September 12th, 2007

Who is coming to PMX?!

Now that we know that there might be (a) guest(s), tea party, and a boutique who is coming for sure?
Just wanted to see how many lolita's are going to get together for this monumental event! Yay, first boutique ever for the US loli's.

Koni is currently working with Cosplay Oneesan and "Guest(s)" to bring the best of the best. It will be a treat for us all~ Please come and support the brand(s).
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An Epic Photo Post for An Epic Meet-Up Part II

I know that ugly_kitties has posted her pictures up here and her bandwith with photobucket went up the wazoo.
So, I decided to link my multiply up for the pictures that I have taken from the Epic Meet Up.

I apologize to the people that were looking forward to them for taking along time to edit them.

if you are to take the pictures, please to sure to read the description i have put in the album's description*

2007.08.11 - Lolita Meet Up NYC

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replica seamstresses review

I didn't see anything like this is the memories, but thought it might be a useful resource to have for people looking to commission seamstresses for replicas rather than original designs.
I've seen quite a few shotty replicas recently, and I think a resource of seamstresses, and their replicas will be really handy for people who may be deciding to commission a replica.

If you have commissioned a replica off of someone, please comment below with the form.
(NOTE: You may include partial-replicas, and Fan+Friend items, but try to keep this post replica-only, and not just random custom clothing. Thanks guys!)
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*~*Hey ya'll*~*

Since nothing brand name will fit me, I am making my own clothing and I was wondering what everyone thought of this fabric pattern?

I was thinking of makeing a jumper with a white round collared shirt, white knee highs, with either black mary janes or blue ballet flats and the same skirt material for the multi layer bow....yes... no?
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Fellow denizens of the lolita community, I require your assistance.

Myself, nudeonthemoon, and snatch_patch are doing a panel on lolita at Nan Desu Kan, an anime convention in Denver.

We're putting together a power point presentation outlining the basics of lolita fashion and need some photos.

1. When you think of lolita, is there a "quintessential" photo/image that comes to mind? Something that really captures the essence of lolita to you? If there is, we would appreciate it if you'd post it here. We're looking for a variety of lolita styles, not just sweet.

2. Also, if any of you feel comfortable, we're also looking for a couple lolita "oops" pictures. So if you want to post any of those (of yourself, that is- we're not turning our panel into the Comm That Must Not Be Named), go ahead. We're not going to attach your name or seriously rip on anyone; we just need examples of mistakes for beginning lolitas to avoid (and yes, we are including early "oops" pictures of ourselves, too).

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Grassroots Lolita Bible Campaign?

This might sound like a crazy idea (hell, it sounds like one to me) but I know how many people are skeptical of or even resentful towards Tokyopop and their efforts involving the lolita community. But what if, instead of just yelling at them, we fought back?

I know that our community has a wide range of people in different fields and with various talents and such. I think that combined we have the manpower and the resources to pull something off. My suggestion would be to take a stab at their market, via their so-called "westernized" version of the lolita bible.

My own personal fears, which you might share, is that this bible will be filled with things like cosplay, maid costumes, cheap lace, Gwen Stefani, Princess Ai, and Hot Topic. These are all things that the ignorant eye sometimes sees when they think about lolita, a perception we have been fighting to change for a long time. I'm afraid that Tokyopop's work might become a step in the opposite direction.

What we could do is build our own bible. There exist ways of self-publishing which won't break the bank. What I'd like to know is if this is something that you believe would be doable, enjoyable, beneficial, worthwhile, etc. (Even if you don't think it would affect anything, it might be fun ^^;) Another thing I'd like to know is if anyone would be willing to work on this project, and what you could bring to the table. Keep in mind that this IS a large thing to take on, and depending on your level of involvement it could be a bit demanding. Don't try to take on too much!

For me, I'd be willing to put quite a bit of my free time and effort into this. What I could bring to the table is my knowledge of graphic design, english studies (proof-reading/editing/writing and such), and any experience I have as a Business major.

If any of you have any other suggestions, that would be cool too. And I won't be offended if you think this is the worst idea ever, so feel free to say so. XD

EDIT: Several of you have expressed a concern regarding the possibility of such a thing hurting La Vie en Rose's market. This is the last thing I want to do! I do believe there are ways to avoid such a disaster; it would involve intense planning, strategy, and communication on both our parts. My intentions are not to make something like La Vie; they are a bi-monthly publication similar to a magazine. I would like to lean this project as close to the original bibles as possible; It would be more of a seasonal, annual, or bi-annual publication, sort of a "foundation publication". La Vie has the advantage over this with its frequency and versatility.
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Lolita Haikus

We should all post haikus about lolita, I'll go first:

Sweet lolita is
my fav. But I guess I like
egl as well.

Novala in jail
God please save the gabriel
but not his poor ass

Ten lumps of sugar
In my over-milked earl grey.
Don't spill on my brands

Over knee, knee high?
Either way, my knees look fat
In this vm dress

Feeling kinda threatened...

Okay, so I've been reading all the comments about how everybody's concerned about the commercialization of Lolita and whatnot, and I've always been kinda intimidated by this community, so I know I'm taking a big risk by posting this, but...

