September 14th, 2007

Lolita Meet up and Tea !!

*~*Hello all*~*

I have been planning a Teddy Bear Tea Party for awhile and was thinking it would be fun to have any Mid West Lolis who wanted to get away from it all for a day or two to have a nice tea party with some sight seeing and photo shoots.

Any one interested? I live in Nebraska so it would be held in Omaha and well...let me know, the invite is open to all. I love having people to entertain and my parties are always legendary.

The party date is set loosely late november, early december. This can be changed for convence.

Well...let me know what ya'll think.
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lolis in new Mexico

I'm going to Albuquerque in a few hours, this will be my second trip in three weeks and I'll probably have quite a few more this semester. It just dawned on me that there might be lolis there! Are there? Or any in the rest of new mexico? Since I'm there so often it might be cool to meet up sometime, and I love excuses to dress up. If there's a some kind of new mexico loli com I'd appreciate that too. Anyway, I thought I'd ask!

cooking yummies in GLBs?

i was just wondering if anyone had the "how to cook such and such" from the earlier Gothic lolita bibles, and if not, if i scaned them if anyone could translate them for me? they all look like so much fun to make but i havnt a clue save a couple as to what they are >.<

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(no subject)

Buh, ok, So I haven't posted on here in foreeever, but I'm actually attempting to be active now x.x Sorry

Are there any lolis in London? Just wondering becasue I've just moved down there from Surrey for Uni and am terribly lonely and don't know anyone in the city and argh x.x

Question about Meta's Gingham Cherry Dress


I was wondering if anyone had purchased any of Meta's Gingham Cherry Dresses?

I'm thinking of buying one of the designs but I was wondering how forgiving they fit on larger lolis. My measurements are around 36 Bust and 35 waist. I've heard that Meta's sizing run a little larger than what they actually state.

Can anyone help me out on this one? I would love to know if I could possibly fit into one, or if I'm just WAIST-ing my time.

Thanks so much in advance.

Looking for a Columbus Loli

hello! I'm looking for a loli who i met maybe a month ago in Columbus at a mall working at claire's. She said she was going to e-mail me but i never received a letter. Just looking for her and making a post in case she checks this site. My e-mail again is carnivalkitten_mew Love, Kitten
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A message from TOKYOPOP

Hey everyone. Long time member, not-so-often poster.

I've noticed the worries of the members of this community, and I hope to quell a few of those doubts about TOKYOPOP's release of the U.S. version of the Gothic Lolita Bibles.

My name is Michelle, and I'm the one mentioned as the "Japan contact" for the magazine. However, more than that, I am the one who first presented the idea of translating the Gothic Lolita Bibles into English for a Western audience to the TOKYOPOP staff. I was nothing more but a huge fan of Lolita, and at the time, a low rung member of the TOKYOPOP staff. However, now, I am the current project manager of the U.S. version of the Gothic Lolita Bibles.

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Thank you for your time, and God Save the Lolita!

(no subject)

Hello again, egl.  I have fixed my images so they are all under the cut and no longer destroying your layout.  >.< Sorry about that.   And of course apologies to anyone who has to see this darned entry twice.  I guess.

Last Sunday, we had an epic trip to Rodef Shalom Biblical Gardens, the fountains of Oakland, and the Carousel. Good times were had by all, and I got to meet some lovely people. I took a ton of pics on gray_fire  's camera, and he took even more as the requisite "camera tree." Thank you very much!

I apologize in advance if I mess up anyone's LJ name. I'm pretty sure I got them right, but if you're like, ZOMG, THAZ NO ME, comment and I shall fix the damage and deliver unto you my firstborn child. Please feel free to use any of the pictures of yourself for any uses whatsoever, but eating them is not recommended and may damage your monitor.

WARNING: Image Heavy
. May cause overloads of the lace and ruffle variety. May be hazardous to anti-skirt feminists and men unsure of their sexuality. pgh_lolita assumes no responsibility for debts incurred by sudden urges for Btssb, Metamorphose, or even Bodyline. If you exhibit any of the following symptoms, contact your local fashion expert immediately. Symptoms include placing of lace doilys upon my head, repeatedly asking 'is this loli,' believing that everything needs moar race, and addiction to Japanese shopping sites. This post has NOT been approved by the FDA.

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I really hope we get just as many people at the next one, although alas, if it is the awesome haunted walking tour that elven_beatnik suggested, I will be unable to make it due to my new job at Kennywood's Fright Nights (so EXCITED). Here's to next time!

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