September 30th, 2007

gothic lolita

Tokyo Street style lolita and non-lolita

 I though these were cool.
Tokyo Street style
under thier " Tokyo Neo style" 
is focusing on various people with their individual lifestyle, fashion, favorites… It’s presenting “Tokyo Real Life”! 
It shows how they wear thier Harajuku style and thier off-style.
Upadtes they say every Thursday.
I have seen this site before but, just noticed this.

Here are the few lolita girls I saw

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Montreal Shoes

I need some help ordering from Montreal Shoes.

I looked through the community but only found reviews of the shoes (which were also helpful) and yes I did translate the page but the translation was very very confusing. I don't think the google translator did a good job.

I hope you guys can lend a hand.

Please and thank you
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Today I decided to spice up an older dress of mine with a new look. My friend Sam bought me a gorgeous blazer and hat to match, so I put them together with the dress and WOWZA. It was a hit for me. So I wanted to share the outfit with you all before I do a real shoot tomorrow.

First things first, these are HORRIBLE quality. So please, pay no attention.

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Bunkya Doll

A lolita in Versailles

Hello!  I recently got married, and a few days after the wedding my husband and I took a honeymoon trip to Paris. While we were there I was determined to take a sort of "Lolita pilgrimage", to visit The Chateau de Versailles and marvel at the home of Marie Antoinette.   My Husband was very sweet and had a good time playing photographer for that day,  I was able to do a fun Loli-Rocco photo shoot in the beautiful gardens, (pretending to be royalty for a day) ::laughs::. I think we got rather overzealous.... But I thought I would share some pictures of the trip with everyone! ^___^

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ZOMG Japan is awesome!!!

I always see people talking about moving/visiting Japan on this forum, and also coming back and saying how they've had an amazing time. People explain what it's like inside the brand stores and things like that, and things sound really awesome.

I'm not sure if this question has been directly addressed before, but have any of you had a BAD experience in Japan? I'm looking for experiences while dressed in lolita and while dressed "normal".

Did you ever get the feeling the Japanese lolita didn't like you? Did you ever get the feeling they didn't like you because you're "just a tourist" or "just some foreigner?" I'm also interested if people who have dark skin or whatever  had a different experience.

white lolita

Back from Japan with a new brand

I am just back from my 3 weeks trip Japan.
It was amazing! For people who are intrested, my daily diary can be read in my LJ:
Lots of pics of sightseeing places, there are also 2 posts with pics of Harajuku.

I am very happy to introduce a new brand for my shop Mfashion:

I hope to get my first order within 3 months in the shop!

Take care everyone.


I feel out of place

Hello, dear lolita-chans
It is seems to me that I am not keeping up with the rest of the community *sweat*

But i really want to know, what's your definition of hime-lolita?
I am just guessing it is something related to the hair style that the sales in Jesus Diamante has.
But I really know nothing about this style.

Can someone help me satisfy my curiousity?? m('.')m...

And also,do you think a hime-lolita can live a lolita lifestyle?? since imagining a hime-lolita planting flowers just seem strange to me....
I really want to know what this community think of that.(^^)