September 23rd, 2007

Lolita room?

 Some who read the title might have rolled eyes about the "lolita room" question, but I'm here to ANSWER that question:)
or at least my version of it. I'd love to share my lolita room with the lovely ladies (and men? <-<) of EGL!:)
Mind you it is a college room, so its not the most elegant :D
<--new dress I made:D
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Does any one here live in Arizona? If so, reply. I am planning a get-together at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, because during halloween and Christmas, there are a lot of pretty lights put up, and I think it would be a great excuse for an event! :3
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petticoat ponder

Hi everyone :3

I wanted to know if there was a thread about the different styles of petticoats and what the diffferences in shape provide. In my perusals, I see tiered ones, layered ones, and so one, but I just want a petticoat that can do a basic 'bell' shape job.  I checked the memories, but found nothing. If there isn't anything about this already, I hope some of you can help me out...there's too many variations out there! >_<

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Loli meetup outfit :3

Today was the Adelaide September lolita meetup - over 20 lovely lolitas and dashing young men came along to the Boho Bar in Unley for a wonderful ornate high tea. It was a great afternoon and I hope many people will produce pictures for you - I didn't take any as there were around a dozen cameras on the go already and to tell the truth, my camera is pretty awful >.<

I did ask my SO to take a few photos of me later though, since I wanted to share my outfit - any constructive critiques or comments are more than welcome ^__^

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Picture request: Baby's Thumbelina series

I'm in a downright rut because I left it too late to decide whether or not I wanted this skirt on mbok, and Mai obviously hasn't received my message in time.  My fault entirely, because I'd been eyeing it for days.  And now it's gone for 7,200 yen.  Bargain!

Anyway, to make me feel better, I'd really appreciate people's pictures of Baby's Thumbelina series.
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Pink Lolita


Finally I have got some time to have self-photoshoot. It seems that I have been reading and reading my school text books all the Sept long.....the busiest Spet I have ever had!! >_<

Anyway, still so excited to receive this classical dress...really, my cup of tea=]

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