September 10th, 2007

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i'm a vintage dress addict who used to dabble in the lolita thing (and i still do, but being much taller and bustier than i used to be has limited my ability to pull off a lot of things.) lately, i've noticed a lot of striking similarities between lolita fashion and 1950's square dance dresses- gingham, ruffles, dainty little bows, petticoats, very full/short circle skirts etc.

have any of you ever worn vintage items like these in a lolita context? i have this fabulous brown/cream ruffly gingham vintage dress that i'm contemplating wearing to a "goth" tea party, and i'm going back and forth on whether or not it would work.

p.s. i'm new here. hello!

EDIT: pictures of the dress under cut- i appologize for the terrible quality. i don't have a real camera, so i usually just get friends to take pictures of me when they have the time.
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A few questions

I'm new to the lolita style, and have a few questions.

For my first question, I was wondering about the patterns in the Bible magazines. Do they really help when designing? My mother is willing to help me make some lolita designs I thought of, so I was just curious.(I'm mainly concerned about getting the shape of skirts,dresses,blouses, etc. right if I design anything)

Second question is about the brand F+F. I haven't heard the most great things about this brand but I find most of their outfits to be very adorable! I wanted to see others opinions about this brand. Is their quality fairly good? I've heard that they sometimes are not the best at communication? Anyway, I just wanted others opinions on this before I ever order anything. I would order from Moitie but it's a little too expensive for me right now. I was also considering ordering from Innocent World too.

I also have another question(sorry for all these questions ^.^') I love the EGL and EGA look, as well as Classic Lolita, but I do not see what separates Classic from EGL or vise versa? I've also heard that EGL and EGA is only when talking about Mana's brand only? This confuses me a little also.

Any information anyone has would be very much appreciated! ^.^
Princess Sugar

cutsew R&D

I recently took bout a month on knits at my fashion school, and thought about the fact that there isn't much available in "cutsew" styles outside of Japan. You'll see the occasional screen printed t-shirt, or a ruffle put on it or something, but I'm interested in making all kind of variations here (I made 2 pairs of panties and 3 shirts - 1 was to the waist with long sleeves, 1 was too the hip with short, poofy sleeves, and 1 was to the waist with no sleeves)

Anyways. I don't own anything "brand" so I don't have anything to compare my own stuff to up close, I need some opinions from you lovely ladies :D

what brand of cutsew top do you own?
what size do you normally wear t-shirts in, how do they compare?
what would you change about your brand cutsew top to make it better? (more comfortable, prettier?)
Is there any lace sewn on? is the lace flat, or would it "stretch" when worn?
Anything else you'd like to share? (link to it on the website, photos, etc)

Meet-up Ideas

Hello there, new here, first post. Delete if inappropriate, of course.

While google image-searching for pictures of Regency mansions, I came across a site, which gave me an idea.

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Expensive, but nice~

Also, sorry if I'm Inadvertently a n00b in some way

heavy dress...petticoat help

I am finishing up a loli dress commission for a customer and I would like to be able to suggest to her a good petticoat. The dress has a 2 layer skirt, both with heavily drawn together ruffles on the hem so petti engulfing weight will be an issue. So, if anyone can pass on some information to me about a petti of thiers that can hold up against, say heavy velvet or be-ruffled skirts please pass it on if you can! Also, no need to worry about BURANDO as the price can't be through the roof ^_^

GLB Extra clothing sizes

Hi guys~ 
I was wondering, does anyone know the size of the Innocent World polka dot flared onepiece in the Gothic and Lolita Bible Extra 2? I've heard IW sizes tend to run small, and the GLB Extra is pretty expensive (ahh, curse Kinokuniya's prices!), so yeah I'd like to know if anyone can help me with the size of the OP, and maybe the other brand clothing pattern/projects inside. Thank you~ =)

(i'm new too. >D greetings)

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Hello everyone~ I happen to be a complete newbie to Lolita fashion. I've looked through the memories, but I wasn't able to find the answers I was looking for, so I was hoping someone would be able to answer them for me.
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Thank you in advance. Everyone here seems very nice, and I hope to get to know you all better. ^_^
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