September 21st, 2007

How big is Too big?

I really want to get the new pin-tuck frill dress on Meta, but I'm looking at the measurements and wondering if it'll look to big on me. the dress list measurements of bust:37in/waist:30in and I'm bust:30in/waist:25in and there's only so much you can tighten back lacing before it just looks silly. do you think the dress would work for me or will it look sloppily large and bad?

I'm wondering if theres like a rule of thumb about how much "extra room" in measurements you can get away with before it starts looking obviously too big.

Rose Chocolat in BIG sizes?

Has anyone ever ordered a really big size from Rose Chocolat? I'm hoping to order three pairs in a EU43, but I was wondering if anyone had done this before, since I'm spending $$$ to get these. I know that in general, people's experiences with RC are good, but I'm looking specifically for custom large sizes.

Thank you so much!
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Plus-Size cutsews?

Does anyone know where I could find cute T-Shirts/Cutsews for plus-size women? I wear a US size 20-22, and I'm starting a new job soon where I can wear casual loli, so I really want to find some cute T-shirts.

Thanks! :3

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request for info from any UK lolis

Hey there!
I've been lurking around here for quite some time now. I'd just like to know; are there any members here that live in the UK that ordered this watch? If so, what was the custom charge on it? Someone ordered it for me as a surprise gift but didnt know about the custom charges, and now we're both panicking as money is kinda short right now. :P

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thankyou for the help, everyone. All I can do is sit and wait, and hope that perhaps they miss me or.. something!
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Little Chili Lolita Shop

Hi. Im considering buying a pair of Sweet Lolita boots from Ling_lam2005. I have wide feet and was wondering if anyone has ever had a problem with the width of theyre boots. If you guys could really help me out i would appreciate it. its a big buy for me and i want as much info as i can get before committing. Thanks.
  • kaivxn

Yet another RoseChocolat question...

Hey there!
I am head over heals (no pun intended) in love with the Classic Heart Boots, but am confused about the heel option.  I searched memories and that did address the measure of the back heel, but I want to know if the front platform (under the ball of the foot) gets bigger if you go for the really high heel size (so that you are not completly walking on your toes, you understand).  I emailed RoseChocolat about that, but they responded they only made certain sizes and could not honor my request (I don't think they understood my question.) Can anyone help me? Thank you!
  • chisuo

Meta Shoe Question

I want to preorder the new meta shoes, however, does anyone know if meta's shoes run true to size? I'm a six in heels but can fit a five easily in flats. Should I order the shoes in small or medium?

OH and also.. does anyone know how long it takes for money orders to arrive ? I sent a money order in for my LP on AUG, 16 2007...since then I have emailed them TWICE and so far they haven't gotten my money order. (I emailed them last 3 weeks ago) Please help!
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BTSSB bunny slippers.. mystery solved!

Someone posted a question about this a few days ago, and heeey an answer!
I asked someone at the Baby store about the specifics: Basically if you spend at least 15000 yen, you can receive a pair of these slippers! And yes, they are ADORABLE in person.

If you order from tomorrow (japan time) you should get a pair! but you know, with the addendum that, "as long as supplies last!" =D Both online orders and in-person purchases are eligible for the giveaway!

Happy shopping =D