September 7th, 2007

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Petticoat help! :(

EDIT: I was able to get in contact with Leah of In the Starlight, so my problem has been solved. Thank you so much to those who helped me!

I'm having difficulty finding a petticoat for Fan plus Friend's MM replica in dark red which is 38" long from waist to hem. Through some searching, I was able to come across this bridal shop and found some petticoats/crinolines that are long enough, but the shape of some of these crinolines worry me the most.
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IW Sizing Question

This is so brief I won't even bother cutting it- does anyone know if this JSK will go larger than the listed size? I'm a few inches bigger but it has a lot of shirring so it looks like I might stretch more than listed... I'm particulaly interested in the waist, because if the bodice is sewn to the skirt in such a way that it's impossible to stretch further then... well the waist may still fit me but it'd probably be uncomfortable (though I'd need much more expansion in the bust area). Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks! ^^

Edit: Link fixed, durr, and any idea if the green in that JSK would match this headdress in green?

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Hi everyone,

First of all, excuse my poor english, I'm french : D

I would need some info to complete a work in my class of ''Profession of Fashion Designer''.

I need to find an international magazine.
I was thinking of the Gothic Lolita Bible or the Gosurori one.

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If you have interesting website about fashion (having a lot of pictures or w/e) tell me too <3

Thank you for your help <3~

MMM Picture Request


I am looking for some older stock photos of Moi Meme Moitie, especially of their JSK and OP.

Can I request for some picture help? Especially when they have (what I like to call it) the 'Mana Lace'.

(Other than what is available on MMM rakuten website now)

Thank you very much in advance!

Edit: I am looking those those with crosses, like the reverse-cross lace. The series I am looking for is the lace that is used on the Iron Gate Series. Though any type along the lines are welcomed.

Reverse-cross Lace, thank you!</div>
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Lolita events at AWA?

i know a while back there was a post asking this same question, but it didn't get any concrete answers. So now that the convention is rapidly approaching, does anyone know what (if any) lolita events there will be at AWA?

BTSSB white?


I'm looking through BTSSB socks.

I want white. Not off-white, not antique white. White white.

All of Baby's white socks are labeled "off-white". But...looking at all the socks on their site, they <i>all</i> look pretty white to me, especially compared to the "unbleached" color.

Someone help me out here. Are Baby's "オフ白"-labeled socks really off-white, or are they just weirdly labeled?

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Hello! My name is Leah, I'm a big fan of japanese fashion. I've researched and loved it for around 3-4 years now. I wasn't able to afford any of the nice pretty stuff from the egl websites like metamorphose or btssb.
I ended up trying to make my own skirt from a altier boz design which I adored so much. (I made it a couple years ago) I don't have alot of sewing experience either then home ec class in middle school where I learned how to sew in a straight line! Ofcourse I did what I learned..
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I'll post more of the other headdresses I made and other sweet things when I take more pics! :)
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Baby and addresses

DDDDDX I ordered from Baby a few days ago and they sent it out on the 3rd. I just tracked and it was in a whole different city DDX on USPS's site it said it was delivered to someone's house (thats why I'm freaking out) I just emailed them but its Sat. there so I wont hear anything until Monday ;.;

Has this ever happened to anyone else? If it did, did it get sent back to Baby and you had to pay shipping again?

(also anyone in Bakersfield order anything from Baby? :< thats where it was sent)