September 9th, 2007


Some Loli Fun...

Well, I got my driver's license on Friday and after I got away from the horrid DPS office, I went to school to work (I work in the Counseling Office--yay work study [not]). I was wearing my F+F bustle skirt and getting in and out of the car with all of my stuff made me want to scream out a battle cry of something along the lines of "YESSS I AM LORD RUFFLEBUTT!!" despite the fact that I am a WOMAN and I wasn't even wearing a PETTI. That same day, I checked the mailbox when I got home, only to see that I had FINALLY gotten the first issue of La Vie en Rose. Lo and behold, within the tomes of its knowledge, was a question from a "Miss Rufflebutt".

SO...for all you lolis out there...

WHAT would your very own lolita name be if you you had to incorporate "Rufflebutt" in there somewhere?

I imagine mine would be something along the lines of "Lord Rufflebutt, Monsieur de Defecit, Driver of Kahless the Unforgettable" (because I named my Nissan Frontier after a great Klingon warrior.... -.-;;; )
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I'm so lolita I...

I don't know if this has been donw before (hopefully it hasn't and hopefully i'm not breaking any rules), but just for fun, I thought a verbal showdown (not the negative type!)  using "I'm so lolita" or "you're so lolita" would be fun, as I was insipired by someone's avatar saying "I'm so rori I sh!t lace"...and I died of i'll go first...

I'm SOO rori...I wear my RHSs to go swimming.

okay, I know i'm awful at these things *go stands in corner and sulks*

please, post <3 !!!
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shopping service fees

I checked the memories and read the one about Crescent Shop, but I couldn't find anything specifying the exact amount of money I would have to pay for shipping.

On the status page for my Crescent Shop order it says:
Shopping/Auction Total(Declared Value for the Customs): 12180 JPY

Which is about 106 USD.  This certainly cannot be what I have to pay to ship my items to the US?  It's just the amount I "might" have to pay for customs, right?  When I ordered from Baby shipping was not this steep.  I understand that the shopping service will charge you for its services, but 106 dollars seems a little much to me.

So, what's going on here?

Thanks. ^.^

Lolita Wigs

I've noticed a lot of wigs in EGL lately, and most have been so natural that you couldn't even tell they were wigs! It seemed like they all came from an ebay seller by the name of "fml555".

How have your dealings with this seller been, and how have the wigs turned out for you? Please post some pictures of his wigs in action! 8D (If you have a beautiful wig, but is not from this seller, feel free to post and tell us where you got it!)
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hello all:)

 hey girlies (and guys ^^)
So, for my college (UofI at champaign--U.S.A) we had an anime/cosplay/wear whatever you want party, and it was tons of fun!:)
(and yes, dont worry I know, cosplay=/=lolita:) I explained that to others too ^_^ I brought my kera mag. to show)  
So I wore my Metamorphose dress ^_^
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meta woes.....

Do you know what really peeves me off? Meta's "point system" seems not to work with pre-orders. Or work at all! Does anyone else know if that thingy still works? Has anyone actually gotten those elusive 50 pts????
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Lolis in the city?

I apologize for all the weird or random topics I've been popping up, but as you can tell, I'm new to the egl community and am always curious about things.

So, for my newest weirder side of the topics that has popped into my head concerns lolis who lives in bigger citys and some that lives in the 'not so suburban neighborhoods'.
I have been in and out of different cities and places and thankfully now we've moved to a different community but before, we use to live in a, I guess not very family oriented neighborhood where your always alert for gunshots and whatnot. Typical in the older neighborhoods i've been to and honestly, they werent that bad. But I certainly would not be walking around in Lolita clothing there.

So I guess my question is, for fellow lolis that do still reside in those parts of the county, how do you deal with it? I was never one to shy away from my fashion, I usually wear what I feel like without shame or anything as I feel its a freedom of expression. But I've always been concerned whenever I go back to visit old friends not to be so carefree as to wear a frilly dress in public.

So yes, how does other lolis deal with it?

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Does xx,xxx円で即決 on mbok mean the buy it now price is xx,xxx yen or does it shorten the auction if you put in a bid of xx,xxx yen? stupid question, i'm almost certain it's the BIN price but i wanted to make sure because the google translation is a little ambiguous. xD;

edit; question answered, thanks ♥
keeping this up if anyone ever wonders again too and has the brilliant idea of checking through ljseek. xD