September 20th, 2007

Pink Lolita

Recent Photos.

A few photos taken by me recently. As you can see I am changing my style slightly nowadays.
Fall in love with something feminine and (slightly) sexy...>3<

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Wanna have lolita outfits in Mary Magdalene style. Which color would be better, dark blue, deep red, or pure black??
Dinosaur comics

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Hi everyone I just wanted to let you all know about my new community lolita_inc

It's for the little ways we incorporate lolita into our everyday lives!  It was intended just to be the small way we incorporate lolita into out everyday wardrobe at first. . . but it sort of branched out as i was working on it.

Thank you!

permission from: miyu_sakura
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burando wars

I'm not sure if this is allowed here or would be better in macrolita but here goes ^^; if the mods could just let me know ^^;

This is the product of two people on MSN, one with too much time and MS Paint and the other not being helpful by supplying 'encouragement' XD

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Me with pink
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Have a question for Kana?

Hey guys!
I am posting this here as I know that there are fans of Kana in this community.
As most of you know Kana is comming to Europe to do a small tour with her band. I have gotten in contact with her promotional people and have managed to organise a day in December where I will be meeting up with her, photographing her and interviewing her.
I am posting this to give you all the opportunity to possibly get your question to Kana answered!

If you have a question for Kana, please email me here: making it clear in the subject what the email is for.
I can't gurantee that all questions will be asked but I will try my damndest to!

Thanks guys!
Nandi x

Head Count!

Their is a huge possibility that I will be living in either Vegas or Atlanta by the end of the year (it depends on what company offers the husband more money). I'm just curious, how many lolis are in either city.

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is there a loli decorating community i'm missing somewhere? i wanted to ask for help making my room lolita-esque (sweet, pink, candy themed), but it's been asked quite a bit and i didn't want to be annoying. ^_^;;

anyway, i'm having an awful time finding bedding. seen anything cute around? 
umbrella in the shade

Lace? Ribbons? what....

Ok, So I've managed to get myself this ensemble (mostly made up from lucky finds at Charity shops and the purse thanks to a very friendly man at Sai Sai; I have a huge bust line and its impossible to get myself into brand items x.x) but It's completely devoid of any trimmings save a small black ruffle on the bodice and the lace from the petticoat. Does it really need anything else? I think it looks alright but its a little on the plain side. I'm ok with this because I already attract too much attention on the subways of London (lol, like I care anyways) but was wondering what you all lovely ladies think. I also have two hats. A regular one and a very small version of the same hat. What do you guys think?? Help. <33
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Thank you~~~~
By me!

Lace-up rockinghorses

Does anyone here have a pair of these shoes?

I'm thinking about buying a pair for myself because I have trouble with keeping shoes on my plates of meat (for some daft reason), but I wasn't sure how they looked on feet, with socks and what not o_0
Can anyone help me out with a picture please?

(It's my birthday so I'm seizing my birthinday money to buy some while I still have it lol. I'm posting pictures of my crown-themed dress soon, I made it just for the occasion ^_^)
Baby Snow White

Lolita bedding -- Errand Services FROM the US?

Sorry for the stupid question, but for us lolis living outside of the US, I was just wondering, are there any errand services that ship FROM the US to countries like Canada? I have my eye on a particular (very) lolita duvet cover + pillow sham that can only be found in the US. I'm dying for it because it would really finish off my room in a lolita style.

Thank you very much!