September 3rd, 2007

Novala Takemoto News (merchandise related)

As many of you have heard already, Novala was arrested recently for possession of a 'recreational drug'. The laws in Japan are very stiff when it comes to illegal drug possession. As a result, Baby The Stars Shine Bright has pulled ALL Novala merchandise from their website and perhaps their store shelves too. I'm very sure other companies will follow suit such as Sanrio.

If your local Sanrio shop imports Japanese items such as Novala Hello Kitty trinkets, I would go get them before they run out because they won't be restocking more. This also applies for any other items he designed and or produced, including his novels.

This is very sad and disappointing news for the EGL community. We may not see much more of Novala in the future until his reputation has been mended socially.

h.Naoto photoshoot

A photographer wanted to portray some lolitas in order to build up his personal portfolio. This was back in June. These are the decent ones, I wasn't really satisfied with my batch. Atleast I got an excuse to wear my hats.
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Question about btssb orders

Before btssb had an english site I've orderd from them by copying, pasting and filling out the order form. I've sent an order recently using this method but have received no reply. I was wondering if I they ignore those types of orders now and only answer to shopping cart orders? Or maybe they're still going through them because of the amount of LP orders? 

Picture Request// Event UK

Hello all, theres going to be an expo soon and theres going to be a nice lolita event.

The event itself is going to be a tea party with an arangement of tables. From what I have been told, the tables will be roped off from the public but people can come and take pictures of the lolitas. It's got a pretty good dress code too.

It's on November the 4th. More info here :

Anyway, the site needs some gothic lolita pictures to advertise that section and would like pictures of UK based lolita's in a diffrent range of styles.

I think this event will be a good chance to help people get a better understanding of what lolita is and theres more to it then just black and white and lace.

So please, post your pics and I will send them off to the event organisers. thanks x
lovey love love

loli drawing....

hello there!  i suppose i am still relatively new here....i've been a member for a while, just not actively....

so here's my first....contribution?


comments might be nice~~ :D

[edit: yeah. umm. warning: i absolutely hate drawing people. which is probably why she is VERY disproportionate. .____.;;;]
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Out of Stock Question : BTSSB

So I placed an order online with BTSSB and I received the confirmation order for all the items BUT the dress as they tell me it was sold out (despite what the website said) sooo I was curious if they ever restock an item or once its gone its gone?? 

Thank you !

(no subject)

Hi, all! I was browsing different charity websites and found cute bags that could be combined with some Sweet Lolita outfits (especially the black/pink one). What's nice, too, is that when bought, part of the money spent goes to feed animals in shelters. So you can buy something pretty and help out, too!

*Feel free to delete this post if it isn't Loli enough.

Please support La Vie En Rose with your submissions!

Hello all,

We’ve had a great reception for our first issue, and we’d like to thank the Loli community for helping La Vie get off the ground! Lolis have ordered from around the world: the U.S., Canada, Spain, Australia, England, Germany and more! 9 countries and 22 states within the U.S. in all. :)

(If you've friended la_vie_en_lj you've already seen some of this, but we've updated with new requests and would like to reach as many people as we can.)

We’re now working on the second issue of La Vie En Rose, for October/November, and it’s important to us that we include you, our readers, in every issue we produce. So here’s your chance to help out, and be in, the next issue of La Vie! Please read below and see how you can help support us so we can help support you and all the other English-speaking Lolis out there.

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Some lolita sewing patterns

Looking around for a couple manageable sewing patterns, I actually found some patterns that could definitely be loli

Simplicity (If you can't find it somehow because the link messed up, look in "costumes", click on "Adult" and go to "Civil War")

I think this could work. I certainly see it doing so.

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