September 27th, 2007

Nautical theme wedding ideas...

hello cuppycakes!
im my sister's maid of honor for her disney 3 day destination wedding :)
her theme is nautical but i dont like how "gowns" look.
so i need some lolita inspiration for a gown to get made. so if anyone can PLEASE send me some pictures of sailor and nautical theme lolita skirts, dresses, and tops for inspiration it would be GREATLY appreciated :)

luvvage puckers,

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louise belcher

Lolita pair/couple pictures? <3

Hullo, I'm looking for lolita (pseudo or non-pseudo) couple/pair pictures, with one girl dressed in kodona, or in any boyish manner (preferrably androgynous-looking) and the other dressed.. Well, like a girl. I just find it totally adorable. May be a drawing or a photo, I don't really mind. If anybody has any, it would be superb if you could share them with me. Thanks, kiddies!

Gothic & Lolita Bible Information Post

This has been a HUGE peeve of mine about this community. The Gothic & Lolita Bible info post. It's all jumbled, out of order, in comments, and was never updated with all the info. So, I've decided to compile it into one big post for the memories. All of the people involved in the first post are credited. Everyone is welcome to contribute the information for missing volumes and sections, and I am more than happy to maintain it seeing as the other one hasn't been taken care of.

So, I present to you, the new, compiled Gothic & Lolita Bible Information post.

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looking for pictures!

does anyone have any more pics of this dress?

i believe it is from Baby

stock photos, your own or pictures you happen to have is fine, i'm thinking of making a replica in plain fabric and want to look at it closer up, around the back, etc.

thanks a bunch!

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Size questions...

I have weird measurements (31 bust, 26 waist, and 28 hips, all inches) and I was wondering it fan plus friend non-custom sizes will fit, as well as skirts from BABY. I know the size charts and stuff... but I'm still confused. Help?
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