September 16th, 2007

suisei seki

Hello Community !

I like to sew my own dress and is planning to make one for a ceremony in school. I've been in love with this Victorian Maiden dress for a while and would like to try making something that looks like that. I am usually not a dressy person, so i find it hard to visualise myself wearing something so pretty. @_@

I was wondering if anyone could post any pictures of that dress being worn, or hanging in the wardrobe ? Is there anything noteworthy about that dress (i.e do you think it make you look slimmer/fatter/curvier etc) ? It'll be much appreciated !

Also, for those who know about that dress, how is that dress put on ? Do you just loosen the corset lace at the back and slip it on ? I tried making myself something with a shirred back to my own size but had problem with the sizing and had a hard time putting it on ^^;;. Does it have a hidden side zip, or something that makes it easy to wear ?

I'll really appreciate any comments regarding this topic. Thanks a lot in advance !

Lastly, does anybody have other dress to reocmmend ? Personally, I prefer something more classic or casual, that i can wear for a formal or semi-formal event without looking over the top. I've been looking through some lolita websites but didn't really see one that i like. Thanks in advance !

question about gl bible

This summer I bought Gothic and Lolita Extra.2 but the thing is...I tried lookign for the size on the outfits but with my limited Japnese skills I couldn't find it... So, can anyone that own of these too tell me what size are these things?

coat and boots - minkyshop??

 I checked the memories and LJ seek for information on this store, but I couldn't seem to find anything. Since fall is pretty much here in Ohio and winter is coming soon, I'm hoping to find a very warm coat, and though this is adorable and reasonably priced, I'm not too sure about the quality and how well it can keep me warm during 0-20F degree weather. I could always slip a sweater underneath. I would go with brand, but I don't want to spend 300 dollars on a coat. I have heard about F+F coats though, so if minkyshop is no good, I'll probably go with them.

I also need white or pink boots, and I don't want to spend 200 dollars on a pair of shoes (once again, that subtracts brand from my choices). I don't like rose chocolat's designs (I prefer platforms over high heels), and Little Chili's shoes supposedly fall apart. Minkyshop's look cute, but I'm skeptical about the height and quality. Please halp?

[edit] also, if anyone could tell me which f+f coat is the warmest, that'd be great.
  • kakaiyu

Bunnybear Bag news

So, I picked up an issue of KERA Maniax today, and I saw some pictures with the girls holding Bunny Bags that seemed a bit... smaller than usual. So I look at the list of what one of them is wearing, and... behold! She is holding a "Usakuma Bag (Mini)". MINI?? I look at the price and it was only 9345 yen. It's not tiny either, about the size of a normal teddy bear. (Sorry I don't have pictures!) Its height is 40 cm, as opposed to the normal sized one's 50 cm.
Does anyone know about this Mini Bunnybear bag? Like, has it been released in Baby's stores yet? My city doesn't have any lolita stores so I can't check for myself. Dx
I really want to buy one of these! The price of the big ones is just a little too much for me to justify paying, but this new one is more affordable.
High Voltage

oh no, it's lincoln park!

          Yesterday, pierrotseven, danaeaphreal, dykestar, miyu_sakura, and I (hellowonderland) decided to go to the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a picnic and general silliness. It is a beautiful Victorian-style glass conservatory. *_* Everyone was itching to be dressed up, as the weather in Chicago was actually in-between our two seasons. (No, not "winter & construction"--construction is year-round!) For once, it wasn't too cold or too hot. (Although I was chilly, because I'm always cold... ; ; )

          pierrotseven packed a beautiful picnic lunch of tasty tea sandwiches, sun tea, an orange punch-type drink, and tons and tons of breads and scones. (All that studying at French Pastry School means everything she makes is amazing! *_* Hooray~) dykestar provided transportation for most of us, facing the frightening driving habits of Chicago suburbanite tourists with gusto! ...And miyu_sakura actually arrived on time and did her part to make sure the conservatory didn't run away while we made our way there. Heh heh~ n_n;;

         There were a crazy number of people out yesterday, including several weddings. (...One of which asked to have a picture with us. We don't have a copy, unfortunately, but it was pretty funny!) I didn't take a lot of pictures (I know there are more on dykestar's camera), but here they are! Please bear with me--I am not good at witty captions.

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looking for shoes

I am completely in love with

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They're from the 69th Department, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not they are sold anywhere else as well?

Same goes
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Does anyone else sell them and in Matte Black instead of white?

Any help and/or suggestions are appreciated!

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Rocking Horse Shoes Question

Ok, so I just bought a pair of RHS from RoseChocolat and when I tried them on I realized that I have no idea how to tie them up, they just kept falling down! I went through memories and so far the only thing about RHS that I've found are on how to buy them and reviews of shops that sell them. Can anyone tell me how you tie up your RHS ?

EDIT: I have the leather straps that go up all the way to the knees.

Collar problems :/

So I've almost managed to save up enough money to buy an AP blouse (first brand yay xD;;) and I really like this one:

But I'm concerned about the sort of double-collaring thing going on there. I'm going to be wearing this blouse under jumpers and over skirts, and I'm wondering if the second layer, which reaches to the sleeves, will look stupid under a jumper, or if it'll be fine.

Can anyone help me out here? xD Advice, opinions, or especially pictures of that style of collar under a jumper? All is helpful~