Is it really necessary to have a Lolita "lifestyle" to wear the clothes?

I've done my homework. I've read everything about the Victorian era I could get my hands on (because I've always been obsessed with their obsession with death), I bought the Summer issue of the Gothic and Lolita Bible recently at a con (and admire it practically every day), I LOVE THE LOLITA fashion. But it's not something I can afford to blow tons of money buying off the Internet.

Are you guys really THAT offended when some of us get our stuff from thrift stores and customize it? Or make our own outfits? I posted my first attempts at wearing Lolita a few months back, and got quite a bit of criticism, and when I saw some people at GenCon wearing Lolita and shared my concerns, they said it looked fine. Is it really required that everything we wear be super-expensive? Not all of us have that kind of budget. (I WISH I could afford a nice Meta dress... but no.)

And if I wear just jeans and a hoodie some days, alternating with my Lolita clothes, does that offend you? I can't wear it everyday- it seems impractical.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to do Lolita because "it's the latest thing" or to be edgy or anything. I genuinely like it. But if it upsets some of you that much....

(I apologize if that came off as a flame or anything. I just want some perspective on things. Even if you guys tell me to stop, because I'm doing more harm than good, I'll probably keep going on anyway. So apologies for that in advance as well.)

Quick Question

Has anyone bought this outfit from Rakuen? I can't tell what type of lace there is on it (both on the top, and on the skirt), and I want to make sure that it's durable. Also, a picture of what it looks like on someone would be nice too.


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What the heck does "high quality material" mean?

Something in the "feeling kinda threatened" really struck out at me, and that was all the comments on "high quality material."

In response to the original post, people started to say, "we don't look down on you if you're not wearing burando!" And then later, there were people who were basically saying, "we don't look down on you if you're not wearing burando... except you'll never be a good enough lolita because you don't have high quality fabric."

And yes, if you look in that thread, you'll see it. I'm not making it up.

And so my question, or more of my request is - for those of you who own these "high quality materials" to provide some examples and comparisons to "non high quality." Because honestly, I'm a little confused myself. I was under the impression that some of the cottons that I've bought at the fabric store (joanns, yay!) were just as good as some of the dressy tops (not lolita) I've bought from stores.

I know it's sort of difficult to compare fabrics over the internet since it's such a tactile thing, but if any of you could at least try, that would be very much appreciated. Because it sucks to be condescended to (oh yes, and that's what it is), and I'm sure all of us would like to change that aspect in what we wear (so people DON'T say those things to us).
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TokyoPop update

In one of the earlier posts where mention of fighting back, I said in a comment that I would try and contact Tokyo pop and see just what I could do as far as enlightening them to our worries and concerns.  I called and was forwarded to the junior editor and left her a message to call me back.  I will update as this plays out so everyone will know.


EDIT: Junior Editor not Junior Vice Editor
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So you've grown up and...

So a friend and I were talking about lolita fashion, and with the way trends come and go, she asked me what would I do if I had a great lolita wordrobe but I just wasnt into lolita as much.

Personally, I love combining fashion trends to get something a bit new. And my immediate thought was how people would work lolita into something... maybe a bit more acceptable by people in general. (Maybe walking down the street without getting too many weird looks)

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TokyoPop update 2

Yes!  She was very quick to answer me!  :D  Not to mention she was very kind.  This woman is not only doing her research but she watches EGL and a lot of her information comes from some of our most awesome members and not just from media coverage.

She stated that she had read the posts and she was losing sleep over everything that was happening. 
"If you're passionate about something then you want to see it treated very well."

"We are trying to make it a balance between the hard core fans whom know everything about it and those who are new to it.  Trying to keep it open to them.  It's trying to keep a balance between the two.  Definitely not write it off as cosplay.  Definitely not write it off as maid.  Those are two completely different things.  We are trying to make it something that everyone can enjoy without damaging it's image. I know that a lot of people were saying 'why don't they talk to fans, we know, we know.' Truth be told Michielle Nigen (Sp?) who is now is Japan, was a member.  She goes by I_AM_CHUBBY_BUNNY (I can't remember how she wrote her user name.).  She ran one of the panals at Baltimore which is where I also met Sakura_Fairy.  We had her contacted for an interview to highlight the EGL community and its significance.  We had her contacted for an interview about herself in general."

Then she told me that Sakura_Fairy seemed to drop off the face of the planet for a few weeks and she has contacted a friend of hers to see if she can get a hold of her.

"If she doesn't contact me by the end of this week, I am going to try and contact Amy Major.  She will be going to the Anime fest to promote her book which is called 'Japan Ai.'  She is a member of the EGL community and I think they promoted her books for a while because she is so prominent and very well versed in gothic lolita fashion.  She makes her a lot of her own clothes and I know that she is a really great source to turn to."

I then told her about our concern already with people, mainly the gothic middle and high schoolers whom could missinterpret the fashion as some hot topic, gothic, cosplay thing.

