September 29th, 2007

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Ok Everyone! It has been desided! There will be a Lolita Meet up on the 15th of December, in Omaha Nebraska. We'll go to the Cheesecake factory and then go down town to stroll through the old market where we might go on a horse drawn carriage ride.

More can be added or taken away, but that is the plan so far. Please let me know if you'll be coming so i can make a list and get enough party favors!

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Hello! So after trawling through ljseek looking for reviews of certain ebay stores, I thought it might be useful to have a post dedicated to collecting all the review posts out there and presenting it in one nice neat package. It still needs a lot of work and input, so if you have any information/reviews to add, do leave a comment and I will edit it into the post.

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EDIT: It appears a temporary database will not be needed! Huzzah!


(No, I'm not asking a question, but I though I might get some nice conversation started)

    As most of the world comes into the fall and winter season we not only as a community, but the world, is starting to put on their jackets, hats and other things. I've been wondering about what some lolita like to wear during the winter, specifically outerwear.
    So lolita friends is there a certain jacket you have been eying? Or what type of outerwear do you like. Even if you have a favorite piece in your collection please by all means post it up. It's all about sharing the outerwear in this post. I guess I will go first...

I love caplets and mantles. The ones I am looking forward to are Alice and the Pirates Mantle and A+Lidel cat eared cape. They both look very cool.