September 6th, 2007

Japan Ai News

I will be attending MikomiCon this coming weekend My panel about Japan Ai will be Friday evening at 8 pm.
I believe that is the right time (fri at 8) but check back with the con schedule to make sure.

For those of you who don't know about the book yet, it's basically a sketchbook adventure of my trips to Japan. It will include sections on Gothic and Lolita and punk, etc. :)
If you haven't seen it yet, This is my Lolita postcard for the book. (It's the Angelic Pretty shop.) :)

<--- also, can you see the cute loli in the cover? :D

Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan is now listed on Amazon! You can see the cover too (the cover, btw, is non-final, but it's close to what the final is.)
I'm very excited to have this up! It will also be available in bookstores and when it is released in Dec. really, any way you order it will be appreciated. :) thanks!
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lolita exhibition in Vienna

I made some pictures of the lolita exhibition in Vienna in the boutique gegenalltag (
they're not really good (bad light and so on), I did my best *g*

You can see clothing from various designer- metamorphose, babytssb and some indie designers like p-i-n-k-y, magnifique lolita, harajuku maiden and ane x imoto. Some outfits aren't really lolita indeed, more gothy, punk... *_* feel sorry for this! please ignore the strange dresses *lol* ;D (we need to fill the shop with something, I don't even know the name of the designers XD). Just enjoy the pretty ones!!

it's small I know XD but at least you can buy clothing here XD

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Body Line

We all have heard the horror stories of Body Line. But they do have some good stuff, and I am considering putting in an order for the following, and I wanted some feedback of whether or not you think this would be a good idea.

I am very iffy about the last one as it has lace on it. I have heard bad things about lace an Body Line.

Lolita nail art?

So last night I was flipping through my friends nail art magazine and I noticed there were a few cute nail art stuff they had there that could be used for lolita. And if I remember correctly Momoko from Kamikaze girls had some cute ribbon(s) on her nail(s) when they had a close up on her hand when she was playing pachinko.

I'm not so sure how popular or how many people even bother doing their nails for lolita, but its always interesting to hear about peoples stories about it.

Personally, I'm not a huge nail person since I always end up chipping them or breaking them off, or just does not have the patience to deal with them. but I was wondering how many people here in the egl community really even bothers doing their nails, nonetheless those over the top nail arts for their loli-outfits? (the ones with fake nails and jewel/beads on them o-oll) I dont really see much of an emphasis on them since no one really sees my nails anyway D:

Just wanted to see some opinions~
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U.S.A Lolita's An Anna House Fashion Group Order

I am going to be ordering some items from Anna House and I decided to go ahead and make it a group order. I really don't have to much experience with groups orders but really how hard can it be? Also sorry but for shipping convience this order is for U.S lolita's only.

I am sending in my order on Sept 12. So I would like to have all orders/payment in by midnight on the 11th. I am not capping how many orders or items. So if you would like to participate please do. Please email me your order at Here is a page to my feedback


I forgot the shipping. Okay between myself and a friend we are ordering 7 items. With the additional items I am pretty sure the total will be over 15 items. Anna House themselves charge $40HKD (around $5) for EACH ITEM Ordered. I am charging $7 to ship from me to you using first class mail. Or $13 for Express Mail.

SO lets say you order some shoes, and bloomers. The shoes cost $280HKD ($35.95 USD) and the Bloomers cost $70HKD ($8.98USD) it would be 35.95+8.98+5+5+7=$61.93 Versus it being $79.60 if you had just ordered it from AHF yourself.
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Ok delete if this is inappropriate.

I'm very excited about school this year.
The homecoming dance at my school is going to be Alice In Wonderland themed!! I'm hoping that the person I go with will be willing to dress up because it would be an amazing oppurtunity to get Loli-fied! Does anyone know where I might get some not-so-expensive Kodona clothing? I REALLY want to go as a Lolita-ish couple.

Also for English I have to write a myth. I want to write about the creation of Lolitas. Remeber this is a myth so it can be really strange. I'm making Lolitas their own species and different kinds will be the different races or "breeds" if you will. So what does eveyone think of this idea?

Thanks in advance,

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New Comm!

Hi I just created a new comm! Since I find myself on Yahoo!Japan and other Japanese auction sites quite often I thought something good could come of it ^^


twice a week or so I'll post auctions I come across. I hope its helpful to some other lolita out there. If there is something specific your looking out for email me and I'll keep my eye out <3

approved by: miyu_sakura
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Oh my woolen loveliness.....

As summer goes into fall (boo), a young ladies thought turns to, as expected, far  more intricate outerwear to enjoy on the weekends.  As I am all but sure that I am going to buy a Fan + Friend black bustle coat (mid-calf length), I have a question for you. Well, a couple of questions.
 Well my question is this. How do you think it will look without a skirt/petti? (Due to the fact that I do wear dress pants at times on the weekend).  They sell a bustle pillow  and I was wondering if that would be recommended to wear outside the pants (in times the coat will NOT be coming off, except in changing rooms.  What do you think? 
Sorry for the length, the cuts are not working for me right now!

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 Hey, I have a little question, dose anyone have The Gothic and Lolita Bible volume #23 pattern translations? If anyone dose know a site that has it, or if one of you lovely Ladies have that volume and would be willing to translate it for me, it would be much appreciated. (Oh, and I am only looking for the instructions, you know, the stuff on page 42.)


(This is what the cover looks like, I can't help but add a picture.)