"Well Hopefully I put some of your hearts at ease by saying we're definitely referring to the hard core fans that are in the community, are in the know, who have been doing this for a long time, with Michielle, Sakura_Fairy, Amy Major as I said.  I think that they're our most reliable sources, that we're going to these people."

"AmaniKitty (Spelling corrected!  :D ).  Totally not threatening!  I was totally sad that they were like, 'they're trying to step on our toes, they're trying to threaten our...' or anything like that.  It was totally just bad communication that we did not... I mean we asked our convention manager was their a panal yet and he said he'd look into it.  We don't  wanna undo anyone's panals at all and if anything we're gonna change our panal to be more focusing on the bible which is what we're doing and we should focus on the book.  As for the fashion, leave it to the experts.  If you guys are gonna discuss it, that's great, I hope you have a great turn out."

"We want to make it open to newbies without calling it cosplay."

Florida Loli's

I was hoping to meet some fellow Loli's around the Panama City area?  Maybe I'm the first one :-)  I am really new to being a Loli but I would like to make some friends around here.
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Monterey Bay / Salinas, CA Area Meetup ?

Hello, I'm interested in organizing a possible meetup in the Monterey/Salinas, CA area, and I want to see if there are people able and willing to go? If so, please leave a message here with availability, if known. If there's about.. 6 or more people then more details will follow..

Thanks ~
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ugly knee braces

I have a serious leg problem, which requires me to not wear one, but two knee braces that look like . As you can tell, they are pretty ugly. I have to wear these around whenever I walk around, and I stumbled across a big problem. How can I wear my lolita dresses, with these braces without looking completly stupid?? The only small chance I have is to wear really good supported shoes, so if the former problem is not solveable, does anybody know of really good supportive shoes that will look like it will tie in to my lolita outfits?? Thank you for you response :D

La Vie En Rose: About Us and A Letter

Good evening,

My name is Christina and I am the editor of La Vie En Rose.

As we’ve been mentioned several times recently, I felt now would be a good time to come forth and give the community a clearer idea of who we are and what we hope to do with La Vie En Rose. This is going to be very, very long, but I hope you will read it as this is very important to us.

I will also include an open letter to lucid_blulace here, left open so that the community can get a better idea of what issues face us in running a magazine and this particular magazine.

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Thank you all for reading, and for your support of La Vie so far. I hope you will check us out, and through your contributions and purchases of our magazine help us grow into a lasting, original Western Lolita magazine we can all be proud of.

-Christina Banta, founder of La Vie En Rose

VIVA LOLITA or Lolita already is "mainstream" but not quite in the way you might think.

I’m posting this in response to

this is my take on it in the form of a short article I hope you like it.

I've been a keen observer of the Gothic Lolita scene for about six or seven years now. Not only from the point of view as some who loves and wears the fashion but also as someone who has chronicled it with my site and studied it from a more academic viewpoint.

Some of you may be surprised by how much Lolita is already commercialised. Lolita has been such a major influence in this decade’s fashion. It’s no coincidence that for the past five years so many blouses and t-shirts have been festoon with pin tucks, lace and puffed sleeves or that short trousers became so hugely fashionable. The same can be said for boleros, cropped jacket, puff ball skirts etc., etc. There are also the three seasons of gothic inspired Victoriana that ahve graced the catwalks/runways in the last seven years. The plethora of little emo girls walking around in poufy little mini skirts with lace and net poking through from underneath. The feminisation of women’s fashion is down in part to Lolita. I see it in the student shows I go to, I see it in there sketchbooks and portfolios. Its out there and I don’t think we really should be afraid of it. I don’t think the Lolita style will really go mainstream in the way everyone is afraid of because I think the mainstream-isation of Lolita has already happened.

When I first became interested in Lolita it was very different to the way it is now. There where no commercially available Lolita clothes. You either had to find a will seamstress, make it yourself or squeeze yourself into a Japanese brand (and even getting hold of Japanese clothes was almost impossible) now we can buy clothes from the Japanese brands. You can order them via errand services or buy them from one of the Chinese manufacturers that litter eBay. None of these changes nor the scenes growing popularity has stopped the message of Lolita getting through.

There have been times when I thought the message was getting lost like during the whole Hot-topic dress debate and the Casual Lolita vs. Loli-inspired debate, The fashion vs. lifestyle debate, the is Lolita a sexual fetish debate. The panic when I was contacted by a UK top-shelf (semi pornographic) publication that wanted to write about this new fetish of dressing like a little girl. None of these has diluted the scene nor made it into the pariah I had feared it might.

I think we as a community need to concentrate on keeping our message out there via the Internet, communities like this and sites like mine. We need to keep on saying no it isn’t like that it like this. Like we have done before. We need to welcome newcomers and guide them into the true Lolita way. (God that sounds pretentious)
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Bear backpack tutorial update

In reference to this post that I made last night 
I am currently working on a tutorial.  I originally promised that it would be finished tonight but it's looking more like it won't be finished until tomorrow night.  I apologize but I do promise to post it sometime within the next few days! (I'm working for tomorrow though!)
Please don't give up on me because it'll be a great tutorial from advanced to beginner sewers and I think it can benefit a lot of you lovely ladies out there !