September 8th, 2007


Meetup Do's and Don'ts

While nobody really brings it up in order to be polite, at least online, sometimes meetups go awry. Sensibilities are offended, feelings are hurt, and sometimes this is all preceded by a hell of a lot of awkwardness. What follows is a list of do's and don'ts for both the meetup attendees and the hostess, as thought up by me, colortheory and maetel9.

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Quick Question

A while back someone posted a link to a Japanese fabric store that alidel, hearte, and chocochip cookieand a couple of other brands I CAN'T REMEMBER BUYS FROM...BUT I WAS WONDERING IF SOMEONE CAN POST THE LINK UP AGAIN... THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! (sorry for the retarded typing... my sister's key board hasn't been very nice to me)

Help meh :D

So, two questions.
First; what is about the wrist circumference of baby's wrist cufffs, more importantly, the AaTP one.
Does anyone have any pictures of BABY's models/you/your mom/etc. wearing The pictured AaTP hat? I am most likely going to purchase it, but before I pay that much for a pretty hat, I would like to see what it looks like : )

Thanks a bunch.
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howdy folks!

as may know, sometimes you can go directly to the source and ask them the questions. with all the novala/nobara hype and speculation from the past week, i contacted btssb. basically i asked if they stopped selling his items and mentioned that many didn't really mind the drug charges.

this is their response-

Thank you for mailing.
If you wish to buy Novala items, please let us know
which item do you wish to buy.
Thank you.

+81 03-5468-5491(Phone)
+81 03-5468-5492(FAX)

so yeah, theres hope for those who are seeking. since the page is down, that means one will either have to use like the internet way back machine, one's memory, or perhaps, ask btssb directly (maybe if theres enough interest they will re-upload the items (english side?))

anyways, passing this on....
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Do I look like a retard?

Hye all. I need help. I not-so-recently got a replica of this Mary Magdalene JSK made for me. I love it because they did a fantastic job (or maybe not so fantastic, haha) except for one little thing... it's too short. And so, in a desprate attempt to solve this I thought I might maybe put another skirt (or pannier) underneath to make it seem like another layer. Which sounds pretty retarded even when typed out. :( Please look at the pictures and tell me if I should a) shoot myself in the head or b) just wear the JSK as it is (with maybe tights?). Or perhaps someone has a better solution? Thank you in advance <33

** I should add, sending it back isn't really an option so... D:

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AWA cheesecake factory meetup!

Allright, cloudsnapper and I are trying to plan an informal meetup/dinner thingy at the Cheesecake Factory during AWA...but we need to know a few things first!

1)How many people are interested in attending? We wouldn't be making a reservation or anything so it's okay if more or less people show up, but we need a rough estimate.

2)Which day/time is best? We were thinking Saturday night, but it may interfere with the cosplay competition, if anyone is attending that. Would you prefer friday evening?

3) We've heard the cheesecake factory can be pretty pricy. Would you be interested in dinner, or just dessert/drinks?

Of course, if anyone has a better idea for a meetup place, feel free to contribute.


EDIT: okay, it sounds like a few people at least are in for the cheesecake factory. I'm going to say Friday night, before the ball would be optimal because the boy and I have our hearts set on going to that. We could plan to meet on the skywalk and go over to the restaurant together (Pretty sure it's right across the street). We would mostly just be getting appetizers/deserts, maybe something to split. I will look up the time the ball starts and finalize things asap. Please leave a message if you are interested as I would like to get some sort of head count. ^_^

Prints on Fabric

This is a question for everyone.  I have been looking at fabric, and it just has occurred to me.  I want to know, besides the usual storybooks, tartan, gingham, and music notes.  What are some prints that would be interesting to see on a loli skirt or dress?

I think a celestial pattern would be quite nice, if well done.  Has anyone ever thought of doing something like that?

EDIT:  I was giving an example, not an actual print persay.  There's one more specific in muted tones on that page.  I feel I have to put this to clear up any confusion.  It is supposed to be something to give suggestions.
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Lolita Cakes

Might as well make my first post something I'm passionate about!

Cakes are a Lolita staple, right? Well, how about we post all our gorgeous Loli-inspired cakes? I'm a cake decorator, and have noticed the lack of Loli, which needs to be fixed. 8D

You don't have to be a decorator to post cake pictures, everyone feel free to post your dream cakes! Wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, birthday cakes...all I ask is that the theme is predominately Lolita! Post pictures of cakes you would love to have at an all Loli wedding, or just an adorable cake you found while searching the internet. Even pictures you've drawn up and wish to be able to have are great.

Share the cake love! <3 (Cake decorating tips welcome!)

Here is a site I belong to, which you can search for cakes. The wedding cakes section is very good for Loli. ^^

This was another cake post, but it's from inuyisha pertaining to her Sweet Sixteen, if anyone wanted to check out other cake things. ^^

I originally replied on here, and had no idea the same person was on EGL! I wanted to post this link here because it has some pretty Lolita-looking cakes!

Have fun!

Show me your Lolita dollies~

Obviously, don't look at this post if you are doll-phobic #_#;;

Requesting pictures of the two things I love most, combined: BJDs in Lolita ^__^ Please post your pictures of your Loli dollies in your comments, I prefer pictures rather than links if that's okay :) Thanks~


Alright ladies. What's the best way to grow out thick, straight bangs? I've had my hairstyle (similar to this) for the past two years and I want a change. I'm sure some of you are going through the same thing.
Right now I'm trying out the method of growing the sides longer and trimming as little as possible (just enough to be able to see). I've heard getting them cut in the side swept manner helps, but honestly I'm terrified to go to the hair salon. I've heard too many horror stories involving bangs being cut too short / too wide / etc.

Also, I have a cowlick right smack dab in the middle of my bangs, and I've been told by almost every stylist that I can't have straight bangs because of it. False! With a little bit of styling products and a hairdryer, you totally can.

I know bangs are very common, but I have to ask: does one need bangs for lolita? I've seen plenty of girls rock the style without, so I think it's a matter of choice. I've also heard good things about clip on bangs, although I have no idea where to find them...hmmmm...
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Rosechocolat Dolly Dolly Boots

Hi there!

Because I have large feet (I wear a German 43, that might be... 11 or 12 in the US) I want to order from Rosechocolat soon with some other girls from here. Now I have a rather high instep and because of that, I've always had problems with boots. Also, I'm unsure about the calf measurement.

Has anyone ordered their Dolly Dolly boots before and can tell me how wide they are? I'd be very, very grateful. In case you don't know, I'mt alking about these:

Thank you in advance for any answers!


Kinokuniya question : )

My friend will be going to NYC to watch Wicked and I was wondering if they still sold baby... JK hahaha XD;....
In all seriousness though, I'm asking her to pick me up the latest GLB and KERA, and I was wondering how much the books run for at Kinokuniya NYC?
Thanks in advance!