October 3rd, 2007

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ebay store soniceplayer

Hey guys, it's me again, that crazy girl with The list of ebay stores and reviews you can still contribute to (pretty please!).

I emailed the ebay seller Soniceplayer regarding this auction with a trick question: Were they using their own picture for it? Do they use their own pictures for all their items? They replied "Hi, the pictures is our original pictures.we made this skirt and then took a picture of other products."


So just a warning. Dishonest seller is may continue to be dishonest.
rarity stylin

somewhat offtopic lol

I know a lot of us wear Swimmer headphones. They're all over egl_comm_sales; don't deny it. On that note--

--where does one go to get electronics like headphones fixed? lhlkjhsdglh it's only been like three or four months of ownership and the left side has already gone out! Cheapass mofos >:| I know Swimmer is kind of cheesy quality but it's not like I can just pop out and get some moar banana-print headphones downtown, so I'd like to save these.
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defining erololi?

 i was reading the memories and the posts about the various styles of lolita, but i just have one question about erololi.
all the examples in the memories are, for the lack of a better word, more erotic and mature than normal lolita.
however, i was wondering if an outfit comprised of victorian-esque undergarments (e.g. a comisole and drawers with no overdress, or an outfit with drawers and a crinoline but no skirt) would be considered erololi.
here are some pictures of what i am talking about
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so, am i right in thinking these are examples of a different kind of erololi, or am i completely silly?
thankyou for clearing this up for me!
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Hairstyling Advice

I was wondering if anyone had any good photos of hairstyles to go with a bonnet other than the hime cut with straight hair? I don't have straight hair, and it's not really a possibility to straighten it due to time constraints when I'll be wearing my outfit, so I was wondering what I could do to incorporate my own wavy hair. Or maybe braiding it? If anyone had any suggestions, I'd love to hear. For reference, my hair is around mid-back length. 

The religion of the lolita-chan

I know. Some of you guys are going to HATE HATE HATE this post because it's not about something specifically lolita. So I will cut it :D

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RECAP Thanks a lot for a good discussion everyone! Some of you had some really interesting things to say. It makes me glad that most of your responses were respectful. I really appreciate that.

One thing I want to clarify, out of my love for Japanese people and culture, is that I wasn't saying I think Japanese as a whole are totally ignorant toward Christianity. Collapse )
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Going to New York in a month :)

hello cupcakes! im going to NY Nov 4-11, mainly to go to the open house at SVA. I wanted to check out other schools while I'm up there for pastry/baking. Im already accepted into Le Cordon Bleu of Miami here in Florida, but when I visited NY in January it was pure luvvage ^_^.  
Can anyone give me some names of culinary schools for pastry/baking that I should visit while I'm up there? Mainly in the Manhattan area but I dont mind getting on the train >_< 
I already online found 3 which are:
 French Culinary Institute
The Institute of Culinary Education
Career Academy of New York

 anything going on?!?! meetups, gatherings, events?! let me know :)
I arrive Sunday Nov 4 in the afternoon and basically my last day to hang out would be that Friday Nov 9 since I'll be at the Open House all day I think on Saturday Nov 10...I never been to an Open House before so I really have no clue how long it will be :(

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penguin &lt;3


I'm ordering a petticoat from Candy Violet this weekend and can't decide on either the Fluffy or the Lace one.
I feel like the fluffy one is almost...too fluffy, but it gives such great shape.
Either way, I'm looking for some opinions.

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Lian Lian?

Hello girls, I need a little help as usual.
Does anybody know if the "low-cost" chinese brand Lian Lian has a website or something?
I've seen their stuff in several ebay shops like Refuse to be usual and something, sometimes, was cute, but not worthing RTBU's prices x_x

Any help?

Lounging around

Currently, I live in a dorm and am going through the joys of introducing the first years to the concept of "Yes, I'm a little different, I like to wear lolita. Beware (insert growl here)" Anyway, of course, in a dorm, there is a lounge room where one likes to study and, well, relax. Granted, one cannot always relax in lolita clothes, whether it be that they are not comfortable enough, or perhaps you want to keep them clean (and away from that cream cheese bagel!!), or perhaps you want to stretch out onto the couch to nap and doing so would cause wrinkle-hell.  Specifically, I refer to wanting to lounge while wearing a jsk or one piece, brand, hard to iron, very wrinkly, whatever.
Anyway, just wondering what you guys do if you still want to maintain the poof lolita look but want to lounge around. Ha ha, to be clearer, what do you wear when you are relaxing/lounging, but still are in loli wear?
For example, I have a BtssB nightgown (the older heavier cotton one) that I shamelessly wear.
Any suggestions are welcome!