October 2nd, 2007

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picture request

I'm looking for pics/stock pics/ anything !!! of a I believe its a white Meta blouse with either long sleeves or detachable sleeves. It looks like the Meta LP blouse which has frills instead of lace but with long sleeves. I can't seem to find it anywhere ! Please help !

If I recall, it has pintucks on the sleeve area as well ? thank you !
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Sorry if this has been brought up before...

... I Just wondered if any of you knew about this? Or if anyone was planning on going?


Personally, I don't think it sounds all that great. Basically just a pretty average tour of Tokyo, with one day of Loli shopping thrown into the mix. It does say you get to meet designers and 'industry insiders', though... I wonder who it could be?

Sorry if this has been posted before. ^.^
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idea for a lolita themed convention in Columbia,MO possibly next year? pleas tell me what you think?

I am not quite sure if this is on topic or not and if is not I really, really do apologize.
I was inspired to look at doing this last year....when I came across a convention that was devoted only to Jrock. I would love for something similar to happen in the world of Lolita, but realized there was nothing in that kind of catagory and possibly there would be nothing ever done unless someone took action...well I am considering try to do some research and possibly get something organized in the next few years..as to a small lolita themed convention. I am going to take my time with this, since I need to organize if people are in fact interested and if I can get people to come and do pannels maybe even a fashion show. Also the price of admission would be fairly low....I know for lots of people how much you pay to get into a show is a BIG factor of if you actually attend or not, so it might be about $5 or $10 I am still brain storming on ideas..but I was just wondering would anyone in here think this is a good or bad idea I would love to persue this more but I want to get people's feedback as well.
So please help me out with at least that much right now, I will work out more details as time goes on. But right now I am concerned about what people think and getting as much feedback as possible for the momment.
Thank you for listening
(PS sorry if my grammar is kind of off right now rushing to get out of class and get some lunch..I can come back and edit later if need be)


I'm trying to explain to a friend what egl stands for, and that it's not sex. Despite linking to various articles and whatnot, she just can't get past the use of the word lolita. I know there is another term for egl, I've been searching around but I can't for the life of me find it. Does anyone know what it is, or can think of another way to put it that isn't three sentences long?

There is a word for it, I heard it a while ago, there was a website about Lolita and it said something like "it is often referred to as /term/ because of negative connotations to the word Lolita"

Thanks :)