • When: October 31, 2007
  •  Highlights: Masks will be provided to all attendees as a souvenir of the evening, carriage rides to and from the mansion from the parking area, catering by Above & Beyond Catering, DORR prizes, music, dancing and a Waltz dance lesson by an alumni Arthur Murray Instructor, costume contest, tours of the house, and of course- HALLOWEEN CANDY!
  • Cost: Tickets $25 (21+over please!) available through the Laketown Township, please call 616-335-3050.
Anyone interested? I'll certainly be there along with mach2kudou . All information was taken from the Felt Mansion website. They also have some lovely events in December, including a Victorian Christmas Tea!

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I was reading La Vie en Rose and thinking not at all about what I was actually reading and I began to think. If someone can make there very own magazine and sell it why couldnt you do the same with patterns? I have the worst trouble with patterns. I can't even really read them in english, much less japanese, so attempting to make, much less alter a pattern is quite beyond me. I am sure that there are many seamstresses/patternmakers out there and I was thinking how wonderful it would be if someone made a clear concise set of patterns that were absolutely perfect for lolita just the way they are. Maybe in the pattern set there would be a skirt a blouse and a headdress, or in the winter a pattern for a JSK and maybe one for a coat. Really, there are endless possibilities!

Well theres my two cents, and if anybodies game for it speak up 'cause I for one would certainly pay for a pattern set like that.
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momo's handicrafts

i've just received my third order from Momo's handicrafts so i thought i'd do a review.

i ordered a pink JSK august 25th and it came in the mail today. however, this is how long the last two orders took to get here and the typical time described on their feedback, so i knew what to expect. i didn't mind too much because i won the bid on the dress for $10.49, so it really wasn't a bad deal >o<

this dress is really pretty! the lace is pretty and soft, especially the crocheted lace. i also love the head dress that came with it. it so big and poofy and of course matches really well.

like all of my momo's dresses it's not lined, but it is finished well. there are a couple places that were not well sewn together, lace that was overlapped in a kind of crappy way, but it's not super noticable except on the Collapse ). the other part that's not the bestest are the straps. they're very wide on meCollapse )

Collapse )

overall, a satisfactory buy. i've been wearing it for several hours and it's still comfortable and of course i'm happy because i look pretty.
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