September 13th, 2007

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Amy Lee wearing lolita?

Hi first time posting on here. ^^  
Dont get me wrong I'm not one of those people that get all obsessive over celebrities. I just thought some of you might wanna take a look at this. 

I was up late last night and i think TMZ was on.... or one of those celeb crazed shows, and they were talking about how badly dressed amy lee was.and totally bashing her outfit.
 When they showed the picture for a split second i was like whoa is Amy Lee a fan of lolita or something ?..yea im not a fan of hers,at all but, I thought this was kind of funny cause not  too long ago someone posted  on egl a  picture of Amy standing next to mana .
Heres a link to her in a bunch of photos wearing the outfit.  I was kind of curious if anyone recognizes the dress from a lolita clothing store or something.

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Neko+Usagi coats

I was thinking about purchasing a coat from Neko+Usagi... I've already bought from them, and it was a good experience, but I'd want to know more about their quality before paying 150$+ x___x
Is there anyone who has already bought a coat from them?

Candy Candy, an original EGL influence?

There have been many discussions about how EGL draws inspiration from the Rococo period, Marie Antoinette, the Victorian era etc etc. How about Candy Candy??

This manga/anime was one of the most popular and well-known shoujo manga in the 70s, early 80s and an evergreen classic now. I read the manga when I was still a schoolgirl and absolutely fell in love with Candy's optimism, courage and freckles. Plus her doomed romances with the gentle Anthony and bad-boy Terry had caused my tender young girl's heart then to sigh and shed a tender tear or two~~~~

I was browsing through some artbook illustrations online when I came across Candy Candy again and I was struck this time by how lolita Candy's outfits are! So, Candy of the first original EGLs??

Has anyone mentioned this manga with EGL before? Or any EGL brands like Btssb or Meta ever cited Candy Candy as one of their inspirations? I wouldn't be surprised if some of the EGL designers grew up watching Candy Candy too ;D

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I'm wondering if anyone remembers the measurements for Angelic Pretty's Carnival print OP. I just bought the dress on impluse DDX and didnt even think about the measurements! and also do you think it would be possible to take out the elastic to make it bigger if it doesnt fit?

Thanks ^_^

(and would anyone have any of stock photos of the things that went with it?)
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BABY order help : (

So, I placed an order with baby and made the mistake of copy-pasting the title of the item, not knowing it would turn to "gibberish" when it got to them. So they sent me an email saying so (about a day after I sent the order in) And I sent a NEW ORDER FORM. I sent it Monday afternoon, and I haven't heard back yet.

Sooo, I was curious as to if I should have simply replied to their message with a new form or what. Or maybe it is just the way their site works. I've never ordered directly from them, so it's all a little confoosing.

Thanks a bunch :D

Trying to find a dress~

Hello beauties!

I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I'm trying to find pictures of a specific dress, namely, this one from Mary Magdalene....

Hope someone can help me, it's my favorite dress ever! Auction pics, official pics, any color... I'd be happy to get anything right now ~.~

Thanks, everyone!
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Punk lolita?

This side of lolita isn't the most popular, but after taking sometime to look at it, I'm starting to think it's a bit under appreciated. So, I've got some questions for you.

What's the best punk lolita outfit you've seen? What makes you like it so much?
What do you think should be incorporated into more punk lolita outfits?
What's your favorite motifs in punk lolita?

I'm looking for inspiration. ^_~
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Marby drawn Kyra

Tea Party Club Meet Up

The tea party club will be having it's very first meet and greet on the 29th of September in London.

If the weather's good we'll be going to St James' Park if not the tea museum
Hosted by The lovely totalximmortal

Please bring any games you would like to play, any crafts you'd like to show off, GL Bibles or pattern books or anything else, and of course, tea party stuff! If anyone can bring cups and a teapot and hot water, and tea of course, and sandwiches and cakes :)

I've got a hot water thermos, but mine holds about 5 cups of tea, so if you can bring one, please bring one! You can never have too much hot water for tea.

If you're a UK a resident with an interest in lolita, tea and regular meetups please join
Wonder Woman

meta shoe size question

*sigh * I hate to ask this question, b/c I know these questions get asked all the time...
but I am going to reserve some of Meta's new shoes, but I can't decide what size to get...

my feet are 23.5 cm. and previously meta always said that M (23.5) was a size 7 which is the size I wear. but now they say that a L (24.5) is a size I'm not quite sure what size to get. I have one pair of shoes from Meta in a size M but I my toes slightly bump the front of the shoes when I walk...but I am afraid that if I get a L that the will be too big...
does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?


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