September 11th, 2007


novala takemoto support letter website

on an earlier thread, people were discussing the idea of having a website with a guestbook where people could leave letters of support for novala... i happened to have a lot of bandwidth lying around, and since no one else had made one...

i've gotten the guestbook running, but the site is still going to be improved upon...if anyone has any suggestions, etc. they can email me at

(i apologize if this is a violation of the group rules, but someone asked me to make another thread...)


AatP pirate hat question

Quick shitsumon...
Did Baby at any point have an AatP pirate hat that fit the entire head and wasn't just the mini version of it (as exists on the site now)?
If so, does anyone have any pictures wearing it?
Otherwise, where to get a pirate hat?

Edit: Question 2:  While I am at it....and not to post a bajillion amount of times...let me ask another question.
Cold cold cold season is around the corner for midwesterners...and sometimes tights or socks are just not enough to protect the legs from the biting cold. And the knees are sometimes exposed...eee.....
So what do you do to solve this problem, cold-land dwellers?
Thanks ^_^
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Last Call

I am doing a group order for Anna House fashions. I am sending in my order Tommorow Afternoon so last chance to join the group order if interested. Unfortunately it is a U.S only order. If interested please email me at for details. Last Chance don't miss out.
stoner rorita


cidsa rocks! :D

After exactly a month of waiting, I finally have every goddamn photo edited and resized and everything. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm talking about NYC's epic meetup of August 11th, with the largest attendance of lolitas I have seen in all my borned days. We hit the Chelsea Market, Union Square and St. Marks, and I think it was a good day for all.

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New Community

Not too long ago there was some talk about posting a weekly theme for people to post on. It looks like the idea has sort of died down here on egl but I remember there being a lot of positive feedback so- I created a community dedicated to it



It's all about weekly theme posts. This weeks theme is just Introductions- so nothing too big, but later we can have some really different and abstract ones. If your interested- please join the community, read the rules, and post your introduction. ^^

Hope you all enjoy!

Posted with permission from emiko!

Marriage equality!

Rorita Holiday Party?- PICTURE HEAVY

So, the holidays are coming up and I love harassing my friends into actually dressing up. Have any of you ever had a Lolita/dress-up holiday party? What would you wear, serve, have for entertainment, etc?

If it was a winter/Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzah/Flying Spaghetti Monster Day party, I would wear:

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First time posting something here... BABY shoe sizes.

Hello! I'm in love with Baby's shoes, but I have rather... massive feet. A size 8.5 US. 

I'm wondering if the LL (or 25-25.5 cm) shoes will fit me. So... will they? (answered)

Also, will double decker Rocking Horse shoes fit me?

One last thing. I ordered from rose chocolat on august third, and I can't track it (forgot order number). Is it normal to take this long?
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Pink House?

EDIT: Original post found! Thanks, guys! This style is so pretty and fascinating, does anyone have any more links?

A few weeks ago, someone posted some beautiful photos from a fashion known as "Pink House" that had a beautiful vintage, country victorian look to it. I had long admired fashions I had seen on Yahoo!Japan Auctions, but I had no idea what the style was called. I searched for it, and the post had vanished.

Where'd it go? Was it deleted because it wasn't Lolita? I was silly and didn't save those images... Can the original poster please stand up?

Thank you!