September 26th, 2007

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Discussion: VW

All lolitas: Discuss! Why and/or how does Vivienne Westwood influence you as a lolita or the lolita fashion (and lifestyle) as a whole?

If you're curious as to why I am starting this discussion, it's because I noticed a lot of her designs are some we see in Japanese brands today (well, for obvious reasons)— if you'd like you may find scans of her work here at my journal. As to my take on why/how she influences lolita, I'll withhold that — I'd like to read others' opinions first :).

Note: This is for fun and opinions, not necessarily debate. Please share your opinions with one another!
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Getting ready

So as I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off getting ready for my mini-meet today, I was wondering how everyone else got ready for going out in lolita. Do you plan your outfit the night before? Is it an all day affair? Do you just throw something on minutes before you walk out the door? Or do you get out of bed looking like a perfect princess automatically? Do you concentrate on getting ready and only getting ready? Or do you get a lot of distractions along the way? And yeah, I mean this for more of a meetup/special occasion sort of event instead of just wearing lolita everyday/going to work/etc.

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So, EGL, how do you go about getting ready?
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Classic Lolita Fabrics?

I'm thinking about making clothing by commission and I've made deals with friends to get some practice in designing, drafting, and construction. My first project is going to be a classic lolita dress but I'm having trouble picking fabrics. I know I want to use either an antique or ivory white for a blouse to go under a Victorian Maiden-like JSK. I want to use earthy colors for the dress, preferably a green. Anyone know of any nice prints, either online or in the Fabric Row area?
Also, I'm thinking of making a punk outfit with pinstripes and plaid (oh dear god, the lines!). Would my Loli-In-Training card be revoked for breaking some secret and unspoken rule?

Edit: I don't really want florals. She's not much of a floral person and a lot of the florals I see are, well, ugly.
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AWA picture post!

I come bearing AWA pictures! It was really nice meeting everyone, I wish the weekend could have lasted longer. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked at the Sunday tea, as I had to leave early, but here's what I have!

If you're one of the people whose names I've forgotten, please let me know and I"ll edit the post to include you. XD

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So...that was my weekend! I had a great time (though I'm still catching up on sleep). It was nice meeting everyone! Please feel free to add me if I met you this weekend, and I'll do the same for you. ^_^
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Creativity with a hime cut?

I've never been able to do much since I got this cut. So far I've left it down with a head-eating bow, done pigtails, and my signature messy-half-bun-spikey-wtf-thing.

Does anyone have ideas? Pictures, maybe? I have a tough, punky look for practical days or when I'm too grouchy to pretty up, but I still feel like I look awkward with my haircut making me look like I'm 7 again.

I'd like to hear/see some suggestions with loli, and without (if that's even possible XD)


I'm going to Japan on tuesday and I'm almost set to go, but I when I go there I want to visit flascos store.
They have a map on their site but I can't possibly read it.
I searched EGL as well so, is there anyone that can help me?
Grateful for any help thanks!
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