October 4th, 2007

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Gosu Rori Magazine

Good morning.

I was wondering if any of you could help me. I'm looking for the first issue of Gosu Rori since there's a pattern in there I need. But I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore! Checked both ebay and sasuga. Do any of you have any reccomendations as to where I could maybe find it? Thank you!
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Meta Coat Question

Greetings ladies! I have a question for all of you. I am very interested in two Meta coats this season (mostly this one: http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/english/_new_items/winter_collection/outer/10740808.htm and the velveteen one) and had a quick question about Meta Coats.

My bust with a normal bra on is 98-99 cm. With clothes on is 101-102 (I have big boobs!). The dimentions of this coat fit me easily every where else, but it is just a bit tight in the bust. This miliary style is something I could easily wear to work (which I plan on doing!), and I need a new winter coat badly.

Is there any give in the seams? I wanted to take it to a professional and have the seams around the bust let out just a bit so it would fit over sweater or the suits I would wear to the office. Can this be done? I have done it before with a coat I loved (Calvin Klein) and it worked really well.  

Do you have any suggestions?
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I just thought I would let everyone know that nationalolita is back. We are going to go about it a little different this time, not wanting to plan a con, but just a really fun weekend lolita event! I hope if you want to help or are just interested you will join the community!

Nice classical shoes by Born.

I just picked up a pair of shoes from a midwest retailer ( Brown's). They are great with classic (or even sweet) lolita. The craftsmanship is phenomenal, and they fit my feet like a dream. They are wide foot friendly too! I picked up the brown color( which looks a tad darker in person) and will be back for the red one shortly ( which also is more of deep burgundy color) Bonus, the companys logo is a crown, which is etched into the back side of the shoe. If anyone wants, I can provide pics

A quick reminder about the Oct. NYC meetup

Just wanted to let those who were coming to know that I've decided to put the meetup date on October 20th.
I'm still deciding on where we're going to eat and do before and after the haunted house, and the deal with paying for it.

Info in previous post here, if you haven't seen it.

Also, if you're thinking of coming or definitely know you're coming, say it here. I need to see the number of people who are definitely coming, and who are still seeing if they're coming.

Thanks! <3

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My DEAREST egl...
I was wondering what ya'll thought about the new trick-or-treat print jsk from Baby.
Particularly this: would you wear it only within the next month, or would you be willing to wear it all year round 'cause the print isn't exclusively halloween colored (black, orange, purple etc).

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Growing up Cullen - Family

Forget MOAR shoes. ANY shoes will do.

I'm going to refrain at this point from doing the typical "OMG sorry, n00b here! ^^;; If this question has been asked before, please beat me over the head w/ ur parasols and ban me from burando!"

It's really hard though.

However: question about shoes (specifically, Anna House shoes)

I have ridiculously small feet. About 19 cm long and eight cm across. However, I'm in love with a pair of their shoes and their prices. Is there anyway to get similar shoes smaller, at the same price?

I'm trying to build up my first Lolita outfit and lack of shoes are impeding me somewhat. Thanks in advance for any help given!

This is the pair I'm looking for: http://annahousefashion.com/019-1096.jpg
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