October 5th, 2007


Two Questions

Firstly, does anyone know of any lolita-related events/meetup plans for Oni-Con? I know a lot of people seem to be asking about it on the houston lolita comm, but I haven't heard anything about it. I'd really hate to miss something! ^__^

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Wonder Woman

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I was just wondering, does anyone know what username Mai Ozawa uses on Yahoo! Japan auctions? she was bidding on something for me and the auction is over, but I don't know what her username is, so I don't know if she won.....
thanks for any help! hope it's ok that I ask this...not sure if she wants to keep that private or not...and since it is 2:30 am over there in Japan....she wont be emailing me for a while......and I am anxious to know ^_^

the auction was this one. did she win, or did someone else? hopefully someone knows and can relieve my anxiety ^_^

thank you~!

♥ Biscuit

EDIT: answered, thank you!
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So much broadcloth... So little inspiration...

I have ten yards on salmon-pink broadcloth, and I have no idea what on earth to do with it. I need inspiration! Photos of skirts made in one color would be nice. Any tutorials gone astray would be great. Thanks!

I managed to dig up an additional yard of black and white musical note print, while looking for elastic...
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St. Louis Lolitas?

I'm actually just in the area for school (for the next three years, haha), but I was wondering if there are any lolitas in the St. Louis area in general? If so, is anyone interested in a meetup on the weekend of October 19th-21st? The Annual Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs is having a free live puppet and music performance at the University of Missouri--St. Louis if anyone is interested. It starts pretty late (8pm) so maybe we can start the meetup a couple hours beforehand? I'm not all too familiar with the city, so if anyone has suggestions that would great.

In the Starlight's Petticoats?

I am on the hunt for a new petticoat. My handmade one is officially dead.

Since I am currently not so much with the having of the money, I've got my eye on In the Starlight's Poof Petticoat. I'd like to hear some opinions.

1. Just how poofy IS it?
2. How long does it last, both in terms of quality and in terms of losing its fluff?

And also, if you know of anywhere else to get (affordable ;o;) good petticoats, let me know~

Maddie wink


I have just moved to Oregon from Colorado, and while it's lovely here, it certainly rains a lot more.  This got me thinking as to what sort of coat would be appropriate for this wet drizzly weather when I want to wear Lolita.  I don't just want to throw my normal black raincoat over a powder blue BtSSB dress.  That just seems...wrong.  So my question is, are there any raincoats that people have found that work well with Lolita?  I haven't seen any brand ones that I can recall, so I'm not necessarily looking for a brand coat, but just something that wouldn't look out of place with my frilly white umbrella/parasol.

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I pulled through LJseek and mounds of sales posts before it stopped working for me. In that time, I found nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Obviously, I must not be using the right keywords or something, but so help me, I'm going to ask anyway:

Which brand makes the best petticoat after Meta's organdie one?
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Winter Gear

So winter is steadily approaching us in the Northern Hemisphere, so I was wondering.. what would be an appropriate hat for lolita?
Specifically for sweet lolita, classic lolita and gothic. I know many people use earmuffs (I have a pair) but they aren't good enough when the weather is going to -30c and below.. and obviously wearing a beanie would look ridiculous.

So any ideas? Brand or non-brand ideas are perfectly welcome.
I'd also love to see ideas for gloves as well. :3

To add on, would anything like this be good for classic? (Obviously not these specifically, rofl $800 for a hat)