September 2nd, 2007


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Here are images of my new qiloli. :) You may remember that I posted the drawing of this up without this color as an option. I went to Joann's (they are in the process of a brocade sale) and I fell in love with this fabric (at only $5.99 a yard!!!), so I had to get it. Hence the outfit not being green or blue. :)

My dogs are cam-whores
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BTSSB Colors

I'm having some issues with the colors of the clothing on the english site for Baby. The clothing that looks white (the one listed 1st), is labled off-white and the clothing that is labled natural (the one listed 2nd) looks off-white.
Is the off-white actually a normal bleached white? Or is it off-white and the 2nd "natural" one a darker more cream color?
I was looking at the sleve cuffs specifically. I didnt see anything in the memories about this but if there was a post i missed feel free to delete this. Any help would be appreciated :)

Problem Solved
Thank You :)
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Hardest Decision: My First Dress

So for my birthday I have up to $300.00 to spend on my FIRST EGL Dress...  I thought this was going to be easy... However, SO MANY CHOICES!!!!  I have spent the last three days trying to figure out what to get.. I've asked my mother in law who has helped me atleast narrow down what would look best on me and ATTEMPTED to get my husband to help me decide, but he just says "whatever you want, they all look nice"
and then I am tormented with the age old question.... 

For my first official EGL dress Should I Spend Extra and go with a name brand like BTSSB / Metamorphose / Innocent World , Buy from a more afforable route like bodyline / anna's house of fashion , or have some one custom make me one?? 


(Thank you to everyone who has helped (and will) help)

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Questions of the Vivienne Westwood variety.

So... I know that this isn't specifically related to EGL but people tend to ask questions about Westwood on here so, I was just wondering, do you think that the brand is worth the cost? I mean jewellery, clothes, and shoes... To me, Meta isn't worth the price while some of BTSSB is and others aren't. Just wondering what y'all thought of the quality. Any opinions are appreciated!
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Picture Request

I like most colors, but I'm not a fan of blue x white and pink x white because the white lace won't show up as well and I like heavy contrast. Does anyone have photos of him or herself (or someone else) in blue x black or pink x black? They're not as common so I haven't seen many.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: Thanks, I think I've seen enough of pink x black and black x pink ^^ Now I'm more focused on blue x black. I'm really into unusual stuff.

DC Area Meetup Planning - Sept. 15th

thislonlyflower and I are planning at meetup at the Penn Quarter Teaism in Washington, DC on the Saturday of T-mode. We will meet in the lobby of the hotel and then take the Metro into town. (non con-goers are also welcome to meet us at Teaism)

When we get there, you will have the choice of Afternoon Tea ($20 per person including tea sandwiches, scones, the usual sweets and a pot of tea; served between 2:30 & 5:30pm) or ordering from the lunch menu if you want a more "complete" meal. Here is the complete menu.

Right now we are taking suggestions for meetup times (or whether Friday would be a better day), as we are waiting to find out when the lolita panel is taking place so this doesn't overlap with that and would like to have backup times that are ok with everyone else.

tl;dr - Sept. 15th. Penn Quarter Teaism. BE THERE. :D
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Introduction and Bodyline

New member here. Grace: delicate build (thin and short...let's say petite), corpse-pale, natural long blonde curls, childish face. My appearance is partly the reason I got into lolita a while ago- it was so nice to find a fashion which complemented my natural face and body shape.

Anyway, I have a question: why do so many lolita seem to dislike Bodyline? For me it's a godsend: I can find it on a site with simple English ordering (brand sites I've found to be a bit tricky when shipping to the UK), it's not too expensive (my parents barely support be being lolita as it is, and since they control my budget for now...), and I rather like the styles they design. I've heard that people regard it as ota-loli, but there are some things which look not that different to typical other brand clothing.

So: explain?



Hi! :) Does anyone know where I can buy Wa-Lolita dresses that look a lot like those found at Bodyline? For example:

I really love these kind of designs but I can't seem to find any other brands that sell these kind of dresses, which is a shame since Bodyline is quite low quality!  Or perhaps I should just buy those? Thanks bunches :) Hope this is appropriate.

Swimsuit help!

 I know I'm pretty late to ask this but I know I saw on at least on of the loli communities linked with this one (or was this one) a boy leg one-piece swimsuit and possibly the sewing pattern to it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about (Not a tankini but an actual one-piece with boy shorts-like legging. 1950's or Victorian era, your pick) or am I a delusional lunatic? Thanks a lot!
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