September 25th, 2007


Moitie Question

Hello all! I must say I have been lurking around this community for awhile and it is just a fantastic place.

I have a question for all of your Moitie fans. I will be purchasing a pair of socks from MmM soon, however the lolita fashion does not take kindly to my feet size. I was wondering for those who have bought socks from Moitie before, are they pretty stretchy as socks tend to be? I normally wear a size 9-9.5 US. I know that Moitie shoes usually do not come in my size, however they do make a LL size, I believe, that does in fact fit my feet nicely.

I would just be sad that when my pretty socks arrive they wouldn't fit my feet (and I would have to put them up for sale.) I guess the best way is to just go for it though, but I would like to get your opinions as well.

Thank you in advance
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devon aoki

(no subject)

Sooo... I went through the memories and got a lot of usefull information about rocking horse shoes, the low boot version.
It said that ling lam has the cheapest ones, and around 2" foam soles, exactly what I'm looking for.
But the url given in the post isn't working any more so I was wondering if anybody here knows where I can order the shoes.
Or, if anybody knows another place to buy cheap, foam soled rocking horse boots.
Thanks in advance.

edit: I'm quite tall and have very wide feet. So a low platform and wide, round, shoe is best for me.

edit 2: does anyone have any experience with this seller:
donkey skin

very quick question about seoul, korea

hey guys! i did a search on this subject and found two old posts, but neither of them were very helpful so i thought i would try once more. i'm going to be in seoul, south korea for a week starting this sunday, and i wanted to know if there is anywhere that would carry lolita-style stuff that isn't k starr. i'm not expecting much, mostly i'd like to find jewelry/accessories. or if you know of specific places that carry doll stuff, or anything cute, that would be great!

i will delete if this is inappropriate.

looking for a kana scan

do any of you lovely ladies know where to find/happen to have a scan of: a reasonable to really big sized picture so the numbers on the pattern can be seen. 
I'm specifically looking for the GLB Extra version of this kodona jacket as it has measurements for drafting and not pattern picture drawing thingies.
Ja, and thankyou 


Oscar Wilde_3

(no subject)

Hey, ladies and gents. I was just wondering how you would coordinate this dress (keeping it in mind that it would be knee-length, NOT tea-length as is shown in most (if not all) of these pictures:

I mean, it's obviously Classic to the max, but it's such a different look that I'm really not sure how you would put something together for it. Any suggestions? 

Also, does anyone know what brand/dress this is copying, if any at all? I just get the nagging feeling that it's really similar to something I've seen.