September 24th, 2007

EGA Picnic 5/09

Two potential meet-ups (Ohio & New Orleans)

The first one is for the Ohio Loli's (and anyone else nearby).  This Friday night (9/28) Curiosity will be playing in Geneva, OH.  I plan to go, is anyone else planning to go to this show?

The second is for the New Orleans Loli's.  I am coming down Saturday 10/27 and will there until Thursday 11/1.  I've spoken to some of you earlier, would you still be up to meeting up sometime then?

Spring Lolita
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My Melody Skirt?

I saw a picture recently of a skirt that was done by one of the brands that had sanrio's My Melody on it. I am a huge fan of My Melody and would love to get one of these.

Does anyone know what brand it was or do you have any pictures?

Thanks Ladies!

  • thya

loli bloomers... a funny question.

i dont know if this has been discussed before but it came into my mind while i was on my way to my holidays in croatia when thinking about lolita fashion (as most of the time ^^)

every lolita wears bloomers or drawers under her skirt (of course) some a short others are longer some have frills others are adorned with lace-
BUT! do you other lolitas still wear a pair of small undies under your bloomers? i really had to think about it... because, uhm i dunno but i just thought i wouldnt want to wear bloomers only... and now im interested in how others handle it.
maybe this:
is a nice alternative- lolita styled undies. *smiles*

oh and btw.: does anyone know if milk has a blog?
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shoe care

So I have these lovely pink antenna sandals, and sadly after wearing them to matsuricon they have a lot of black scuffs on them and even a bit of plastic(?) coming up in one spot.
I'm kind of surprised they scuff so easily because every time I wear them out they get worse. Does anybody have advice on how to avoid this or get rid of the scuffs? I tried wiping them down with a wash cloth and it didn't seem to help much.

Please support La Vie En Rose!

For those of you who expressed interest in supporting La Vie En Rose in our recent community discussions, we'd like to thank you and ask you to check out our second issue, now available for pre-order here. We've all worked very hard on making this one even better than the first, and as an added incentive, if you order before October 1st you'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy. :)

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Quick Question about Bible Scans

I've been searching everywhere for recent EGL bible scans, now if you know of a place that has rather recent scans, I would love that. I've been on a bit of a graphic-making kick, making icons/myspace/livejournal layouts and what not, and pretty pictures of dresses dont completely compare to a full on fashion shoot.

So yes, any place with recent scans that anyone knows of? I've had tons and tons of the old ones, but those are boring after a while~

Would any of you be willing to allow me to use your photos (photoshoots, whatever) as stock images for such things? If so, please link me~