September 17th, 2007

  • kyomu

VM Sizing question

Calling All Victorian Maiden Mermaid Skirt owners!!

VM just put up this mermaid skirt for reserve, and I have always adored their mermaid skirts and love plaid, but I am concerned about the hip measurement. I know I can fit the waist measurement fine but my hips are about 35 inches, 1cm over their given measurements, so I was wondering if any owners of other versions of VM's Mermaid Skirts could advise me as to whether or not it would be wise to order it. Thanks!

JET Lolitas?

Are there any other lolitas in Japan right now on the JET Programme? Where are you posted? How do you deal with being a gaikokujin teacher and loving the fashion? Anyone else caught in their own personal Shimotsuma?

I'm in a very small town in northern Niigata-ken, just shy of the border with Yamagata-ken, if there's anyone (JET or not) in the area looking for a friend for tea.

Petticoat question

I'm going to be buying a petticoat from In the Starlight but need to know how much shorter should a get it so it won't show under my dress. 3 inches shorter than my dresses? 2? I know this is probably a really simple question... but i'd like to know what you recommend. thank you! <3
Mana Elegance

Help me with my school project?

I need to create my own version of a fairytale for my school project, by using photoshop and photography. I thought it would be fun to make a lolita version of a fairytale.

I'd love to do Alice in Wonderland, but that's a little beyond my skills. I need to photograph most things by myself, and for things that are too unrealistic to photograph (like a rabbit wearing clothes and carrying a pocket watch XD), I can use photoshop and stock photo's. But with a fairytale like Alice in Wonderland it will just be too much trouble, too much photoshopping, and so I'll never make it before the deadline.

I need to take a lot of pictures, since the pictures need to tell the story. Text is only additional.
I'd like to make the story a bit 'dark', and not sugary sweet. I want a somewhat horror feel with it.

My question is: Which fairytale would you suggest me, and which one would be best realizable and loli-able according to you?

Edit: Thank you all so much for all the replies and suggestions! I really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Lolita Pirate Day Ahoy ~ !

Just a reminder! With Talk like a Pirate Day quickly approaching, I would like to encourage my fellow pirate lovin' lolitas to celebrate the day in your best marine garbs.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures, I would love to see all your pirate and sailor lolita outfits!

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Finding lolis!

Attention all MMORPG playing lolis!

Does anyone else play FFXI? It would be really fun to talk/party/whatever with you guys. I've been wondering for a while, but I never thought to ask. I was also wondering if someone knew of/could make a loli ls...that is, if any of us are even on the same server...


Detachable bows?

Hi! I've noticed that a lot of the skirts from some brands have detachable bows, and I was wondering how they're attached, as I'd like to add one to a skirt I'm working on. Has anyone tried this? Was it difficult?
Pictures showing how the bows are attached would be appreciated.
Thanks! <3
  • kjesta

Innocent World length question + Meta skirt question

Hi there!

I fell in love with this beautiful jumperskirt by Innocent World:

But before I start saving up my money for it, I'm a bit worried about the length. I'm almost six feet tall, so I'm worried it might be too short. I know that it is about 83cm long in general and that the shoulder straps are adjustable, so I can gain some more centimeters there. But now I'm wondering - measured from where is 83cm? From the top of the bust part to the skirt's hem? Or is it 83cm including the straps? If it doesn't include the straps, I'm lucky, if not... I'm not ;___;" Help?

Plus, I would like to know how wide Meta's fully shirred skirts and how short/long their skirts usually are because I've totally lost my heart to the new Teddy Patissier print and would love to buy the skirt in black. I would need 86cm/~34 inches - do you think they stretch that wide? In the description, it says "fully shirred", so are their other skirts with full shirring something to go by?

Thank you in advance!

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For the handmade lolitas~

Hello everyone~!

((wow, it's been ages since I've posted in this community (x_x)! ))

Anyway, my question is for lolis that sew their own clothes, specifically about skirts and waistlines--- do you generally make your skirts to sit at your natural waist, or more "low rise"? ((as in more on your hips like popular jeans, etc.))

The reason I ask is because I want to get back into sewing lolita items and have always wondered where the most "proper" place to tailor my skirt would be. I think in general with current western fashion trends, we're all so used to clothes being way more low on our bodies that --- at least for me--- it sometimes feels awkward to have something all the way up on my natural waist.

Then again, I know quite well that it's a balance of... having things on the natural waist which makes you seem taller and more curvy, etc. versus having the skirt sit lower on your body for mere comfort and security.

I guess in the end I just need a push to be more confident to wear my loli skirts higher!