September 18th, 2007

Cupcake Lolita!

Going to the Races

I've been planning an little outing to the Adelaide Cup (Adelaide's Horse Racing Carnival) with a few of my close friends with the dress code being Lolita, just for the fun of it. As we know, the Races are more about the fashion and the hats, So I was thinking, what kind of Lolita outfit would I wear? and then I thought...what would other Lolita's wear? 
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Opinions wanted

So, lurking around EGL I see a lot of coordination questions. And somehow this led me to wonder, "Well what if I wore pink with black? Or a red and white jumper skirt with a black blouse?" You know, some not so common (if ever) colour coordinations. I see some Japanese girls do it (examples here here and here) but not too many Western lolitas . And this is not to say that "OMG THEY ARE JAPONAIZ THEY KNOW ALL". I'd really just like to see what the general consensus on not so normal colour coordinations is.

Thoughts and opinions are all welcome.

And credit to the respective photographers for their pictures.

Edit: Thank you so much for all your great examples ladies~!

Better laces? O_O"""

I was walking around the archives and found that there are a lot of talk about cheap lace. I was wondering where i can find a complete guide to whats cheap lace and what's not. I'm planning to make a dress so, yeah... ^^

Thanks in advance~!! ^^
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(no subject)

i know there have been alot of BTSSB questions recently. and im sorry :(
feel free to delete.

i sent them an email telling them i paid on the 7th (IMPO) and they sent me a reply on the 10th saying theyll send me an email when they recieve payment. its already been a while and still no email. should i be worried?

EDIT: i jsut found out that AOL users have issues recieving emails...uh oh.
after i sent them the payment is there anything else i have to do or will my package come even if i dont respond to any more emails?
triple h

question about shoes.

Hi everyone. (: I know I don't post must but that's about to change...

Because I ordered a lolita dress that I'm actually going to wear! [not like that bodyline one I have ;__;]
It's Fanplusfriend and it's sky blue and white [link].

So, the reason I'm posting is that I'm wondering about what shoes I should wear.
I don't really want to wear white shoes because around my house they'll get dirty easily, so I was thinking about buying some plain, black shoes and wearing it with white socks/tights.
But does that actually look alright?

Thanks to everyone who helps!
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EGL in Psychology

While reading the Social Psychology chapter of my textbook, I came across a surprising photo and caption under the Conformity and Obedience passage.

Food for thought?
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