October 7th, 2007

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Galena Meet-Up carpool

For any Chicago girls who will be traveling down to Galena for one day and not staying there at the B&B, I think it would be a good idea to share the ride there, but we may have to agree on which day to go down.

It's about a 3 hour drive so we can keep each other company and split the cost of gas.

If anyone is interested please reply and we can figure something out.
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betty draper

coordination quandary!

so, i'm doing a custom order for a skirt using this black/white embroidered fabric i haven't had the courage to sew up myself (see pictures below.) do you think i could wear a black blouse with the skirt, or would that be too much black in contrast with the white embroidery? personally, i think it might look best with a black blouse that had some white lace trim, but i'm open to any and all suggestions.

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h.Naoto style fabric- doko?

Could not find anything this specific in the memories.  So I thought I should ask...
I absolutely adore the printed fabric that H.naoto uses, especially for their Frill pieces. I'm not as fond of the writing itself as much as the combination of prints and writing. Anyway, question is, where can one go to procure similar fabrics? 
And a more general question, where can one go to buy more exotic, non-jo-ann-fabric-run-of-the-mill prints? What are your favorite shops/sellers on ebay/ whatnot?

Meetup in Fort Williams, Maine? New England Loli's?

To get a general idea, I'd like to know how many Lolita's there are up here in Maine, or anywhere around New England that would be willing to commute to a meetup that I'm going to be planning for the future. I know Lolita's in this part of the USA are very hard to come across, and it's very quite sad. But I was traveling around the other day and found a wonderful place to take pictures and to generally relax clad in Lolita attire.
So the meet up.

 It would most likely consist of a picnic at Fort Williams, and photoshoots all around the area.
There is an old castle, and a rocky beach that would be perfect for picture taking areas.
There is also acres upon acres of open fields surrounded by beautiful scenery that we could use for our picnic area.

So. Is there anyone who would be interested in attending?
Fort Williams is located in Cape Elizabeth, ME.
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Galena Winter Meetup: Headcount For Non-Meetupers

For those of you who aren't planning to stay overnight and just want to meet us on Saturday, please comment in this entry with e-mail address and how many people you're planning to bring.

I need an accurate headcount by Wednesday, October 10th at the very latest. If you don't get in before that, sorry but I'm not going to extend myself any further because planning a well-run overnight meetup for 17 people is pretty time-consuming in itself alongside having a full-time job and all my other adult responsibilities. Additionally, there are certain activities which will cost money and reservations need to be made quite soon since Galena is a popular vacation spot in the winter.

If you want to book a separate hotel/B&B on your own, I'll be happy to send you the links where I found my resources along with price points. From there you must plan your own excursion using Mapquest and things like that.

And if you are planning to join us, you are responsible for meeting US. It's fairly easy to manage a group when everyone is staying in the same place and has the same schedule. Not so easy when you have people coming in from all over the place. I would like this to be something of a vacation for me, so I am nipping potential headaches in the bud.

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